Jaden Fox

While on the outside my life has seemed “normal”…


I’ve always been aware that something strange was going on in my reality and the world around me.


Missing time, noticing strange shifts in other people, noticing things in reality changing, having bizarre relationship experiences, and always feeling I was being monitored… became common experiences for me.


Something was working harder to hide things in my reality… it was becoming more obvious.


As I learned how to clear the energy fog that occluded my mind and sight, I began to see more and more evidence that this world is NOT what it appears to be.


That there is a level of interference that is seeking to influence governments, corporations, organizations, public opinions, food, medicine and how we come to know and think about ourselves as individuals.

As I shed layers of unconsciousness and overlays of limitation that were programmed into my mind and our reality, I started to get FREE!
I could feel the increasing space and latitude that I had. Being sovereign became very tangible and the sense of controls this reality had over me became less effective.
I began getting free and able to SEE and become aware of more and more of the truth of this reality.

Jaden motorcycle
  • I discovered how to dismantle the control overlay and systems that had locked me into poverty.
  • I discovered how to remove the aliens, gods & AI who had moved into my body and taken over.
  • I uncovered and dismantled the extensive systems & manipulations designed to prevent my awareness and consciousness.

and most importantly…

I realized, the darkness was actually afraid of ME.  I wasn’t afraid of the darkness.

Simply by choosing to look into the “darkness” and choose to get bigger than it, I could overcome anything that was limiting me.


I’ve spend the last 15 years studying who these players are…  how they function…  finding ways to get around them… and developing tools to support others to get free! 

Today, I’m a coach that empowers aware people to exit the weirdness and mind-fuck of this reality and step into the truth of their magnitude as an Infinite Being.

This is an exciting time to be alive!

The game is changing… the Exit is in sight.



Jaden Fox is an internationally known “Consciousness Accelerator” and Evolutionary Healer who is most known for solving the “tough cases” on this planet.    

From alien abductions and demonic possessions to schizophrenia and being under energetic attacks, he shows people how to kick out non-physical interference and get out of fear. He uses advanced processes of consciousness awakening to assist those undergoing intense interference to turn these situations around and take back over their life and body.

He empowers consciousness seekers to comprehend and kick out the non-physical spectrum of malevolent forces that work to prevent people from becoming aware so human’s can step into the change they came here to bring.

Jaden’s Story:

Jaden grew up a shy loner who was able to communicate with ghosts, spirits and nature beings. So long as he played small, his life was successful and pleasant enough. But as he underwent his awakening in early 2000 and began connecting to his magic, his life started to go strange.

He experienced evidence of abductions, missing time and hearing voices that were tricking him into surrendering his body so non-physical entities could take over. His quiet and enjoyable life quickly spiraled into chronic fatigue, bipolar disorder, intense allergies and a feeling of having been hopelessly taken over.

Powerful forces were inserting thoughts into his head, manipulating his body and creating body pain, in what felt like an attempt to destroy him. A key moment came when he realized he must be an important force for change or interference wouldn’t be trying so hard to stop him.

These experiences forced him to learn and discover powerful tools to become radically aware and liberate himself from the intense interference that was preventing him from becoming conscious of what he came to this planet to change.

Since then, he has learned how to banish interference from a person’s life and to deprogram the illusions and polarity that prevent people from seeing their worth, strength and authority. He’s worked with thousands of people to assist them in waking up to the interference, illusions and games this matrix has created to disempower creators.  He empowers people to feel their true place as a co-creator of this planet and their authentic connection beyond the veil.

Jaden is one of those fearless explorers who enjoys going where others dare not look. He’s learned that for many, their power and magic are being deliberately hidden from them by energies that are afraid of human’s awakening and becoming conscious — and he’s determined to change that.

His play is in empowering people to find themselves by clearing the illusions, distortions, and limitations this reality has imposed while fostering expansive awareness of the true infinite magnitude of their authentic Being and Body. He’s continually uncovering new ways to reconnect people to their power and magic so they can BE the change they came here to be!

Jaden is an international presenter and facilitator of tools for awakening consciousness. He uses his wit, humor and authentic expression to awaken and inspire other way-showers to untangle limitation and connect to THEIR inner clarity, so they can step into what they came here to Be and do, NOW. He reconnects people to their Bodies, their potency, and their playful magic while taking audiences beyond this matrix illusion and into their true magnitude beyond this universe!