Be the Magic - Mentoring Program

Are you ready to step into the REAL you?  NOW!

Are you ready to claim your potency & gifts?

This is a private 1-to-1 mentoring/coaching program with Jaden,  for people who are committed to making HUGE change in their life and doing what it takes to step into their authentic/expanded self, NOW!

It’s for people who know they have gifts & abilities, deep clarity and inner potency and are ready to step into and activate them, NOW!


Be the Magic- Mentoring is a 4-9 month accelerated Gifts & abilities and personal empowerment Mentoring program for those bold explorers on the forward edge of creation… those who are aware and know they have something important to contribute to this planet and are ready to do what it takes to step into their advanced magic and potency, NOW!

This is a highly customized program that is designed to give you maximum support to make the change required to step into the Personal Magnitude™ of who you really be as an infinite being.  Limitations drop off at an startling rate as you find yourself tapped into your potency and the sheer expansiveness and scope of your true nature.  You REALLY are that cosmic.  I can take you there.

This program expands you into an unparalleled personal clarity.  A clarity that transcends this reality and moves you into who you are as a Galactic or Universal being of light, here on this planet.  Now.



How it works…

1 – You choose how often we meet

We can meet via skype or telephone 3 times per month (with a week off for integration or action steps) or  weekly (4-5 times per month.)


2 – You choose how long we meet

We can meet for 60 or 90 minute calls depending on what timing is best for you.


3 – We set a container (where do you desire to be in your life?)

Deep inside you KNOW what is possible and where you desire to go in your life.   We tap into that space and find how many months it feels light to work together.


4 – We jump…

Week by week we dance with the topics that come up in your life and the awarenesses that I have about what’s in your way.  I we clear, I give you new tools and viewpoints to explore and I give you assignments to take you deeper.  Week by week the process untangles and unwinds awareness of your truth and potency in a way that magic in action.

You find yourself gracefully releasing old barriers and perceiving and embodying aspects of yourself that you didn’t think were possible this lifetime.


You could be a candidate for Be the Magic – Mentoring Program if you:

– have already committed to releasing story and are functioning predominantly through awareness

– already have a connection to your personal truth and use internal tools to discern or access knowingness about what is personally true for you or not – (like heavier/lighter, etc.)
[using a pendulum or kinesiology is not advanced enough for this kind of work]

– are eager to make rapid progress towards embodying your essence/gifts/abilities.
[if you desire slow and controlled growth, I am not the mentor you want]

– are internally driven to do-what-it-takes to achieve what you desire, you just require the tools to accomplish it

– like living at the edge of creation, a pioneer who enjoys uncovering and expanding into new territory in consciousness
[not for those seeking a well worn path]


This program includes:

        Bi-Weekly Phone sessions       Weekly private calls (with recordings)

     Materials, cards, references    Done-for-you materials & reference cards

   Emergency Calls     2-3 HELP! calls (15min calls you can use ANYTIME you need)

     Direct email access      Direct email access Jaden

MYW-thumb  One of Jaden’s pre-recorded 7-9 week programs


Jaden provides you with all the intuitive resources you require to feel fully supported as you step into the Magical part of YOU.



How can you tell if working with Jaden is a “match”?

– when you are in his energy your clarity & knowing gets enhanced
– working with him is exciting and liberating to you
– during & after a session you seem to have a stronger awareness and clarity of who YOU
– in the hours and days following a session, awareness keeps expanding & unfolding
– you have worked with him before and want MORE!



Enrollment in the Be the Magic  Accelerated Mentoring Program begins by completing the Magic Intake Form.

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This is a life-changing program designed for optimum expansion
with unparalleled support.

Get ready to embody the magic you have always desired!

Be the Magic - Mentoring Program