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Do you feel time is against you or there’s never enough?
                                                      (Are you ready to eliminate that?)

Have your gifts and capacities with time been lost?
                                                     (Ready to get them back?!)

Is a ticking clock activating degeneration in your Body?
                                                           (Time to re-empower Body?)

  Are you at the effect of premature aging?
  (What if youthfulness should exist 99% your whole life?)

“I’ve switched from thinking of Time as fixed and being the enemy,

   to Time now being a playful friend.”

-Max Riggs

What we play with:

Engaging Authentic Time

Do you feel like time is against you?  Running out?  Never enough time?  Trapped by the demands of time?

What if Time is meant to be playful, flexible and dynamically alterable for your needs?

We are going to introduce you to Authentic time and dismantle synthetic time constructs, overlays and binds that keep you limited and locked into the matrix’s and society’s time paradigm.

Premature Aging

Is your body getting old way too soon? Do you experience sudden onset of degeneration of body parts or systems in spite of caring for your body?

What if you are meant to remain vital and youthful until you choose to exit this Body? (and then and only then would your body begin to degenerate)

We are going to find & dismantle the manipulations & alterations that created the early activation of aging systems in our Body.

Manipulation of Timelines

Have you experienced the rug being pulled out when you were at that top of your game?  Sudden shifts in relationships that were working well? Unusual accidents or mysterious illnesses that hijacked your flow?

What if you are being controlled and shut down by invisible systems that are altering your life, by changing your past and future?

We are going to expand your awareness of and show you how to eradicate systems & constructs used to limit you and banish active manipulators from your Body and energy space.

Re-claiming Generative Time-streams

Does the flow in your life feel disconnected?  Stagnant and not moving? All the good flows feel done?

What if you could string all of the best elements from all parts of your life together and create a GREAT life?

We’ll begin to play with optimizing your selection of time-streams and re-claiming the best streams that may have been diverted, blocked or hidden from your view. 

Time Play

What if altering and manipulating time is as natural for you as breathing?

We’ll explore with practical means for changing your relationship with time and show you how you naturally “Play” or co-create with time, rather than be a slave to the artificial constructs of it.

We’ll activate more of your gifts with time and show you how natural playing with time can be for you.

What can we co-create as a group,

             to not only free your Body, but also

                         this Planet and Universe as well?

                                                  How big can we play here?

What others are saying:


In every call with Jaden I feel the potency, the possibility, the power, the greatness of who I really am. I now know that I am not alone and hopeless.

I feel the power of being part of a group of people who are waking up and I know that we can work together, and that we will, to make this world, this universe, a better place than it is now. 

Marilyn Raven, Holland


Jaden is relentless in his pursuit of a consciousness that goes way beyond this reality for both himself and his clients. He is beyond generous and delivers his content with play, humour and fun to get to the core of whatever is messing in your universe.

Jaden has changed my world profoundly and allowed me to fulfill a lifetime dream. He has enabled me to connect with what it is that I came here to Be and so much more …

Colleen  Heppner, South Australia


The recent live audience calls have been phenomenal. Your work is just so different and inspiring. I watch your videos on YouTube and listen to the class replays, and sometimes I perceive ME, again and again… Loud and clear. Great, Huge, Scary, Powerful Me!

Nora Abu Khalil, Jordan


Thank you for assisting me into getting back to myself and my amazing body!  You delivered with consistency, caring and Super mega Fun facilitation, what 2 years ago was completely Impossible!!…

Cristina Mora, Wisconsin

Is now YOUR Time to:


  • re-claim your body from the forces that have held it hostage?


  • begin playing as the Creator you were invited here to be?

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     • Bonuses & Surprises                                                              $199


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Playing with Time – Master Class

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“When you perceive what’s REALLY messing with you,

you naturally find a way to change it.


-Jaden Fox

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Sat. February 11th and  continues for 4+ Saturdays


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Playing with Time – Master Class

Special Offer:  $297USD

Pay in Full $297 Save $29

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