Treat your Body & Being to a magical transformation and opening in Thailand!

November 1st-8th, 2017

What you can embody in Thailand…


Doi Inthanon Thailand

1. You experience a new kind of Magic!

My body tingles with new possibility in Thailand!  There is something so different than most synthetic western cultures, Thailand has a natural and magical feeling.  Nature energy feels co-creative and untapped, not drained out like most western locations.  You can feel dormant nature energies and subtle dragon/serpent energies inviting you to connect and play.

In Thailand you get to play in NEW energies that are raw and have not been exploited.


2. You experience an energy of Freedom!

Thailand is known as the “land of the free”… you can feel it there! Different things seem possible there… especially in areas that seem constrained in western cultures. The normal controls and overlays we are used to are not present here and the ones that are, don’t feel culturally relevant to you. The people are more enterprising and less working for others, they feel available to be themselves. So there is more space to be exactly who YOU Be!

In Thailand you get to open to a more expansive way of seeing the world and seeing yourself!

3. You experience being treated like a Dignitary!

I feel like royalty when I visit Thailand.  Your body gets to feel what it’s like to be a person of importance!  They consistently greet you with a bow and smile, hold the door for you and make sure you are cared for.

They express a natural reverence and honoring for all beings.  Most Thai genuinely enjoy connecting with you and leave you feeling authentically honored!  They invite my body to feel royal, important, valuable and honored.

In Thailand your Body gets to feel the Truth of the dignitary that you truly BE on this planet!

Thai Royal Gathering

4. You experience food that is more creative and nurturing!

Thai people have a unique connection with food. It’s more fresh, diverse and creative then any other country I’ve been to! The food feels more nourishing and nurturing of body. There are some meals where my body actually begins to cry it’s so amazing! They have a different way of interacting with the energy of the food and have very dynamic flavors. We’ll explore with dynamic restaurants, authentic “street food” and experience the biggest Buffet meals I have ever seen!

In Thailand your body opens to new levels of being nurtured!

5. You experience a new way of Being in the world!

Thai people are more connected and living in the moment. They honor connection and flow over rules and structure. As a result, they feel naturally more aware and simple. There is an ease in the way they Be, that is hard to find in western cultures. My body feels more at home and more comfortable with itself in Thailand. I feel stronger, more powerful and more aligned without working at it. I feel a more natural expression of ME.

In Thailand you get to open to a more natural way of being authentically YOU!

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Thailand

6. You experience new ways of interacting with money!

Your money goes 2-3 times further in Thailand! Things are very inexpensive and at the same time, the denominations are larger, so it makes you feel Rich! The economy is more open air markets and very few big stores. The Thai people are less driven by money, they desire first an honoring and connection. So financial interactions feel VERY different on almost every level! It allows you to see your money paradigm and limitations in a whole new light!

Thailand brings out a new way of being with money that’s more natural, empowering and playful!

What will YOU find in Thailand?

“Thailand is the most nurturing and dynamic place I have experienced for exploring deep change!
Thailand revealed a new empowered me that I never knew existed!”

~ Jaden Fox

The Venue…


The Holiday Inn – Chaing Mai was built to be a 5 star hotel along the Ping River so you are in for a GRAND experience! The staff go out of their way to be genuinely honoring and gracious in any way they can. The hotel is beautiful and offers a level of service that is way outside of most people’s budget! For many people, this is a whole new kind of experience!

Holiday Inn Buffet

You can eat in the grand dining room, or outside on the large veranda overlooking the colorful flowers, lawn and river.


The rooms are large and comfortable with single or double occupancy and inexpensive enough that you won’t feel guilty having your own room if you
prefer it!


It’s a place my body FEELS GOOD to be in!

Holiday Inn

The food is extravagant and dynamic. The diversity of options and amount of choice allows your body to really select just what it prefers! Every breakfast is the size of 3-4 other buffets put together, western food, asian food, fresh fruits, pastries, breads, custom prepared omelets and more! The variety and quality of the food is breathtaking.

Holiday Inn Buffet 2

The highlight of our week:

the Yi Peng and Loy Krathong

“Festival of Lights”

“Festival of Lights”
The indisputable highlight of Yi Peng and Loy Krathong is the spellbinding show that happens when thousands of people converge to release khom loi (lit lanterns) into the night sky. Prior to the big spectacle, the setting is joyful and serene as monks perform chants during an on-stage ceremony.
Surrounding events include bright parades, musical performances, beauty pageants, traditional dances, lantern-making contests, fireworks, and lots and lots of food.
For Buddhists, participating in these acts serves as a time to reflect and let go of personal demons and negativity. All the flickering flames and lights symbolize their veneration of Buddha. Many also use this occasion to honor Phra Mae Khongkha, the Hindu water goddess.
This festival is an ancient spiritual and sacred affair that invites new beginnings via spiritual cleansing. Attending as a westerner is regarded as a privilege.
As Blogger Dave Dean so eloquently describes:  “Soon the darkness was filled with one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I had jealously looked at photos of the event for the last two years, but being there was a hundred times better than any picture. The shared excitement and happiness was indescribable, the flickering glow of ten thousand flying lanterns reflected on the upturned faces of the earthbound crowd below… It was, quite simply, magic.  The lantern release was one of the most beautiful things that I have ever had the privilege of being a part of.”
People are regularly moved to tears by the experience, and it’s not hard to see why.

The Adventures…

.                                             Each day we head out on a new adventure to explore Thailand…

Royal Park Rajapruek

Thailand Royal Gardens

A massive floral gardens honouring the king and queen, with 21 elaborate themed gardens donated by international governments as part of Chiang Mai’s International Horticultural Exposition in 2006.

Doi-Suthep Temple

Doi-Suthep Temple

This is one of the most sacred and beautiful Buddhist temples in Northern Thailand. The location for the temple was found in 1368 by placing, a Buddha relic on the back of a sacred white elephant that was then set free to go where ever it wanted. The elephant climbed up Doi Suthep mountain, where it stopped, marking the location of the temple.

Yi Peng Lantern Festival 

Chiang Mai - Festival of Lights

The sky lantern festival is celebrated as part of a Buddhist festival ceremonial releasing concerns to the heavens and connecting to your lightness of spirit.  A stunning festival of ceremony, light and celebration.

Loy Krathong Festival

Loy Kratong Festival

The festival originated from an ancient ritual paying respect to the water spirits and releasing of burdens.  It’s celebrated on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar with the releasing of baskets of flowers and food.

Night Markets

Night Market Thailand

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is one of the city’s main night-time attractions, especially for families, and is the legacy of the original Yunnanese trading caravans that stopped here along the ancient route between Simao (China) and Mawlamyaing (on Myanmar’s Gulf of Martaban).

Wat Doi Kham

Wat Doi Kham Thailand

Reached via a steep naga (stairway) through the forest, this handsome temple sits high above the city. It has a gilded chedi, 17m (56′) Buddha statue and panoramic city views.

Dinner River Cruise


One night we have dinner while gently floating down the Ping River.  An evening drifting past old temples and village lights that lie along the river banks while dining on a meal of your choice.

Massages and more Massages…

Thai Massage
Massage is an essential part of Thai culture, religion and Buddhist teachings. The unique Thai massage is said to be passed down from Buddha’s personal physician and is a historical treatment of all manner of illnesses and imbalances.

Optional for those staying longer:

Jungle River Kayaking Trip

Jungle River Kayaking Trip

The creek like river winds itself through bamboo jungle and temperate forests with overhanging trees and friendly water for a three hour- 17km (beginners level) kayaking trip down the Chiang Dao River.

Bua Tong “Sticky Waterfall” Trip

Sticky Waterfall Trip

Unlike normal waterfalls that are slimy or slippery these falls have a limestone mineral deposit that provides an incredibly grippy and spongy surface for bare feet and hands to play!  A unique playground for bodies!

The Course…

This is not just a “class” in Thailand…
this is a co-creation with the Thai energies that desire to naturally connect you to the planet & your authentic Body.

We’ll use your daily experiences in Thailand to clear entire paradigms of your old reality and allow more of the wholeness of you to unfold.

Thai energies allow for a natural discovery of the integrated YOU…
if you know how to interact with it…

That’s Jaden’s role, to facilitate this dance with you, the land and your authentic Body.

visit to temple

Engaging Thailand consciously allows you to see and experience

beyond the current paradigms of what you have defined yourself as…


and see a bigger more whole YOU that exists already!

This advanced free-form class is designed to invite maximum communion with your Body by being present to the cool interactions that occur day-to-day and be supported to release what no longer belongs.


We consciously play in the space of awareness while moving through a series of new experiences.

It’s an expression of an entirely new way of Being and communion with your Body.

Thailand street food pork-balls


This program is a high level co-creation…  you are also a Facilitator!
What do you perceive & know that others in the group cannot?
What do you Be or know that can support others in the group?
We work together to support our collective unfoldment!
You are a part of the course staff too!



Explore what it’s like to walk in the world as an aware being & engage the Magic that you Be with everything you find…

thai massage
Yee Peng Festival
hanging money

Creating a Communion with your Body

This experience is consciously focused on creating a deeper and more natural connection with your authentic Infinite Body.  An experience for your Body to know more about itself and at the same time allow the Being to learn new ways of opening to the magic that the Body has naturally and is eager to share and express.


Connecting to your authentic Magic

We aim to give you many experiences to perceive the capacities that Body and You have… and to receive acknowledgment from a group of peers who play at your level.  At the same time inviting each other to share and see more of our natural capacities as well as opening to things we never knew we had!


Embodying your Authentic Potency

How can you and your Body both re-claim the dynamic potency that is your birth-rite on this journey? I would like to connect you to the fast-track towards stepping into your power, vitality and strength as a creator and Infinite Body & Infinite Being. What if you are 1000 times more powerful than anything attempting to confuse, distract, block, or attack you?  How can you step into that knowing?


Connecting to your Authentic Brilliance

A big part of this course is supporting you in processing and maximizing your experience in this unique land. Each day we have activities and experiences that allow you to explore and expand into more of who you truly Be. My goal is to invite you into going beyond and finding the brilliance of you that is already there!


Moving Beyond Money Programs

Thailand has so many unique financial aspects that it’s easy to see and surface limitations and illusions that prevent us from being dynamic and masterful with money.  The conditioning and programming we’ve received around money begins to dissolve as we experience very different ways of being with money.  It’s a rare opportunity.

About Thailand…

Thailand is a unique and magical country with some of the most caring and honoring people I have ever met.   it is a world that is so stunningly different than most western cultures that you are afforded the rare opportunity to SEE YOURSELF through different eyes!
Thai Kids

Everywhere you go you see the people’s connection to their spiritual practice. From ornate temples with giant golden Buddha’s to the common back yard shrines, the people’s connection to Buddhism are deeply integrated into the culture and widely practiced.  They are a very peaceful people.


The culture has delightful mix of modern and traditional elements.  Phone service and wifi are common, 7-11 stores exist everywhere, yet most shopping is done in a friendly and colorful open air market.  There are few department stores or grocery stores.  Most goods and food are sold in small shops or in outdoor markets by the farmer’s families themselves.

Thai Food

The Language…

The Thai language is colorful and very different than english.  Fortunately most Thai people know some amount of english, so basic communications are fairly simple.  Signage is often mixed english and Thai, so you can navigate the country and interact with relative ease.   Knowing a couple key phrases in Thai warms people to connecting with you much quicker.

We’ll prepare you with everything you require to make your trip smooth while still partaking in the adventure of it all.

Thai Kids 2

Interacting with the people, the food and their style of economy, you are comfortably shown a contrast that calls into question everything you thought was the way you were “supposed to” live life.   You see just how much you have going right and an array of new possibilities never before imagined.


Officially the “Kingdom of Thailand”, it’s a constitutional monarchy.  Traveling through the country you see the love the people have for their King and the royal family.
The country has a rich cultural heritage going back many thousands of years.  Chiang Mai even has parts of it’s iconic city walls and moat that surrounded the town, still standing to honor its history.

Chiang Mai Wall

Food & Water…

If you have eaten at a Thai restaurant then you already have an idea of the food.  Amazing!   They love using fresh vegetables and fresh meats.  Rather than storing food, most food is gathered nightly at farmer’s markets for the next day’s customers.  There is a farm to table mentality that is very different than western supermarket food storage philosophy.  As a result, the food is VERY tasty and fresh!   No matter what kind of food you enjoy, you won’t have a problem in Thailand due to the extensive diversity of foods available.


The water is safe to drink, yet bottled water, teas and fresh juices are common almost everywhere you go.   (…and you are never far from a 7-11 store)

Thai Kids Smiling

You are safe…

Even though the country is more poor than many western countries, the people feel more prosperous and generous than many other cultures.  Thai people are caring by nature.  There is far less crime and it’s rare for things to be stolen.  People in Thailand go out of their way to be genuinely helpful.  I had to actually expand my capacity to receive because of how helpful everyone was to me.

What’s Included:


  • Six – 4 hour “Connecting to Body” group sessions and daily “check in” sessions to share new awareness and discoveries.
  • Seven nights accommodations single room or double room (you and another class participant- splitting the price)
  • Seven amazing International Buffet Breakfasts
  • Five Buffet lunches at River Terrace
  • Transportation from airport to hotel and hotel to airport
  • Admission into the Lantern Festival
  • Transportation to day trips
  • Entrance fees to any sites we visit together
Chiang Mai Garden
Doi-Suthep Temple Chiang Mai Thailand

What’s Not-Included:

  • Your round-trip airfare from home to Chiang Mai, Thailand

One of the benefits of Thailand is new experiences with money!  Purchasing things is SOOO cheap, it has you see money differently!  For this reason, I want you to pay for some things and arrange for simple transportation on occasion (it’s fun!) So set aside some money for:

  • Six dinners and two lunches (budgeting: entire week- $75EU / $80USD / $105AUD)
  • A massage or two (budgeting: each massage aprox- $8EU / $8.50USD / $11.25AUD)
  • transportation for some nearby activities (budgeting: entire week- $37EU / $40USD / $53AUD)
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, laundry, and tips.
  • Personal, medical expenses


If you are staying for just the week:

You’ll arrive at the Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) on Nov 1st and depart Nov 8th, 2017 after breakfast. We’ll have airport pick-ups for you – Send us your flight information once booked and we’ll arrange that. (the optimal time for purchasing flights is in June or July)


We encourage you to come earlier and stay later! There are so many things to see and do, it’s GREAT spending MORE time in Chiang Mai!

There will be a group of us doing other activities from October 28th -thru to- Nov 10th. We are planning a low key Jungle rafting adventure, Sticky Waterfall trip, special massages and whatever else the group wants to do. You won’t be alone unless you want to. We’ll get together for meals and clearing from the day you arrive, we’ll support you to integrated and feel at home! We want your experience to be delightful! (budgeting per day for room, meals, transportation, as low as: $47EU / $50USD / $66AUD- double occupancy)

The Ping River Chiang Mai

About Jaden:

Jaden is a world traveler and explorer of things that create deep change and empowerment. When he’s not working with others to facilitate profound change, he’s often jumping around the globe and exploring different cultures, different lands and exploring with new energies.

He’s motivated by his desire to support advanced students of consciousness and awareness who know they are here to create a different reality. And to do that NOW! To connect change agents to their Infinite Source, the magnitude of who they truly be and to support a new & empowering relationship with their Body. Now!

Jaden’s excitement is in dismantling limitation and the illusions of this reality in a take-no-prisoners way that creates deep change and powerful and meaningful awakening.

This program in Thailand is a bringing together of all of his favorite elements, all into one experience of expansion and transformation.

Jaden-Rosie at a Mookata