In this episode2b – Who or What is this Interference?

A look at the main players that are manipulating humans in this reality followed by a big clearing of what blocks your awareness of them and your personal truth.

Jaden actually reveals who these energies are that mess with aware humans and the Planet!

00:51 – Review of Program 2b

04:34 – Intro to Classifications of non-physical Covert Interference

05:17 – Entities (earthbound spirits)

06:38 – Exploiters: Gods, Demonics & Angels
              (see the ebook for more details!)
09:03 – Exploiters: Aliens (not from this Earth project)
              (see the ebook for more details!)

12:19 – Creatures

12:41 – Tricksters (masters of chaos, like to mess with aware humans)
              (see the ebook for more details!)
14:47 – Corruptors (underworld creatures & corruptors)

16:43 – The BIG PICTURE – our world is being infiltrated by corrupt energies

19:59 –  TRUTH:  What % of Free-will do you have?

20:56 – Start to Become Aware!

24:24 – Clearing what Limits You

• how interference is hiding from you, altering things
27:05     • clearing the doubt, random chaos generators, unconsciousness
31:31     • what prevents you from perceiving your truth?

33:37    • disguised memory implants
40:06    • clearing agreements

42:49    • Banishing: Exploiters, Tricksters, Corruptors

48:27 – The Benefit of Clearing

49:09 –  In the Next program (2d)

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