In this episode2d – Are You Secretly Being Attacked??

Are you feeling under attack?   Are energies trying to prevent you from becoming aware and stepping into your gifts & power?  

I’ll show you 2 ways to END their attacks!


01:05 – Review of Program 2c

06:38 – What if you becoming aware supports the Planet to be more aware?

07:28 – Are YOU Secretly Being Attacked? (start)

08:41 – Jaden’s Story of discovering attacks

12:14 – The first step to change things was to admit I was being attacked

15:21 – The energy of interference

“They were attacking me because of what I was capable of becoming, not because of who I was in that moment. It was an attempt to stop me before I became too powerful.”

17:52 – If you step up (into your potency) you can shut down the attacks.

18:57 – Is there some mission you are here to do?

19:20 – Clearing

23:10 – Quick Banishing (Exploiters, Corruptors, Tricksters)

25:45 – Check it:  WHY are you being attacked?  

27:15 – Who is Attacking?

30:41 – How to find out what’s attacking you… Ask & Receive (download the info)

36:25 – Clearing:  “I don’t know, I’m not sure, I can’t tell” + Random Chaos generators

40:26 – Full Banishing

43:10 – Ending Attacks process

            They NEED you to play the victim – instead, be an aggressor!

47:07 – How to exit victim & be aggressor…

56:37 – Why is this happening? – Body may require some support

            Taking specific amino acids can eliminate/reduce attacks!

59:56 – Take FREE amino acid diagnostic quiz: 


1:02:56 – Download the ebook (see box below)

1:04:21 – Next Episode:  We can now PERMANENTLY clear this interference!!

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