Walk-in, Finding Your Truth

Are you a walk-in??
  What actually happened?  
      Did it work correctly? (or is something off…) 

Being a walk-in is extremely confusing and disorientating!
Let me show you how to make sense of it all….
1 – 14 Symptoms of Being a “Walk-in”

2 – What Is a Walk-In??

3 – The Walk-in Experience

4 – Do You Have Complications?

5 – Common Types of Transitions

6 – Questions to Discover Your Truth

7 – Process for Clearing Walk-in Complications

8- Finding a Certified Walk-in Facilitator to detangle your past transitions

OUT-CREATING the 3 Core Strategies
used to Shut-down your Awareness!

Video Series – Introduction

Does it seem difficult to stay aware? Does it feel like something is blocking your progress?
What if the problem is NOT you… but interference in this reality?  Free ebook – signup here

Strategy #1:   Holding on to Polarized Viewpoints
1a- The Need to Take Sides (part A)

1b- Who’s thoughts are you thinking? (part B) 

1c- Clearing Polarized Viewpoints (part C) 

1d- The Way Out (part D)

Strategy #2:   Active/Covert: Non-physical Exploiters in Your Reality (entities, demonics, aliens, gods…)

2a- Are there Energies Interfering with YOUR Life?

2b- Invaders that Don’t Belong Here?

2c- Who or What is this Interference?

2d- Are You Secretly Being Attacked??

2e- New Solutions for Eliminating Interference – Egregore Clearing


There are off-world beings that have staged an elaborate planetary takeover and worked hard to make sure those who could become aware of and stop them, would not have an easy time of it.  While they are not actually powerful enough to stop you, they pretend to be big and powerful.

Your SUPERPOWER: Asking & Receiving!
You have a SUPERPOWER that you may not be fully using…
You have the capacity to ask the universe ANY QUESTION and get an immediate response!
It’s your way of being able to download new solutions and change ANYTHING!
You literally learn to think in a new way, one connected to the authentic Universe!
The most empowering exercise I have ever done!

Walsh-Pfeiffer protocol/method – treatment schizophrenia, depression, mental-emotional disorders

Carl Pfeiffer MD, PhD and William Walsh PhD have collectively studied more than 30,000 patients to look into the patterns of chemical imbalances behind behavioral disorders, attention deficit disorder, autism, clinical depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Learning Hub
A place to learn (slightly older version) of the core tools for free!

  1. UNlocking your Authentic Expression
  2. Are you LOW on Amino Acids?
  3. Back to Me Process
  4. Resolving Fractures Process

False Light – video series
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  1. The Right-Wrong Game 
  2. New Age Spiritual Synthetic Realities
  3. Recognizing & Clearing False Light Constructs
    3b. Recognizing & Clearing False Light Constructs (continued)
  4. False Light Programming in LOVE & Relationships
  5. Why are Relationships So Complicated?
  6. How to Identify Relationship Interference
  7. How False Light uses others to get to you…

New solutions for Low Energy & Chronic Fatigue

Are you always tired?
Do you feel you never have enough energy?
Have you tried everything, and nothing works?

Recent research in brain neurochemistry has found that chronic low energy can be a brain messaging issue, rather than an energy issue…

Emotions, Energy & Cravings Self Diagnostic QUIZ

Your MOODS, ENERGY Levels, and even FOOD CRAVINGS are Not Your Fault!

They are actually a product of your brain chemistry! and you can FIX THAT easily!

For example, your ENERGY LEVELS are actually regulated by DOPAMINE LEVELS…

Selecting the Right Amino Acids

Amino Acids come packaged in “standard dosages” that for some people can be 5 times too much, or 3 times too little! As a result, you need to find the dose that is right for YOUR specific body!…

  Walk-in’s & Previous Occupants

About Walk-in’s & Previous Occupants

Did you know that different beings can take turns inhabiting the same body over the course of one lifetime? It’s actually fairly common right now on this planet, especially with awareness & consciousness seekers. With time accelerating so rapidly, beings have been able to accomplish a lifetime worth of experiences in a fraction of the time it used to take…

walkin infographic

Resources for Walk-in’s

It’s a lot like schizophrenia, many different voices, viewpoints, and thoughts in your head… it’s EXTREMELY confusing! I’ll be blunt. It’s the biggest mind-fuck that a person can experience…

Improving your Heavier-Lighter

You have an inborn capacity to find your inner truth.  Sensing your Body’s information is the fastest and most direct way to get information.

Here are 4 suggestions for improving your capacity to feel your Heavier-Lighter information.

What on Earth are Entities?

(Entities = Beings not in a physical body) While everything unique can be called an entity, the reference here is for “beings not in body.” Some might call them ghosts or spirits but there is way too much baggage around those words to be useful in fostering clarity. There are two forms of beings I commonly refer to as entities: Spirit Entities and Entities…


Signs & Symptoms of having Entities in your Body

Having entities in your body is WAY more common then most people think. Because I can see and feel them, it’s easy for me to tell when people have entities. I would say 15% of people have some form of entities in their body with them. About 3% of the population is overrun by entities…

Secured Agreements

Clearing Secured Agreements (curses)

Curses are nothing more then long term agreements that have been made, engaging a neutral third party, to hold on to some viewpoint until such time as it’s decided that the criteria for securing the curse (agreement) has been met…

What’s Locking My Drug use in Place?

I originally began exploring with drugs as a way to expand my reality. I had found this world to be way too restrictive and I knew much more was possible then the world that was peddled to me as “the way” to live my life…

Drug addiction words

Getting Free from Drug Addiction

When anything is “stuck” in your reality, one of the first things to check is “What is the value or benefit of this to you?” While society has conditioned us to believe that there is nothing beneficial about drug use, each person has found some benefit in it or they wouldn’t still be doing it…

Moving into Prosperity

Prosperity: is the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune and success, wealth, happiness and health.

This is my favorite definition of prosperity because far too often we get hyper-fixated on money. People say that “there is something wrong with my money situation.” They put all their focus on this thing called “money,” trying to fix their money when that’s not really the problem…

What’s RIGHT about YOU?

Most of us have grown up in a world where we were coached and taught how to be and live. Coached by people who were living inside the insane asylum we call this “reality” and “modern civilization”. Wow, just how uncivilized and how crazy has this world really been? Look around…