Part 2:



In part 1 (see the book, The Evolutionary Healer, chapter 15) I talked about how if you are aware and drawn to be conscious, your life is and has been deeply manipulated.  Probably much more than you are currently aware of.


There are off-world beings that have staged an elaborate planetary takeover and worked hard to make sure those who could become aware of and stop them, would not have an easy time of it.  While they are not actually powerful enough to stop you, they pretend to be big and powerful.



Interference is organized and predictable- but NOT powerful


The aliens, demonics, gods, all seem like random players, but the further you go in awareness, the more you see they are all a part of a matrix or consortium of off-world energies that are working together and serving the same hierarchy, in many cases without them even knowing that they too are being controlled by more evolved manipulators.


Every group of non-physical interference has their own agenda or specialty.  Groups with a smaller agenda are often controlled or manipulated by groups with a bigger agenda, often without them knowing it. 


Like untethered milk goats on a farm, that may think they are free to do as they please (eat, play, procreate) but they are actually being controlled by the farmers, who control what they eat and even who they are mated with, all to optimize milk production and breeding.  The farmers are likewise controlled by a bigger agenda created by governments and corporate agendas, which are often influenced or controlled by an even bigger off-world agenda, and so on…


Goats who are unaware, don’t realize they are being manipulated and bred for another’s profit.   Just as human’s who are not aware don’t realize they are being manipulated and bred for another’s profit.


Yet, unlike goats, as you become aware of these hidden hierarchies and games you start to gain CHOICE and be able to exit these limitations and gain more control over your own existence.


The higher the levels of awareness, the more you start to see the control structure and games of this reality.  This awareness gives you more FREEDOM to work around or even change the existing system to something that better serves YOUR personal agenda.


Just like the farmers are predictable in the way they interact with goats, aliens and gods are predictable in the way they interact with humans.


Long ago these forces assessed how humans would awaken, and long ago they put in place structures to re-direct and subvert the awakening process.   So while they seem highly organized, it also means they are quite patterned and predictable.


I’ve found the more aware you become, the more you can see them keep trying the same routines over and over with everyone.  They have limited resources and need to function in hierarchies, so they are slow to adapt to change.   You as an Infinite Being, however, actually have the capacity to run circles around them!



All these demons, aliens, gods, and synthetic mind systems use very similar illusions. 
They all try to make you think:

   -they are more powerful than you  (a lie– they can’t create, only manipulate)

   -they know more than you (a lie– only you have access to infinite knowing)

   -they have more control than you (a lie– you are a co-creator here, they are not)


And while it may feel sort-of true that they are more powerful- while you are unconscious and playing a victim game…  YOUR POTENTIAL FAR EXCEEDS their capacities and power.


Who you are capable of being in this lifetime

and who you already are as an Infinite Being:

is far more powerful and far more aware than any

alien, god or synthetic mind has EVER been.


The matrix of interference on this planet, as brilliantly designed as it is… is a very fragile “house of cards” that can easily be penetrated and destroyed.   But the alien energies don’t realize that.  They are quite arrogant and sure about their success, which makes them easier to take down.




Over the years I’ve worked with many teams to research and catalog both the way interference has constructed these limitations and what it takes to fully clear it.


I’m happy to report after almost a decade of work, we are able to fairly repeatably coach aware folks in how to GET OUT of the traps, programming, implants and agreements that have prevented awareness explorers from getting free.


I want to outline what we’ve found so you get a sense of where you are in the process and what might be required.  

Here is an overview of the way OUT of limitation and IN to your magic:






1. Expand your viewpoint to embody the Infinite YOU

What if who you are in an Infinite Being, exists and is sourced from outside of this universe?   (What if only your body has been sourced by this universe?)


I’m always encouraging people to connect to their expanded self, their expanded awareness and their inner knowing that goes WAY beyond this reality.   With practice, this becomes more natural and simple.


You start to think from such an expanded place, and the limitations of this reality become less solid.  From that vantage point, the games of this reality are easier to see and you begin to see ways around ANYTHING that is blocking you.


What if we live in a reality that is truly Infinite?


Notice the physical world around you doesn’t appear infinite, it seems quite finite, solid and fixed.  What if there is more… that is being hidden from you?   What if it’s not really as solid and fixed as it appears?


By holding a bigger picture of what your life is really about, you don’t get as tangled in the illusions of this reality.   You see BEYOND them!



2. Clear the 9 things that hide the Authentic You


The matrix is predictable in how it seeks to obstruct people, so much so, that we’ve developed a list called the “Back to Me process” that helps you to diagnose and clear these strategies and reconnect to your authentic expression.

By scanning down the 9 topics you can find out which ones are active and get the exact clearings to change it!


We’ve learned that the matrix is continually attempting to get you to be unconscious so they can install more limitations in your universe.  To work around this we recommend that you start a daily clearing practice to get and then REMAIN conscious!


By remaining clear and conscious, interference has no capacity to install new things, which gives you the time to clear out all the old stuff so you can fully embody your authentic expression and natural magic.




3. Release the polarized viewpoints that block clarity & tangle you


I’ve come to realize more than anything, it’s our conditioned viewpoints that keep us limited.   So the trick to changing ANYTHING in your life is to first strip out the polarized viewpoints this reality has programmed us to have.


After you clear your fixed viewpoints, you can SEE MORE options and possibilities.  Everything on that topic gets clearer and easier to change.


Where before all you could see were walls, now you see a doorway that lets you easily walk around the obstacle.


This reality has programmed you to keep seeing yourself as trapped and having a small number of very limited choices (that the matrix hands you.)  Interference wants you to live in a very small box, with no possibilities.


Most of the things that seem “impossible” in your reality, are simply illusions or mental tricks to keep you contained.  They are not real.  But you can’t see that until you can see the bigger picture. 


Clearing the mental games and illusions lets you live in a bigger reality with WAY more possibilities than the “muggle” world seems to provide.   You start to live in an infinite world, rather than a constrained world.


We do this by systematically finding all the polarized fixed viewpoints that interference has programmed into our reality, and clearing them.

VideoIt’s the most potent way I know of changing ANYTHING that you are seeking to change, by first clearing the fixed viewpoints that were installed to keep you small.

I’ve recorded a very fun (and free!) video to show you how this works and how you change it.

OUT-Creating the 3 Core Strategies used to Shut-down Awareness




4. Release all the agreements and binds that keep you limited


This reality was created to give a high degree of free will.   But most people I meet actually only live with 8% or less access to free will.   So what prevents you from having more free will?   Lack of awareness & Agreements.


The manipulators of this reality have corrupted things in such a way to systematically TRICK YOU into agreeing to be limited.  Most people have tens of thousands of agreements that keep them trapped in a small world.


We are born into an illusion that was put in place and programmed generations before we arrived here.  You’re born to muggle parents that teach you to be a muggle.  You live in a muggle reality that teaches you to be like everyone else.


Are you a muggle?   No.

Q:  So why do you try to live like one?

A:  Because every day of your life you’ve been encouraged to play by the rules of your society
Each choice you have made to be less than the fullness of you has incrementally trapped you in tiny agreements that slowly built the walls and limits of your reality.


But it’s not you that created those overtly… this reality is designed with so much illusion that practically everything is the opposite of what it appears to be.


Most of what we have been taught is a calculated mistruth to get us to buy into and AGREE to the consensus of limitation installed here.


Nothing can actually hold you down or trap you.  


BUT, you can be tricked into agreeing to pretend you are limited.


Those agreements all stack up, day by day, year by year until you feel completely UN-magical and UN-powerful and UN-aware… as designed.


We’ve found 9+ categories of agreements and found 4 simple processes for releasing them all.


-Clearing basic agreements

-Clearing Incarnational agreements & Long-wave agreements

-Clearing Lineage Agreements

-Clearing Secured/Bonded agreements (aka: curses)


If something feels hopeless or impossible to change,
it simply means there is an agreement holding it in place.


Agreements are surprisingly easy to break/clear/resolve once you understand how to do it!


The more you learn to master clearing ALL agreements, you begin to live in a space where you just automatically don’t accept the agreements this reality continues to offer you.  You start to see through the games and illusions this reality uses to keep people controlled and docile.


Once you release agreements, you become free to live your own life, exactly as you choose… and a world of possibility keeps opening to you.




5. Become radically aware and banish the players that act as interference


There are many agents of interference here in this world, and they all aim to remain hidden.  Some hide under the illusion and pretense of being helpful, such as, angels, archangels, light beings, gods and the “we are here to save you” aliens, when they actually have a hidden agenda that is typically subversive or opposite of what it appears to be.


The rest (aliens, demonics, synthetic mind systems, slippery beings) aim to remain invisible or hide in your reality, hoping you won’t detect them, or at best, you’ll accept them unknowingly as an aspect of yourself.


While they all play slightly different games and use different illusions, they use similar patterns, operate in similar frequency ranges and play fairly predictable games.


Once you learn a player and it’s games your awareness naturally finds ways to prevent them from being effective at manipulating in your reality.  Once they stop being effective, the matrix stops using those players and searches for something else.


The more you become aware of who ALL the players are, the matrix runs out of things it can use to block you. Your awareness of the players and their games dramatically cuts down or eliminates the interference in your life.


Most people are afraid of these energies because interference pretends to be powerful, even though they are NOT powerful.


In my programs, I’ll show you how to become bigger than these energies, how to recognize them and how to permanently banish them from your reality. 

What if as aware beings and co-creators you have not only the capacity but also the authority to remove unwanted energies from your reality?   I can show you exactly how to do this.


I have an introductory video about that here:

2a- Are there Energies Interfering in YOUR Life?





6. Step into and OWN your magic & potency, go beyond limitation


It’s not about battling resistance, though sometimes it may feel like that.  It’s more about OUT-CREATING resistance.   Finding clever ways to change it, clear it or work around it.


You don’t play their game.  You completely go around it.


It’s like, once you realize how a mouse-trap works… you stop sticking your fingers in it and you look for another way to disable it.   Your awareness of how it works lets you find more clever and simple ways of dealing with it.  


So you work to clear the viewpoints you were programmed with that keep you small, you clear the agreements that trap you, you disable and clear the invaders that interfere in your reality, all the while you keep moving towards embodying more of YOU.


We’re conditioned to think of ourselves as powerless and weak, but what if the opposite is true?  What if who you are is one of the most potent and magical beings in the entire universe?!  (feel that!)


When I first started facilitating I used to guide people to overtly stepping into their power and using their magic.  But what would occur was interference would attack them before they could fully step into it, so they would shut down.


What I recognized is that it’s an incremental thing.  Day by day you keep embodying more and more of your power and magic by using it to create and access even more awareness.  Which makes it easier to embody more power and magic.


But what do you DO with your magic & power?


Here’s the secret: your magic and power are there for you to express what you came here to be and do this life.  So unless you are moving towards expressing more of you, you have no reason to embody or even understand your power or magic.


When I try to use my power and magic to manipulate some silly earth based thing I’m not always terribly effective.    But when I use my power and magic to inspire my students to become more aware, overcome resistance and step into more of THEIR power and magic… absolutely incredible things happen, consistently! 


What if your power and magic are intended to be used to fulfill your agenda, your purpose, or what you most deeply desire to express here?


How much are you living your inner purpose?


How much are you trying to fit into a muggle reality?


What if your magic and power have no context outside of what you came here to Be and Do.     The most gifted artist has no magic if they are only selling insurance and not living their gift.


Live your gift… and your power and magic will come forward automatically.




7. Reclaim, Own and Protect YOUR Body


Interference has literally done everything it can find to disconnect you from your body and attempt to control or destroy your body.



  1. Because you (the Infinite Being) and your Body are a potent team.
  2. Because your body has valuable access to the Planet and Universe (and they want access to it)


If interference can poison the air, water and toxify your food, then your body can’t express itself fully and you the Being won’t want to keep living here.


When interference can’t directly manipulate YOU the Being…
They go after taking out your Body.


Both your Body and Being are on a journey of awareness together.


You are teammates, supporting each other to become more aware and more empowered.


You each have your own gifts, capacities, and potencies that when used TOGETHER to support each other and your purpose is INFINITELY POWERFUL!


So how can you coach your Body to become ever stronger, healthier and more aware?


How can your Body coach YOU to be more effective with creating and comprehending this physical reality?


And having had 9 near-death experiences in my lifetime, I can tell you that Body’s and Beings are NOT easy to kill off.  I don’t believe you can “accidentally” die.  What if accidentally dying is a LIE of this reality.  What if death is always a choice.


If you don’t claim, own and protect YOUR Body as the most valuable possession you have… interference is quite happy to move in and take possession.


You may be already experiencing the symptoms of having other beings claiming ownership over your Body, if so, don’t panic.  While it takes some effort to take back your body and claim your sovereignty, we’ve been quite successful at getting people free from this.


I’ve personally been completely taken over by foreign energies many times in my past and I’ve learned how to get it back, over and over again. 


In the “OUT-CREATING the Matrix” course we actually walk everyone through the process of taking back their body.   Most people on this planet are taken over to some degree.   If you look at many government leaders, unscrupulous corporations, or just nasty people, you can see the evidence.  It’s all around you, and I believe we are here to change and take back our Bodies and this planet from the off-world corruption that is attempting to take over.





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I believe we are all facilitators of change that all have different ways we contribute and different things we enjoy doing.


I want nothing more than for you to step fully into YOUR TRUTH and begin living your magic so you can inspire others to step into their truth.



I believe we are here to collectively change this planet and reality.




How can I support you to be even MORE of your amazingness, here NOW!?




Jaden Fox, March 2020