In this episode3- Recognizing & Clearing False Light Constructs

Let’s start to CLEAR this stuff from our body & reality…

   00:40 – Review of the previous videos

   01:44 – Trap:  Chakra System

   06:24 – Trap:  Pineal Gland Activations & Meditations

   10:03 – Trap:  Higher Self & Soul Meditations

   14:06 – Trap:  Abundance & Law of Attraction practices

   18:50 – Trap:  Calling on Ascended Masters, Angels, Gods…

   22:50 — Exercise: Expanding into what YOU know as an Infinite Being

   29:47 – Trap:  Reincarnation

   32:12 – Trap:  Karma

   35:28 — CORE CLEARINGS for removing False Light constructs:

1:09:09 – Exploiter Clearing

1:17:34 – Daily Clearing Process recommendation

1:22:14 – Resolving Fractures

1:30:52 – Take Back Your Body

1:32:15 – False Light = all smoke & mirrors…

Here is an interesting video I found on youtube: 
  Why Bible Accurate Angels Are So Creepy  [opens in new tab]

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2- New Age Spiritual Synthetic Realities

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3b – Recognizing & Clearing False Light Constructs (continued)

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