Are you always tired?

Do you feel you never have enough energy?

Have you tried everything, and nothing works?

Recent research in brain neurochemistry has found that chronic low energy can be a brain messaging issue, rather than an energy issue. [1]


If the brain is lacking the chemical messengers needed to connect all the energy circuits properly, the body’s natural energy system never gets fully activated.


So many of the body’s natural energy channels sit waiting to be told to turn on, but the message never arrives.


The missing chemical messengers prevent the brain’s signals from getting to where they need to go.  So the energy channels never turn on. 



Dramatic changes in increased energy can be experienced simply by providing the specific amino acid that is lacking in the person’s brain chemistry. 


By taking the amino acid the body has access to the chemical messengers needed to connect all the energy circuitry in the brain, and robust energy is once again available. [2]




The most accurate way to detect long term chemical messenger imbalances is by looking directly at the pattern of symptoms.


Researchers have tracked thousand of patients and found distinct patterns in the symptoms they report.


That symptom list can be found in a diagnostic survey on the next page.


Taking this survey will show you the areas that are lacking in 5 of your main neurotransmitter categories:

     • Energy Levels

     • Emotional Stability

     • Stress Response

     • Brain Function

     • Feeling strong & secure


By taking specific amino acids, over time (3-12 months) your body will automatically rebalance itself to these new levels and you’ll no longer need to take amino acids.

Once you know which areas are an issue, simply taking the appropriate amino acid will generally resolve the symptoms on this list permanently:

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