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Is it time to step into YOUR Brilliance?

This ongoing pre-facilitator program gives you the practice and tools to clear practically anything!
– Tools for stepping into your POTENCY as an Infinite Being…
– The ongoing support to make BIG change consistently…
– Join a powerful community of people here to create a new reality!

  • Playing with Time – Master Class


    Is TIME holding you back?

    Are you under the effects of aging overlays?

    Are your time-lines & time-streams being messed with?

    Is it Time to start PLAYING WITH TIME on Your Terms?


                                 4 • 90min Interactive Video webinars with Q&A

                                 4 • Topic exploration recordings with Jaden & Max

                                    • Time-lines Exercise– process to see your time streams

                                    • Facebook Group for discussions & questions

                                    • Bonuses & Surprises


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  • Releasing Tangled Agreements 1-3 – Potency Series Videos


    What if everywhere you feel hopeless, is just a sign that you have an old agreement that is binding you from making change?

    hopelessness = tangled agreements

    You can actually release ALL hopelessness from your life! ALL!

    $69.00 $27.00

  • Alien Clearing Audio Loops


    Alien Clearing Audio Loops 2.1
    Audio recordings that release and clear entities, demonics, creatures and especially aliens from people and buildings.

    This product includes the clearing so you can also clear any of these things on your own!

    $69.00 $47.00

  • Releasing The Need To Be Right


    Releasing The Need To Be Right


    (Potency Series audio + PDF’s)


    Have you struggled with clearing a sense of needing to be right?

    Are you ready to release the paradigm?


    In this program Jaden reveals some key viewpoints and tools for understanding and dismantling the righteousness paradigm from your reality. A look behind the scenes of this reality to see where this pattern comes from.

    $47.00 $19.00

  • OUT-Creating the Matrix – Part 1: Seeing the Unseen, Changing the Unchangeable

    OUTcreating the Matrix - Part 1


    What if “you” are NOT the one blocking your progress?


                       What if SOMETHING ELSE is deliberately and systematically
                              blocking your progress?


     This program begins to reveal the players, the manipulations
    and ways to eliminate what is REALLY blocking you!

    This is the videos and all supporting materials for PART 1 of this program
    (note: this can take 3-4 hours to receive after your order is placed)
    $399.00 $99.00

  • Be the Magic – NOW! Gift & Ability Transformational Series


    Can you feel that your magic is
    Still inside of you?


    How amazing would your life be
    if you began to stop hiding and PLAY again?

    Are you ready to make that jump,
    back into the magical YOU?


    $397.00 $127.00

  • Detangling Walk-in Transitions – ebook


    Over the years, Jaden has worked with hundreds of people to untangle complications from incomplete Identity Transitions (commonly called walk-in’s).

    This ebook is a compilation of perspectives and tools to assist people who have undergone this transition in making sense of what may have occurred and tools and perspectives to resolve elements that may have gotten tangled.

    Changes in identity can be some of the most amazing and some of the most confusing internal changes that a being can undergo. When all goes smoothly, most people aren’t even aware that a change has occurred. For those who are in the forefront of awakening, these changes may require more attention and awareness to resolve and complete the transition.

    $29.00 $20.00

  • ASK and always RECEIVE – video program

    ASK and always RECEIVE – video program

    ASK and Always RECEIVE


    What if you could ASK the universe a question and ALWAYS receive a response?

    This complete 4 hour program teaches you the simple methods to get this to really work for YOU! (in only 7 days)

    $247.00 $97.00

  • Architects of LiMitation – Masters Series


    Architects of LiMitation
    Masters Series – Session with Jaden Fox

    Truth, Are YOU an “Architect of Limitation?”

    There are many people who are waking up to their “infinite being” self… who happen to have been and done some interesting things in other lifetimes. Such as being a designer of limitation in this Earth Reality matrix. Are you one of them?

    If you are… it means you can also deconstruct what is currently holding Earth back!

    It also means you are likely locking your own life down in that area of former mastery.

    In this potent 45min session Jaden walks a person who has been a Master Architect of Limitation through understanding and getting in touch with the larger aspect of his infinite self.

    -How to see what a gift and benefit this role was (how you were sought after for it)
    -Clearing the agreements and SHICUUUU that hide these gifts
    -Clearing what binds us in the catch-22 of continuously creating limitation
    -Recognizing that if you created it, you are uniquely suited to deconstruct it
    -Empowering yourself to own and rescind & transcend the old paradigm

    $29.00 $12.00

  • Take Back YOUR Body!


    How much do YOU “own” your body?
    How much does something else “own” your body?

    This program is a look at the manipulations on this planet that cause YOUR Body to actually be OWNED by others… LEGALLY!!

    $147.00 $97.00

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