Alien Clearing Audio Loops

Alien Clearing Audio Loops 2.1
Audio recordings that release and clear entities, demonics, creatures and especially aliens from people and buildings.

This product includes the clearing so you can also clear any of these things on your own!

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Alien Clearing Audio Loops 2.1
(Audio recordings that release and clear entities, demonics, creatures and aliens from people and buildings)


Are you clearing entities and it doesn’t seem to be working?

Are they entities?   or are they non-physical aliens? (energies not of this world)

This is an advanced clearing that banishes a wider range of invasive energies from your body and space.


These recordings are highly layered multi-track recordings that you play quietly in your space to keep clearing when you don’t desire to do it manually.

The recordings work to clear what attracts and permits aliens, entities, demonics, creatures, etc. to come into your reality as well as find the ones who are currently in your space and banish them permanently from your reality.

Keep the mp3’s on your phone or ipod and play them at low volume whenever you feel you need assistance in keeping your space clear from uninvited beings & doings. If you find yourself needing to constantly keep clearing aliens & entities, this recording can do that for you!

The recordings are highly layered audio clearings that are then played at different frequencies, pitches, phase angles and even backwards to catch entities functioning on reverse timelines. The advanced recording techniques allow for a quicker and more complete clearings across a broader spectrum. These are POTENT recordings!

If you are new to entity clearing use these recordings in small doses, gradually building over time. They are extremely strong and work very deeply! If you feel nausiated or challenged, stop using for a time or use a less intense level of clearing.

There are 3 audio files:

Alien Clearing LOOP 2.1 – This is the most recent version that includes more sophisticated ways of grabbing aliens, entities, demonics, creatures and other invasive energies from your reality and banishing them permanently!

This track sounds like a murmuring of many voices… they are all Jaden.  It’s 50+ layers of clearings played all at the same time!  Some tracks are phase shifted, frequency shifted, and layered to grab across a wider band of frequencies, dimensions and realms. 


What is Jaden Saying (what’s new in Alien Clearing 2.1)
What is Jaden Saying (what’s new in Alien Clearing 2.0)
What is Jaden Saying (what’s new in Alien Clearing 1.9)
 – These are audible files that allow you to listen to new clearing layers that have been added at each of the last 3 versions.  Each new version adds to the legacy version.  These are all layered into the Alien Clearing LOOP 2.1 above.

Includes unlayered recordings so you can hear the clearings and what is beings said in normal voices. Sub harmonic clearings and previous legacy versions are not audible here. 



MEGA5 – Clearing Alien Manipulation – This is an industrial Strength clearing loop!  This is the alien, entity, demonics, creatures clearings from above, plus additional layers with clearings from Andrew Bartzis and Jaden to clear the agreements that bind you to manipulated Banking, Media and Government Systems.

This is a powerful clearing!  Use this for ONLY as long as it feels good to use it, then discontinue use!  NOT recommended you play this recording while you sleep, it’s intense.

Includes highly layered clearing tracks and sub harmonic that are not audible. (53 layers including all the legacy layers)


What you get:


All in a downloadable ZIP file – sent instantly to your email address.


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