Architects of LiMitation – Masters Series

Architects of LiMitation
Masters Series – Session with Jaden Fox

Truth, Are YOU an “Architect of Limitation?”

There are many people who are waking up to their “infinite being” self… who happen to have been and done some interesting things in other lifetimes. Such as being a designer of limitation in this Earth Reality matrix. Are you one of them?

If you are… it means you can also deconstruct what is currently holding Earth back!

It also means you are likely locking your own life down in that area of former mastery.

In this potent 45min session Jaden walks a person who has been a Master Architect of Limitation through understanding and getting in touch with the larger aspect of his infinite self.

-How to see what a gift and benefit this role was (how you were sought after for it)
-Clearing the agreements and SHICUUUU that hide these gifts
-Clearing what binds us in the catch-22 of continuously creating limitation
-Recognizing that if you created it, you are uniquely suited to deconstruct it
-Empowering yourself to own and rescind & transcend the old paradigm

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Masters Series…

These are advanced and masterful talks or sessions that bring to light large patterns with detailed explanations and how to unravel them. The topics are often novel or so comprehensive as to be valuable to others. The talks are deeply transformative and quite expanding.


These talks use advanced tools of Access Consciousness processing. If you are just starting out, these talks are not a good place to start.

You’ll get:
1. Audio Track (mp3- 44:38)

What people are saying:

“Architect of limitation is brilliant! I have played with the energy of being limited and why I would choose limitations and it was a major sticking point for me. I could not fathom why we would choose limitation and how to just choose our way out.

The story Jaden plays in during this audio really brings clarity to me about why we would choose limitations and really how easily we can release them! Jaden is brilliant in his use of story to bring you to a point of understanding that allows your limitations to become fun play things you can easily release. I would recommend this program to anyone who is done playing in limitation- Jadens facilitation is phenominal!”

-Jamie Bates

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