ASK and always RECEIVE – video program

What if you could ASK the universe a question and ALWAYS receive a response?



This complete 4 hour program teaches you the simple methods to get this to really work for YOU! (in only 7 days)

$14.00 $27.00


Watch Jaden explain the focus of this course:




Jaden walks you step-by-step through a process that leads you to receiving with consistency and ease.


The DETAILS about how it really works and how to work around the common pitfalls that block people.



You’ll get:

Part 1 – video & mp3 download (2:07.52)

• Process for expanding into bigger receiving

• How to move beyond limitation of the mind

• Things that prevent receiving
(how to work around them)

• How to develop potent patterns for receiving more

• Clearing programs that block receiving

• Practice in new ways of receiving




7 Day program to engage powerful Receiving

A simple process to get you into the habit of asking potent questions and actually receiving the universe’s response.






Part 2 – video & mp3 download (2:12.28)



• Learning to really CHOOSE what you desire

• How to ask to untangle complicated blocks

• Clearing blocks to deep receiving

• Receiving to your Simple Advantage

• Becoming aware of what manipulates you
so you avoid receiving





Are you ready to get the skill of receiving in a way that you KNOW you are supported by the Universe?

What would your life be like if you could ASK and then RECEIVE from within, anything you desire to know or be?

Having this one skill is a Game Changer on every level!

And here are the BONUSES you’ll get!


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