Be the Magic – NOW! Gift & Ability Transformational Series

SPACERCan you feel that your magic is still inside of you?

How amazing would your life be if you began to stop hiding and PLAY again?

Are you ready to make that jump,
back into the magical YOU?


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Be the Magic, NOW!
10 video – Transformational  Series

The fears and barriers are vivid illusions, you can clear permanently!

I’ve done it. Hundreds of clients have done it.
You CAN do this. I can show you how to get there too.

You can step into your magic… NOW!

Here’s what we do:

6 Strategies to
Accelerating your Gifts & Abilities
to Be the Magic of YOU!


Gifts & Abilitiesbullet-3chevrons-arrows20 1- Identify your Surface & Mystical Gifts

Your gifts are often so integrated that they are transparent to you. We use a series of processes and unique viewpoints to trick you into identify multiple layers of your gifts. We’ll also begin a process of allowing your mystical gifts to reveal themselves to you.

In this strategy you will:
• Build a clear list of surface gifts and learning how to own them deeply
• Learn tools for exploring in your transcendent gifts and how to surface them easily
• Discover tricks to keep going deeper into the magic you are


Authentic Selfbullet-3chevrons-arrows20 2- Finding & Living the Authentic YOU

Many people live seeking to fulfill the expectations of others, rather then being themselves and being their joy. We’ll use a series of tools and practices to get you focused on finding and expressing the authentic you. The more you embody your core frequency, the more your gifts just “show up” and the more happy & fulfilled you naturally feel.

In this strategy you will:
• Learn to align with your “inner compass” and “inner truth”
• Embody tricks to releasing what’s not your truth
• Step into the power & freedom of releasing your fixed-viewpoints


Clearing old agreementsbullet-3chevrons-arrows20 3- Clear blocks to Living your Gifts NOW!
There are tangly old agreements and fears that prevent people from accessing their gifts. We’ll clear out old contracts, fears and stories that have locked away and hidden your gifts from you.

In this strategy you will:
• Learn to release all fears permanently
• Learn tools to release those things that feel hopeless to change
• Activate permissions to stand in your gifts and magic, now!


Personal Magnitudebullet-3chevrons-arrows20 4- Owning your Personal Magnitude

You are more cosmic and expansive then you know. We’ll expand your awareness and perception so you can perceive the scope and magnitude of your gifts and your true self. All of life makes more sense and has more ease when you live from your Personal Magnitude.

In this strategy you will:
• Embody more of the expanse and magnificence of you, then you thought possible
• Connect with YOUR personal guidance systems that lead you into your magnitude
• Discover more of your personal Galactic history


Allow Giftsbullet-3chevrons-arrows20 5- Understanding & Allowing your Gifts

The mind has been conditioned to filter out and block your more unusual & magical gifts. You’ll learn strategies for working around the mind to gain information and how to re-train the mind to actually support your expansion.

In this strategy you will:
• Learn to how to understand and context your gifts in whole new way
• Learn tricks to quickly work around conditioned filtering & limiting systems
• Reconnect to your heart-mind and expanded awareness deeper then you thought possible


Acceleratebullet-3chevrons-arrows20 6- Accelerating your Gifts NOW!

There are locks and blocks that have prevented a natural processes that activates your gifts & magic. You’ll get the short-cut to unlocking, enabling and expanding your personal magic in all areas of your life. Dramatically speeding up the time it takes to actually LIVE your gifts, NOW.

In this strategy you will:
• Embody energies & viewpoints that dramatically accelerate your gifts unfolding
• Find more ease and play in dancing with your magic, gifts & abilities
• Embody a greater sense of wholeness, oneness and connection to YOU


What clients are saying SPACER

Jen's TestimonialThere is a lot of talk in the world about peoples’ gifts and abilities, and yet if you say to someone, “What are mine?” you will receive a lot of vague answers. Not from Jaden.

He has a unique ability that can somehow track what gifts you have! I have to admit I was stunned—and delighted—with what he was able to perceive. His answers are detailed and reality-altering.

Whenever I have a session with Jaden, I know I am going to have fun. I also know that he is thorough in removing any blocks to the gift information, sensitive to what I can handle, and can see into places nobody else can. If that idea scares you, know that Jaden has that rare ability to make you feel safe and honored in all situations.

If you are tired with how the world works, check out your gifts. You are much more magical than you realize! After my initial “gift” session, I was suddenly able to perceive other abilities that I had as well. For the first time, I feel like I am living in the world I always knew should exist but couldn’t quite find.”

– Jen, Connecticut



Kelsi106x106Working with Jaden is a life changing experience. He shows you what you already, inherently know, on a deep soul level, yet would spend perhaps lifetimes trying to see/re-member.

He articulates information in a way that makes your body, mind, and spirit be able to assimilate it. He has a way of seeing things that no other healer or clairvoyant I have ever worked with has been able to. And when he delivers the information, you can feel the rightness, right away. He also brings a sense of humor and honoring of you and the process that makes you feel safe and receptive.”

– Kelsi, California


Rosie's testimonialI have had years of therapy, trainings and classes, etc., on my path of expanding awareness, and yet maintained a limited sense of the magic of me. Jaden opens that door with the speed-of-(de)light. Gifts and abilities coaching with Jaden has been beyond what I could have imagined!

I love working with Jaden. He is both a quick and playful alchemist with a vast perspective, continually showing me gifts and abilities that got scrambled or lost in translation trying to fit into this reality. It has been amazing to shift from seeing myself as a misfit to living and creating in magical ways I have known deep inside, but couldn’t quite reach..

Jaden delights (and is gifted) in tracking abilities I’m not aware of because they have caused discord in my life or are much bigger than what I can see or just a natural part of who I am. He is quick and persistent in inviting me to let go of limiting perspectives while tantalizing me with stunning ways of perceiving that open up whole new worlds. He replaces that preverbal (ho hum) carrot with a magic wand!”

– Rosie, Hawaii


Alea's testimonialJaden walks his talk, and has actually worked with all of the material that he presents, so that his presentation is congruent with his experience, and he speaks with the authority of experience, which communicates itself both verbally and energetically.

He transfers information on so many levels that you can “get” it in many different ways, many of which allow for instant shifts, energetically, rather than the old way cognitive processing, practicing it yourself, etc, etc. That is awesome! I am all for the fast track!”

– Auriel, Wisconsin

“I have taken a variety of classes/modalities over the past 20 years and this course filled in the missing pieces I had been searching for.  So much has changed and weeks later is still changing. It’s hard to explain the changes because some are so subtle they are unrecognizable as they happen. I am just so much more aware.

The more expanded I remain, the more things seem to fall into place. It is like the stall button has been removed and the Universe keeps revealing how it does have my back. I am more excited about the direction my life is going and all the possibilities that are coming my way.


I was not on the “Be The Magic” live call,  but as I listened to each call I put myself in them as through they were happening in the now and Wow!!!!  One thing I really appreciated was if I had a question or comment, I could email Jaden and he would respond. Jaden has awesome abilities.”

– Terry Lowry, Alberta Canada


This Course includesSPACER

TEN – 120 minute Videos (valued at $1,994)

Program Outline:

video 1 – Clearing External Binds

video 2 – Expanding into your Personal Magnitude

video 3 – Core Re-Activation (Part 1)

Bonus Video – “Alien Talk Story”

video 4 – Re-communion with Infinite Being,
—-_——– Core Re-Activation (Part 2)

Bonus Video – Revealing Transcendent Magic

video 5 – Standing in your Personal Magnitude

video 6 – Going Beyond the Limits of this Reality

video 7 – Embodying your Capacities

video 8 – Choosing Magic


Weekly PLAY PACK• “Play Pack” (valued at $199)
A packet of expanding activities you can explore and play with to find and own more of your hidden magic around that weeks topic. This can include movies, bold actions you can take, suggestions for introspection, journaling, art work, things to look for, new tools to play with. Like a play chest of toys designed to get you to step into YOUR magic!


• MP3’s of the Videos (valued at $99)MP3 Recordings of Calls
These sessions have information that is mult-layered. Re-listening to the calls is powerful, each time you hear NEW things and go deeper. Students report HUGE gains from just replaying the programs quietly during their day or as they sleep!


• Done for you print-outs (vCards, reminders & handouts to printalued at $199)
These are tools I have used exclusively with my 9-month private clients
PDF’s with tools, strategies, and reminder cards to get you into a new pattern of exploring with your magic and awareness. These powerfully anchor in the weeks topics.


Core Activation Package• CORE ACTIVATION – Package (valued at $499)
These are tools I have used exclusively with my 9-month private clients
An energetic process for using expansive viewpoints for re-orientating yourself to your inner magic. These are magical energies that unravel 12 common blocks and activate ancient programs. It has a PDF, audio clearings, and audio energy broadcasts to play while you sleep.





Private Session with Jaden“Magic Break-thru Session”
….with Jaden:
(valued at $400)

You can also choose a private 60min “Magic Break-Thru Session” with Jaden, for almost 50% off his normal rates. I can hone in on your specific gifts & blocks and show you what’s possible for you! We can chart a success plan that will get you where you most desire to go!


Be the Magic, NOW!
10 video – Transformational Series


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10 video course
+ Bonuses


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10 video course & Private Session with Jaden + Bonuses

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About Jaden:

Jaden Fox, The Miracle MentorJaden Fox has supported hundreds of clients and students to deeply and fearlessly unleash their magic and create expansive, healed and abundant lives as a result.

Jaden’s spent the last 15 years diving deep into the mysteries of the universe, in a way that few on this planet would dare to do.

His mission was to surface his own gifts & abilities, but what he uncovered was so much bigger, venturing through vision quests, extreme expansion experiences, shamanic rituals, visionary plant medicines, channeling and spiritual technologies to ultimately find a much simpler and effective process for rapidly awakening conscious wayshowers to their expanded gifts and abilities.



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