Clearing Corrupted Tricksters

There are invisible agents of chaos that attempt to get you to do things you would not normally do. Some seem like magical catalysts for change that seek to benefit you. While others are corrupted and merely seek to trick and interfere with human existence seemingly for the fun of it.

In this program, Jaden shows you how to perceive the difference between the benevolent ones and the corrupted ones and shows how to clear the tricksters you don’t prefer manipulating in your reality.

This program includes: 
– a resource video
– print outs (in PDF format)

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Clearing Corrupted Tricksters

There is a great deal of interference that just seems random and doesn’t seem to be part of a coherent agenda. Meet “the Tricksters”

These are archetypical energies that seem to mess with you, just to mess with you.

And if that wasn’t confusing enough, some are authentically beneficial agents of the authentic universe and other tricksters are corrupted aspects of the Matrix.

Let’s see what this paradigm is about… So you can get beyond interference!

Authentic Tricksters are dynamic agents of creation that have tremendous access in this reality, but like many things here, a large portion of tricksters have become corrupted to varying degrees. So they may appear initially authentic until they interact with you a while and you begin to see what they are trying to get you to be or do is not helpful or purely random.

The corrupted ones seem more intent on simply tangling you, than benefiting you.


What are these trickster energies? How to identify corrupted tricksters and how to clear (Banish) them from your life!


That’s the topic of this program.


  Almost every culture has a description of these energies, often associated with animal totems:

  Let’s look at the native American perspective on this paradigm:

Tricksters are the embodiment of lawlessness, chaos, and paradox. It’s a divine buffoon, who breaks taboos, a rebel, and a coward. He is commonly depicted as deceitful and amoral and does many things just for the pleasure of manipulating others.


Tricksters defy duality: they are both light and dark, heroic and villainous, foolish and wise, benign, and malicious. At the same time, they’re lovable, they’re also hateful. At the same time, they’re friendly, they’re also fearsome.

They are the jokers, pranksters, clowns, rule-breakers, alchemists, magicians, truth-tellers, and wise-fools.

Sometimes seen as a Catalyst for change that appears to have magical qualities.  But they have become corrupted and no longer serve the authentic universe.   


Now many of these corrupted energies have become a layer of interference that particularly messes with aware humans.



In this program, Jaden guides you to become aware of them and shows you how to clear them.


Clearing Corrupted Tricksters

this program is a 2-hour long video with accompanying PDF guide.   



This includes a guided & written- Clearing for Corrupted Tricksters



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