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CLEARING Demons & Demonics & the fear of them

The ultimate Demon clearing resource! (intro price)
We’re programmed to think Demons are really scary and hard to get rid of.  The truth is they only pretend to be scary and they are EASY to get rid of!  This program will show you how to move past being a victim to them, kick them OUT, and put you back IN-CHARGE of your life!

This program includes

• a 58 page (color) ebook with illustrations and details

• 4 videos (75min) that explain and guide you through basic clearings

• easy to understand explanations and examples

• detailed (word-for-word) scripts of all clearings

• a guide designed to empower you to move beyond demonics

$18.00 $47.00


We’re taught that only people who do evil things will have demons, but this is simply NOT true. 

Demons seek out powerful people and are also drawn to people who are awaking to their personal power.

Demons are all over in this reality and as you become more aware or awaken to your truth, you WILL experience these as they are drawn to people who are awakening to their power. 

What we THINK demons are like...

The more you understand the TRUTH about demons, the more empowered you are to take action and rid them from your life!

Symptoms of having Demonics inside you:

• feeling powerless often 

afraid of being strong or powerful

• quick to anger 

• anger easily slips into rage or being vindictive

• low grade but persistent: edginess, agitation

• feel something powerful inside wrestling with you at key times 

• Any time I stand up for myself, my life gets turned upside-down

• something forceful pushes back when you reclaim your power

• a persistent heaviness inside

• flashes of fear & paranoia kick in at key times to stop you

• some energy overtly demanding more power from you

feeling wrong/evil deep inside

Awareness & Demons:

Demons are one of the first interfering energies that most awakening humans begin to sense. 

The average unaware person has been conditioned to ignore these energies and typically does not notice them. However, people who are sensitive or becoming aware increasingly notice them in other people and finally in themselves.  

An aware person who themselves is being invaded, may not notice them if they’ve had them for a long time. They just feel edgy or angry at times and see it as an issue that they have, rather than the presence of an external energy participating in their body.  

An aware person who notices active demonics likely feels them quite strongly as an external presence trying to power over them and take them over.


So awakening to and banishing these energies 
is part of the normal process of stepping into 
the fullness, potency & capacity of an aware human.


What are Demonics?

Demons are non-physical beings that focus in the energy of power, dominance, and forcefulness, it’s their niche and specialty.  

Humans on the planet who are also exploring/seeking power-dominance-forcefulness (common in police, military, government leaders, corporate leaders, etc.) are frequently (consciously or unconsciously) engaging demonic energies or are taken over or possessed and being driven or directed by demonic energies.  

What Demon energies FEEL like: 

Demonics are a very dense, heavy, condensed & twisted dark-earthy energy.  They feel overtly evil and bold and controlling.  They are the energy of “you are mine now!”  They think they own anything they are connect to.  And you believe them, it’s true.  If you don’t believe them, it’s not true.   You decide, depending on whether you believe them or not.  (it’s your choice)

Hidden or dormant:  demons, demon core, incubus, succubus feel like:

In the body they feel like:  low grade but persistent- edginess, agitation, quick to anger, a persistent heaviness inside*

*Note:  If you have LOW or HIGH serotonin they have more access to your body.
                              Low serotonin can be quickly corrected by taking the correct dose of L-Tryptophan using
          “Targeted Amino Acid Therapy”  https://www.jaden-fox.com/quiz-intro

Active:  demons, incubus, succubus feel like:

In the body they feel like:  Fear, paranoia, anger, rage, something powerful inside wrestling with you, something overtly trying to take your power away*



Being quick to anger or
getting into a rage is an indicator that
you have enrolled/employed demons to work for you in the past.

This program will allow you to become aware of when you “call on” or how you might use demonics, so you can STOP engaging them, and remain clear!



This ebook (and videos) will support you to:

• Move beyond demon myths and discover the truth

• Learn where Demons come from and why they are here

• How to recognize their patterns and what impact they have

• Discover why you sense demons & why they mess with you

• Learn a simple/easy way to clear demons from your body or space

• Learn how we are tricked into accepting & having demons

• How to actually ELIMINATE Fear from your Body and reality

• Learn how to release even tangly demonic takeovers

This ebook also includes more advanced materials about clearing: 
Incubus, Sucubus, Demon eggs/seed, Demon spawn, Demon Cores, Devils, Satan’s, and She Devils.

These resources are unlike anything else published or taught elsewhere…




What if who you are is actually MORE powerful than Demons or the Matrix?

Is it time to move beyond the fear and lies about demons and easily kick them OUT of your reality?

Let’s kick some demon butt!  🙂

What you get:

• a 58 page (color) ebook with illustrations and details

• easy to understand explanations and examples 

• detailed (word-for-word) scripts of all clearings

• 4 videos (75min) that explain and guide you through basic clearings

• a guide designed to empower you to move beyond demonics


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