Clearing NPC Program Identities & Modules from your Body [ADVANCED]

NPC Program Identities were designed to operate bodies as placeholders until the Infinite Being arrives.  But the system has been corrupted, so NPC’s still attempt to control or take out your Body.

This program includes:
• 6 Videos [14+ hours of content & clearing]
• PDF note sheets, process guides & audio downloads 
• Email support directly from Jaden

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 NPC = “Non Player Character” (a video game reference)
              a program generated character 

In our context:
NPC = the programmed identities that
direct bodies without an Infinite Being

You can see many people on this planet who are simply running routine patterns day after day, with no desire for growth or change. 

Many of these bodies are being ‘run’ by multiple “NPC Program Identities”.   There is no Infinite Being in that body, they are simply run by programmed identities controlled by the matrix.

Many of us came into bodies that were previously run by NPC Program Identities…
and those program Identities may STILL BE IN THE BODY WITH YOU!

How do you know if you have NPC Program Identities in your Body with you?

Symptoms of having NPC Program Identities:

-you are unable to fully own or occupy your body

-you sense the presence of something trying to sabotage your life or kill your body

-some energy (that feels like Planet) tries to deliberately confuse or tangle your Body

-voices in your head locally, that lure your body to go against your desires or rules

-Body seems drawn to things that create self-harm when it knows better

-Body keeps picking up entities as if it needs or wants more identities

-negative putdowns get inserted locally that sound like you or body, but are not

-an energy that tries to lure, draw, harass you or Body into addictive patterns & substances

These NPC Program Identities can be subtle and manipulative or very bold and pushy.   They come and go, but feel local, as if they are inside your body.  

From the Body’s perspective, NPC Program Identities have the authority of the Planet.   So Body’s are drawn to follow them without question.

NPC Program Identities were designed to operate bodies as placeholders until the Infinite Being arrives.  They were intended to leave the body once you come in.  But the system has been corrupted.

Now NPC Program Identities act as an agent of interference that deliberately stays in the body with the Infinite Being and attempts to challenge/confuses the Infinite Being and take down (kill) the body if possible.

NPC Program Identities have been altered see YOU (the Infinite Being) as the corruption.  If they cannot dominate you, then they will seek to cause the Body to have an accident or create self harm to get rid of you both.

Your Body gets caught in the middle of trying to follow a corrupted system and trying to follow you.   It does not understand who is actually in charge and it’s very confusing for bodies.

Who “OWNS” your Body?

You can tell you have NPC’s Identities if you have gotten rid of all Previous Occupants (old walk-in’s) and you still don’t “OWN” your Body.

When you come in, your connection to the body should supersede everything else.  NPC Identities should retract, leaving you as the “owner” of your body, but they are not.

==> Truth, How much do You the Infinite Being OWN your Body?

==> How much does an NPC Identity or Planet OWN your Body?

You (the Infinite Being) should be the sole owner of your Body.

Once you come in, your Body was designed to change/customize itself to fully align with your needs.  After that process, Body naturally sees YOU (the Infinite Being) as its Creator,  because it was fashioned after your energy.

==> Truth, How much did You the Infinite Being CREATE this Body?

==> How much did an NPC Identity or Planet CREATE this Body?

If your Body is still seeing the Planet or some NPC as its creator,
you know this NPC system is still in place.

If your Body has not fully aligned with your energy and seems to be working against you at times, you likely have NPC Identities (or Previous Occupants) in your body with you.

By clearing those out, you become the “owner” and “creator” of your body!

Once you fully clear NPC Identities from your Body:

-It’s more comfortable being in your Body (less confusing, nothing trying to mess you up from within)

-Much quieter!  (the internal contradicting energy is gone)

-Body stops grabbing other entities/identities

-Body is more relaxed and focused

-Life is a Body is more simple

-You no longer need to compete for your body

This is an advanced program…

Clearing NPC Identities requires some advanced skills in order to fully clear it, as you need to also facilitate the authentic Planet to let go of its illusions & manipulations about the paradigm.

This requires more than just listening to some videos 🙂

This is an ADVANCED PROGRAM for those who have already worked with Jaden and know:

-how to clear                                   

-how to facilitate their Body to clear

-how to facilitate the Planet to clear


This program includes:

• 5+ videos that guide you to perceive, comprehend and be able to clear NPC Program Identities:

0- NPC Identity Coding- research & clearing call + Free Guy
What if your Body contains NPC Identity programming that tangles your Being, Body and Planet? Was your body originally an NPC?


1- Clearing NPC Identities
Having NPC’s in your body can create profound tangles for aware beings and bodies.
In this call we explored how to identify NPC’s and how to CLEAR them out!

2- Clearing NPC’s & their Role in Addictions
I would suggest that NPC’s are the PRIME drivers of the addiction paradigm! They impel body & being to take the substance, then have you make yourself wrong after.

3- Clearing NPC Identities + Clearing Identity Hotels
How to go down further and find Planet’s more subtle holdings. + How you know when you are getting closer to clear. What getting clear is actually like!

4- Clearing NPC Identities – wrapping up



5- Clearing old Program Modules: Abilities, Restrictions, Identities
(update May 2023)  We discovered other types of NPC programs, I now call “Modules.”  This video goes deeper into looking at these modules and clearing what holds your body in these old patterns. 


• PDF note sheets, process guides & Audio downloads for each program



• Technical assistance from Jaden
 -If you have questions or problems with clearing, simply email Jaden and he’ll provide assistance.


This program includes:
• 6 Videos [14+ hours of content & clearing]
• PDF note sheets, process guides & audio only replays 
• Email support directly from Jaden

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