Creating Money YOUR way!

Are you tired of struggling with your finances?
(ready for more ease?)

Are you ready to let go of your fears around money?
(so you can be more free)

Are you ready to break free from the conditioning of this reality?
(so you can be YOU)

This 8 part course will permanently change the way you think and feel about money and more ease and self empowerment in your life!

$175.00 $350.00


Participant’s Comments:

“I had a constant buzzing in my head all the time about money.. I need money for the mortgage payment, I need money to pay my debt repayments, I need money for…….. And I was always looking for money to come from somewhere else…. like lottery, or inheritance.. or something else. Always living in a fantasy land in my head.

Then I got to know about Jaden’s “Create Money Your Way” program!! Man am I grateful!

I don’t have that background noise anymore. I did not even notice it until I felt more at peace. Its a very interesting feeling. All I can say is, I am ever so grateful that I was able to be part of Jaden’s calls.”

– Ananda, Queensland- Australia

Are looking to step out of the old paradigm of “working for a living” doing things you don’t enjoy? Are you ready to find your “right lively-hood”, that form of expression that is fun for you AND makes you money?

Jaden uses his own techniques and potent tools of Access Consciousness® to give you the tools and background needed to locate and clear what is blocking your abundance and practically anything that is blocking you.


This is one of the most comprehensive & empowering programs available for building your connection to prosperity thinking and releasing old conditioning around lack and limitation!

Jaden has a gift at facilitating huge, comprehensive and deep change in any area that he takes a group into. If you have tried other abundance programs without success… get ready for BIG change!


Here's what you get in this course...


In this program, Jaden walks you through:
– Locating your ideal sources of income, ways that are fun for you!
– Stepping into more ease and simplicity in your financial life.
– Activating your personal connection to your internal source of guidance

– Using potent tools to change anything that is holding you back
– Clearing the conditioning and beliefs that keep your money situation limited
– Releasing you from patterns of struggle, hard work and constraints that limit your freedom


Course Participant’s Comments:

“I found myself participating in a tender subject, my reality with money. Through Jaden’s careful and remarkably on the spot intuitive counsel, he guided us all on a journey both shared and intensely personal for 9 weeks. I came out with literally, no fear about money, a clarity heretofore unmatched regarding my attitudes and genesis of my previous beliefs about money. This course provided me with a clarity about life in this and countless other dimensions, just by starting with a focal point to gather our energies: money.

Jaden, thank you for helping me to eliminate useless fear from my life! My three businesses are all undergoing growth, all of which I attribute to the tools and beliefs and confidence you helped to inspire in this course. You are a blessing to me, and all the participants in this course.”

– Pam, Hawaii


Listen to a sample of the program, the beginning of Module 1



Get Started Today!

I normally charge $350 for a program of this size
But I would rather make this very affordable for everyone!

1/2 off the regular price when you order TODAY!

Today only:

$175 USD


Invest in a more prosperous future- one without money fears!


Here is what you get:


 Module 1: Core concepts for Change
Recording (87min) – mp3 format

– Tools for clearing out your old viewpoints
– Letting go of fantasies & conditioning
– Letting go of laboring for money

Releasing “should’s” … connecting to YOUR FUN! (pdf)

Cards to Print:
6 money question cards (pdf)

Here's what you get


This course goes places NO other programs go and the calls are interactive, dynamic and fun! 

Module 2 – Releasing what Shuts you Down
Recording (84min) – mp3 format

– Moving beyond “selling” (don’t need to sell)
– Releasing rejection
– Turning “fear” into excitement
– Having boundaries, being able to say NO
– Speaking up for YOU

Making Money & Loving It! (pdf)

Here's what you get

Module 3 – Clearing the underpinnings that limit Creation
Recording (95 min) – mp3 format

– Clearing underpinnings that limit your ability to create
– Releasing the need to “wait” & binding to time
– Secrets around Creation & Creating

Getting Real on Finances (pdf)

Cards to print out:
6- Clearing Tool Cards (pdf)

BONUS RECORDING: (11 min) – mp3 format
Expansion Exercise – 21 Recorded Clearings (includes pdf script)

Here's what you get

Module 4 – Releasing Struggle, Commitment & Hard work
Recording (103 min) – mp3 format

– Releasing conditioning around hard work
– Clearing necessity & commitment and engaging play
– How to not make a “wrong choice”
– More freedom to choose

Clearing Old money beliefs (pdf)

Cards to print out:
12- Bedside Question Cards (pdf)
6- Untangling Tools (Card) (pdf)

BONUS RECORDINGS: (19 min) – mp3 format
Releasing Struggle & Hard work – 27 Recorded Clearings
INTRO- Question Process
Question Process – to invite a life of ease, simplicity, fun and delight

Here's what you get

Course Participant’s Comments:

“Before taking this course, I had a lot of unconscious patterned thinking that would generate as complicated or limited experiences of money and self-worth. I also had a great deal of challenge when it came to receiving, or feeling like I had value in the world. Over the course of the 8 weeks that I participated in this experience, I began to notice things showing up more abundantly, and that I just felt more free, open and confident than ever before. By the time the course was over, my whole world began to change in that I was able to stand more in my authority and sovereignty, to feel that I had the capacity to receive without it creating chaos in my thinking patterns, and that life just all around got a lot easier and more spacious. I am incredibly grateful to Jaden for offering this course and leading us all on a journey to really expose what was not working for us in terms of how we related to money/value/exchange/receiving in our lives. As a result of his dedicated approach, generous offerings and commitment to assisting others to overcome and release struggle, he has truly helped to show me what else is possible.”

– Leo, Hawaii

Module 5 – The Art of Receiving Awareness
Recording (111 min) – mp3 format

Jaden walks the group through a potent and expansive process for receiving awareness (downloads) from the universe/higher self.  This technique is a magical way of shifting your reality without “working at it!”  Also the way to gain information in any area of your life.  Powerful tool!
(caution: don’t listen to this recording while driving-seriously!)

Audio: 7 Easy Ways to Make Money (Core money tools of Access Consciousness)

Cards to print out:
4- Embodying Awareness Cards (pdf)
6- Releasing Struggle Bedside cards (pdf)
6- Agreement, value, awareness tools (cards) (pdf)

BONUS RECORDING: (19 min) – mp3 format
Linchpin List – Expansion + 21 recorded clearings

Here's what you get

Module 6 – A Deeper Look into Creation & Co-Creation
Recording (90min) – mp3 format

– Beyond being responsible & humble
– Stepping out of ties to poverty
– Real creation & co-creation
– Opening to receiving

Clearing Family Beliefs

Cards to print out:
6- Questions for creating what you prefer (pdf)
6- Untangling Tools (cards) (pdf)

BONUS RECORDING: (20 min) – mp3 format
Receiving – 23 recorded clearings + 12 Guided downloads + script (pdf)

Here's what you get

Module 7 – Releasing Dominator & Control Patterning
Recording (95 min) – mp3 format

– Making FUN as a focus
– Releasing bindings to society’s control-overlay grid
– Clearing beings that we use to limit us

Receiving Everything from Everyone

Cards to print out:
6- Terminate program Clearing cards (pdf)
4- Managing and clearing entities (pdf)
3- Creature clearing cards (pdf)

Here's what you get

Module 8 – Wrap up call
Recording (123 min) – mp3 format

– Exploring non-judgment
– Law of Attraction & affirmations
– Clearing what blocks clear perception
– Releasing fantasy realities
– Abuse & manipulation, mis-creation

(audio track) Infinite Abundance

Cards to print out:
6- Receiving Question Cards (pdf)
12- Infinite Abundance (program) cards (pdf)

BONUS RECORDING: (14 min) – mp3 format
Clearing Your Relationship with Money – 23 recorded clearings

Here's what you get

Module 9 – BONUS CALL
Recording (110 min) – mp3 format

– About calling on support
– Clearing “Being a bad boy/girl”
– Releasing overwhelm with finances
– Stepping into being totally supported
– The doing vs being paradox

Celebrate your Gains – write testimonial

Cards to print out:
6- Sovereign Being Question cards (pdf)
6- Being Supported & Playing cards (pdf)

BONUS RECORDING: (44 min) – mp3 format
Intro- about this clearing track
Value Exchange system clearing – 34 recorded clearings – Receiving Downloads

Here's what you get



Get Started Changing your life, Today!

I normally charge $350 for a program of this size
But I would rather make this very affordable for everyone!

1/2 off the regular price when you order TODAY!

Today only

$175 USD

Invest in a more prosperous future- one without money fears!


Course Participant’s Comments:
“Thank you for such an amazing class! Your honesty, realness, and sense of self is inspiring. It empowers those around you to realize that we are all magical, which the world desperately needs to hear. Your willingness to receive also allows us to do the same. It is refreshing! You are a kind, generous individual who I am happy to have connected with. Thank you for offering your talents to the world & for motivating me to do the same. I am so appreciative.

– Kehau, Florida – Certified Holistic Health Coach www.DiscoverYourHealthySelf.com


“Jaden’s Money Your Way course was one of the wildest rides I’ve ever been on. It was 8 weeks of activation, revelation and inspiration to the max. The telecalls were intense, invariably taking us to very deep places that examined the unconscious and patterned beliefs that underlie our collective realities around money, receiving and value exchange. The calls had a very free-style approach that allowed for a fun, enjoyable and inclusive group dynamic that seemed very spontaneous and “all over the map,” as we simply followed the energy that presented in every moment, yet by the end the whole endeavor felt incredibly thorough and somehow very structured. Furthermore, Jaden provided a wealth of supporting materials in the form of daily tools we could use to examine or reorient our thinking and the way we engage these topics, not to mention clearing tracks, articles and more that provided plenty of material for us to continue our own explorations between calls and after the course was complete.”

– Greg, California


“After signing up for your money course, I immediately noticed additional abundance. Thank you for your guidance and support, for cheering for us, for believing in us and for the experience of love and acceptance throughout the course. Mahalo!

– Jan, Hawaii


“It’s such a terrific class, No one wants to hang up!
Thank you for creating more access to myself for me! You have a special talent to peel away the clutter and reach the core swiftly and gently. Addressing my questions, I feel that you encircle my reality fully – encompassing multiple facets at once. Your sincerity and honesty create a safe cocoon allowing me to easily present my true self. Thank you for your gentle yet firm nature, encouraging me to grow at the speed and size I choose in that moment! What else is possible now?”

– Kasey, Hawaii


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