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Demon Possession Clearing – Video & Resources

Tools for those seeking to clear complex Demon Possession:

Clearing Video,   ebook   &   2 printout cards

$47.00 $67.00

Many demons can be simply cleared… yet some possessions get more tangly.

This program walks you through the viewpoint changes that are necessary to clear Demon Possessions.


Demon’s play a game of power.   They are like power attracted creatures that are drawn to humans with power.   They step in and “pretend” they have or now possess your power.   The illusion comes in buying into their point-of-view as if it’s real or true.

It’s the same as someone stepping into your house while you are gone, covering all your furniture in red fabric and claiming that because it’s red, they now OWN your furniture.   And… that they are going to sit on it, because it’s theirs now.

As long as you buy the deception, you start to play the game of powerlessness and victim. By your not calling them on their deception, you have allowed them to “own” your furniture and take over your house.

It’s the same with your power.   They will come in and claim it (most people are not using very much of it anyway) and so you may not even realize they are claiming YOUR power.  

Demon’s feel powerful because they are standing in YOUR power!

By default, you have likely turned the power over to them by not claiming it and kicking them out of your house/body.   That’s the deception.

In this video, I’ll walk you through a complex (tangly) possession and the clearings necessary to get free… so you can experience the clearings along with us!

This product contains:

  1. Hour long video of Jaden facilitating the clearings
  2. Short ebook with how to shift your viewpoint &
    outline of the clearings used in the video
  3. Card to print out – with Creature-Demon clearings
  4. Card to print out – with Fear clearings
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