Detangling Walk-in Transitions – ebook only

Having an incomplete walk-in transition can severely tangle the newest Walk-in and prevent them from finding & expressing their purpose.   

Holding previous occupants in your Body with you prevents you from having the space to fully occupy your Body and BE who you came here to be. 

This step-by-step ebook can guide you on how to clear this.


This product includes:

-an 86+ page ebook with illustrations, examples & the steps required to resolve walk-in complications

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Over the years, Jaden has worked with hundreds of people to untangle complications from incomplete Identity Transitions (commonly called walk-in’s).

This ebook is a compilation of perspectives and tools to assist people who have undergone this transition in making sense of what may have occurred and tools and perspectives to resolve elements that may have gotten tangled.

Changes in identity can be some of the most amazing and some of the most confusing internal changes that an Infinite Being can undergo. When all goes smoothly, most people aren’t even aware that a change has occurred.

For those who are in the forefront of awakening, these changes may require more attention and awareness to resolve and complete the transition.

For beings who have tangled identities, the challenges can range from periodic discomfort to having a life that has stopped functioning on many levels.

This ebook is designed to support a person who is seeking to become more aware in understanding and resolving the tangles that have created any walk-in complications.

Here is what this ebook contains:

  • Advice from other Walk-ins About the Process
  • Symptoms & Explanations
  • Common types of Transitions
  • Questions to Discover YOUR Truth
  • Overall Process for Clearing Walk-in Complications
  • Occupancy Data Collection
  • Viewpoints to Accelerate Untangling
  • Clearing what Binds Previous Occupants
  • Clearing Baggage that Remains in the Body
  • Connecting to your Body
  • Clearing Returning Previous Occupants

86+ page PDF color manual with graphics

Overall Process for
Clearing Walk-in Complications

Here is a summary of the process for untangling walk-in complications…

1. Releasing Previous Occupants:

“Truth, Body, are there any previous occupants still in the body?”

-Lighter means there are other soul fragments from previous occupants still in your body.  Heavy, no issue.

Symptoms: This causes things like: confusion or fogginess, not knowing who you are, not having clarity, feeling flakey, not being able to decide, feeling like you are in a “void”, depression, feelings of wanting to die.  These can come and go, but keep returning.  In general, you don’t have clarity of you- the way you were in the past doesn’t work anymore, and the future you doesn’t seem to kick in.

Solution:  Release/clear your previous occupants (they wanted to go, release agreements, let them go, )

2. Clearing imprinting and baggage

“Truth, Body, is there any imprinting or baggage from previous occupants still in the body?”

-Lighter means there is still some remnants from previous occupants in your body.  Heavy, no issue.

Symptoms:  These are more subtle.  A vagueness about what you want for your life.  You keep trying to move forward on old interests, but it doesn’t create.  There feels like a fogginess and general unclarity about who you are.  Some days more clear then others, but still not as clear as you would like

Solution:  Release/clear all imprinting and baggage from all previous occupants.
-One of the things I noticed about me, is I was hanging on to some stuff from previous occupants thinking it would be useful to me in some way.  It’s not!  It’s not in your “language”… you can’t actually “use it” but it energetically keeps drawing you and skewing your focus.  When you release it, you can actually gain what you were seeking from that occupants baggage.


3. Getting “Plugged in”

“Truth, Body, am I correctly plugged-in?”

-Lighter means yes, no action necessary.  Heavy means that you are not fully connected to your body.

Symptoms: Feeling disconnected from your body, things not “syncing” up in your body as well as you would like them, low energy/enthusiasm for your life, the actions of life just seem more challenging then you would like.

Solution: Anyone or anything that is plugged in to your body’s energetic port, unplug it.  Plug yourself in to your body (the plug has a north/south polarity to it).  When you are plugged in correctly the body will “grab” or “grow around” the plug.

4. Activating your Connection

“Truth, Body, is my light seed activated?”

-Lighter means yes, no action necessary.  Heavy means that you need to “turn on” your connection with your body.

Symptoms: (same as not being plugged in)

Solution:  Imagine a light switch in front of you that turns on your “light-source” and connects it to your body.  Intend to be fully activated.  Turn on the switch.  (if you feel an energy increase/flow you know it worked)

I’ve created an in-depth, step-by-step ebook that guides you through the process of untangling all this stuff:

This is also a valuable guide for facilitators to learn how to quickly resolve this with their clients.

Here’s what people are saying:

“I read your ebook on Walk-ins today. THANK YOU.

With every section my body tingled more and more as change happened immediately. I’m very much looking forward to revisiting this ebook over the coming weeks to completely clear my body of previous occupants. Today has been a great day.”

Angela Bayly, Australia

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