Detangling Walk-in Transitions – ebook

Over the years, Jaden has worked with hundreds of people to untangle complications from incomplete Identity Transitions (commonly called walk-in’s).

This ebook is a compilation of perspectives and tools to assist people who have undergone this transition in making sense of what may have occurred and tools and perspectives to resolve elements that may have gotten tangled.

Changes in identity can be some of the most amazing and some of the most confusing internal changes that a being can undergo. When all goes smoothly, most people aren’t even aware that a change has occurred. For those who are in the forefront of awakening, these changes may require more attention and awareness to resolve and complete the transition.

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For beings who have tangled identities, the challenges can range from periodic discomfort to having a life that has stopped functioning on many levels.

This ebook is designed to support a person who is seeking to become more aware in understanding and resolving the tangles that have created any complications.




Here is what this ebook contains:


  • • Advice from other Walk-ins About the Process
  • • Symptoms & Explanations
  • • Common types of Transitions
  • • Questions to Discover YOUR Truth
  • • Overall Process for Clearing Walk-in Complications
  • • Occupancy Data Collection
  • • Viewpoints to Accelerate Untangling
  • • Clearing what Binds Previous Occupants
  • • Clearing Baggage that Remains in the Body
  • • Connecting to your Body
  • • Clearing Returning Previous Occupants


40+ page PDF color manual with graphics

Version: Jan 2015


Here’s what people are saying:

“I read your ebook on Walkins today. THANK YOU.

With every section my body tingled more and more as change happened immediately. I’m very much looking forward to revisiting this ebook over the coming weeks to completely clear my body of previous occupants. Today has been a great day.”

Angela Bayly, Australia

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