Eliminating avoidance or not choosing – Taking Appropriate Action

A wealth of information to help aware folks untangle problems in deciding, choosing, and creating while eliminating avoidance. A look at the core problems and how to resolve them.

This program includes: 
– 1 video with Jaden, over 2hrs in duration
– audio download

– session notes (in PDF format)




It can get really confusing when you are trying to create your reality, but you keep bumping into an inability to choose what you want or take action to make it happen.

In most cases, our default position is to make ourselves wrong for procrastinating or not taking action.

but it’s typically NOT you doing something wrong…
IT’S INTERFERENCE messing with you!

In this program, we’ll go deep into what’s actually going on and how to correct it!

We explore actual examples of different types of avoidance… and their causes.
(including a look at how creation functions in this reality!)

“It’s no longer about following external guidance or synchronicity,
now it’s about being a creator and CHOOSING what you prefer.”

“Taking action is what gives you feedback from creation.”

What commonly causes avoidance or not choosing…

+ Thinking you “should” do something, rather than actually desiring it…
example: “Everyone says I should invest in crypto/stock market to make money…”
Q= Did you actually choose that? Or did someone else recommend or sell it to you?
Was that your initial inspiration, or was that someone else’s?

– look for “shoulds” and switch to “I choose to…”

+ The decision was based on interference so not a valid direction, thus no desire to follow through.
• Looking at your body’s level of desire to take action on something (over time) gives clues as to what is going on.

+ Making things significant/important (blowing them out of proportion) creates avoidance
• Just making anything significant will cause interference to mess with you even more – even if something is important, be casual about it PLAY instead of work

+ Interference keeps inserting distortions (viewpoints) to get you to alter your direction to one that is not valid. “… it would be better if you did this…”
Q= How much am I authentically choosing this direction?
Q= How much am is interference choosing this direction?

+ Not seeing the situation clearly (direction not useful) causes hesitation … some aspects of the outcome are not clear, blocked, hidden, sabotaged

+ A feeling that you are not able/allowed/capable of choosing. (almost always interference!!) -look for agreements (hopeless, Impossible) and Disguised memory implants

+ Having entities or previous occupants in your Body with you -other beings have a different viewpoint that is not aligned with yours (can be spotted when your viewpoint keeps switching back and forth as different occupants have their time up front)

+ A look into the overall solutions to untangle practically any issue!

What you get:

+ Eliminating avoidance or not choosing – Taking Appropriate Action video duration: 2:13:06
+ audio download
+ PDF handout with the notes and info Jaden shared


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