Ending Attacks Process [Advanced]

Advanced: Many aware people will experience being energetically ATTACKED.  This guides you to embody the energies required to repel attackers and give you the information you require to understand what’s happening and gets you OUT of being a victim. [ADVANCED PRODUCT]

This product includes:
– one pdf with 12+ pages with potent questions to change any attack
– 2 videos with real examples of the process
– Video & Ebook on the process of Asking & Receiving (in detail)

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Are you feeling energetically attacked? 


Figuring out who is attacking and why can be complicated…

finding a solution to it can be even more challenging!


This process was developed to figure out & SHUT DOWN energetic attacks!


This process guides you to find out WHO is attacking and WHY they are attacking, as well as shifts your energy state from being PREY (the one under attack) to being a PREDATOR so you can easily chase off the attackers.


The most direct way I know to END ATTACKS is to SEE the truth of who these attackers really are and END their ability to attack you!

We do this by tapping into the Big Field of all information and downloading the energies required to cause the attackers to be AFRAID of attacking you, without you even taking any action against them.

Most attackers are non-physical (invisible) mercenaries that are hired to cause you to surrender to being harvested from.  (Most attacks are NOT sent from evil humans, rather from off-world bullies sent to persuade you to conform in some way.)


They are actually trespassers invading your private space!   


You have the right to defend your space with whatever force or energy is required.


This process will guide you to step into those energies!



This process delivers to you an inner knowing of:

-Who/what these beings/attackers are

-Who hired them

-What their weaknesses are

-Why they are attacking

-What energy to embody to scare them off!

This uses the “Ask & Recieve Process” that I teach
(this advanced document assumes you already know how to do this).
The process includes tons of potent questions that you ask, OUT LOUD with the intention to download that information from the authentic field.   
As you ask these questions and receive the downloads you start to feel stronger, more powerful and in-charge of YOUR space again.

The Ending Attacks process is to turn your energy from being prey to being a predator.   Naturally chasing them away.
Many aware humans are being too nice to these energies that are attacking.   
If you are trying to be diplomatic or reason with them, you are not seeing what is really happening.  They are mercenaries, not diplomats. 
A different response is required in order to be effective with them!

This document will show you HOW to be successful at ENDING energetic ATTACKS!
This process resolves the worst stuff
that anyone can have thrown at them, it’s extremely powerful!


This program includes:

– The full “Ending Attacks Process” [advanced]  12+ pages, PDF format

– 2 videos with real examples of the main run-through

     Ending Attacks run-through – June 2021
     (pgs 2+3)

     16 minutes long


     Ending Attacks – run through- July 2021
     (pgs 2+3, during a real attack)

      28 minutes long


– Video & Ebook on the process of Asking & Receiving

Because this process uses a unique process called “Asking & Receiving,”  I also include a video and ebook to guide you on the process if you are new to this:

Foolproof System to get YOUR Source Knowing

Every person has an inborn capacity to Ask questions of their Body’s connection to the Big Field of all-knowing and get an IMMEDIATE download!  Once you learn this you have the capacity to get ANY information you desire!
– 2 hours long


   Includes a 12-page ebook guide on Asking & Receiving



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