Exiting Universal Entrapment Constructs

Advanced: It turns out the whole “Universe” as a benevolent guiding/creative force is completely bogus.  The old constructs of “Universe” have been taken over and completely corrupted.  If you are still connecting to Universe hoping to get some benefit from it, you are likely being manipulated by this connection.

This program includes: 
– 3 videos with Jaden, each about 2hrs in duration
– session notes (in PDF format)

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Exiting Universal Entrapment Constructs

There are old constructs and trickery that give interference the capacity to override things in the collective Big Field and thus the planet and our bodies.

It creates avenues for interference to access and alter your reality without your permission or choosing it.

This includes built in programming that causes you to think that some “higher power” actually created you, your body and this reality. When in fact, this is NOT how this reality works!


This series will explore:
        •  What these entrapments are
        •  How they were created
        •  How to detach from & exit them
        •  How to not get re-attached to them

This series contains 3 powerful videos for advanced creators seeking to exit the more sophisticated constructs of limitation.

Here is an overview of these 3 programs:

1 – Exiting Universal Entrapment Constructs – Clearing the Universe Constructs & System Lords
Duration: 2:08:59

There are old constructs threaded into the big field that have been taken over by interference and used to alter information in this reality. It creates a fake “Universal Controller” that has the capacity to override certain things in your reality.

We’ve then been tricked into thinking there is some “creator” or “god” that has the authentic right to alter things (a lie) allowing this system to be used to create all kinds of distortions and alterations that work to limit you and your body.

In this program, we explore how we can destroy & un-create the large system-wide access points that interference uses to manipulate and alter our reality and bodies.

In this call the “Be Your Brilliance” (research) team uncovers and takes apart this interference and explores stripping it from the collective Big Field. 

How can we set humans free from overlays of interference?

Jaden also introduces the concept of the “Body Field” and “Big Field.”

2 -Exiting Universal Entrapment Constructs – Clearing Universal & God Constructs
Duration: 1:53:07

In program 2, we continue the exploration from the first call and explore more about what these constructs are and how we can dismantle them.

We explore things such as:
What awareness, energy & frequency can me and my body be:
        •  To destroy & uncreate all universal constructions functioning to our disadvantage?

How is universal interference manipulating Beings, Bodies & Planets?

How much using: Big Field? something else?

Who or what is behind or connected to any of these constructs?

What if who you are is a “free agent” that goes BEYOND all universal constructs?
        •  Where is everywhere you are “contained” inside any of the following:
                   o  Universe constructs? encasements?
                   o  Soul or higher self constructs?
                   o  god/angelic constructs?
                   o  alien/archontic constructs?

3 – Exiting Universal Entrapment Constructs – Who Created You?
Duration: 1:44:35

We’re told this story that some god or creator created you, your body and all that is… but what if it’s a lie?                 (spoiler= it is a lie! 🙂 )

So who DID create you? Let’s find out!

We explore things such as:
What awareness, energy & frequency can me and my body be:
        •  To exit all Universal constructs and entrapments and be in a sovereign & authentic field of YOU?

Lie: God/Universe as the Absolute Creator of “all life” (that you have been created by something more powerful than you)
        •  What are all the energies that claim to be the creator of you or your body?
        •  Truth, how much did some other supreme deity, celestial being or universal identity create you? How much did             you create you?
        •  How much was your body created by YOU? someone/something else?

What existed before the Big Field of all-that-is? nothing?
        •  Infinite potential
        •  Chaos?
        •  Some organizing intelligence?
        •  Something else?

Who or what desired to organize the chaos?

What awareness, energy & frequency can me and my body be:
        •  Use your capacity to focus your awareness to change everything to your local advantage?


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