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Family- A cosmic look at why it feels SOOO messed up

This program is a deep dive into a different view of WHY families are so challenging and what else you can do to change things to be more comfortable for You!  When you can see what’s really going on, everything changes!


This product includes:

1 • 2hr+ video recorded with an interactive audience

1 • audio download (same as video)

1 • PDF with the notes Jaden shared on the screen



Does family DRIVE YOU CRAZY?!?

Why does your family feel SOOO messed up and hard to deal with?

Most of it seems to come down to misunderstandings of this reality and your connection to it.

What if this reality and your childhood is NOT what you thought it was?

What if YOU (the current Infinite Being) were not even THERE during your Body’s childhood??

How much is your childhood and history with family actually an illusion designed to snag you?

In this program we’ll look at many different solutions to what is a more effective way of understanding and interacting with Family…

This program explores:

1. What if this reality and family are NOT what you think it is?

    What if we’re not in a “real” reality as you may think? What if your “family” are more like actors playing roles (defined by the Matrix) and not even infinite beings like you?

A look at an alternative way of understanding this planet & reality.

2.  What if most aware beings (like you) are actually walk-ins that have only been here for a handful of years?

What if each walk-in experience exists in a completely different reality?

The actors that are your family may show up in the next reality, sorta similarly… but are often different in some odd ways that give them away as feeling fake/different!

I often moved & changed jobs after each transition, because the old reality felt stale/flat and I felt unable to continue it as it was.

It’s like the different chapters of life had no relationship with each other!

3. Often Body’s life starts as a program before the first Infinite Being comes in.

How old was your body when the first occupant came in?

The program could be positive or negative, but when the first occupant comes in, things change!

“We are our own prototypes.” -How many people are following your path?
(What if you are actually a LEADER and don’t know it?)

How much did you choose your family??? -nope

It’s not uncommon for Bodies to often starts in an opposing program/reality.

Body’s family and early life is often a conditioning strategy to ensure that body is on the opposite path of where you are going.

So family is often the OPPOSITE of who YOU really are.

Bodies evolve through challenge… Beings generally don’t desire challenge.


4.  Is your family being guided by the Matrix?

I’ve gone back to visit my parents after walk-in transitions… they are now NPC characters (that feel 1 dimensional) run by the system, with no free will.

They are often not real people anymore (if they ever were). Now just programs running routines and patterns.


This video program is full of deep and profound conversations that you’re not likely to hear anywhere else.

The more you open your mind to seeing this reality through other perspectives, the more “your” family and body’s history begins to make more sense.

As things make more sense, you intuitively know what to do with it to create a better life for yourself and how to interact with Family in a different way that actually WORKS for YOU!

This is a profound topic for anyone who has a Family or is seeking to understand their past.

This product includes:

1 • 2hr+ video recorded with an interactive audience
1 • audio download (same as video)
1 PDF ebook with the notes shown on the screen

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