Finding Your True Purpose

Your purpose in life was deliberately made confusing. You actually have 2 different purposes!   In this program, Jaden shows you how to locate your authentic purpose and find what INSPIRES you and Your Body!

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If you are on a spiritual awareness path or consciousness path
then you’ve probably already discovered that connecting into your higher purpose is hard to do!

The trick is to realize that you actually have at least 2 purposes!!
(and lots of interference)

You the Infinite Being has a larger purpose…
Your BODY also has what feels like a purpose.

Then on top of this…
the energies of interference/matrix don’t want you to know your purpose.
So they’ve done things to obscure it and give you a fake purpose.

So if you’ve tried to find your purpose and it seems hard… your right!

After working with clients for many years, I’ve discovered many tricks for clearing what’s in your way… and seeing the difference between your authentic purpose and distractions.

In this video, I walk a group through the process of getting free from the distractions and connecting to your authentic (higher) purpose!

It’s about looking at what INSPIRES YOU!

Clearing the Blockages

Many aware beings have blocks that prevent them from even being able to perceive their purpose. Interference typically has installed all kinds of distractions and redirects to cause you to not be able to focus or even think about your true purpose. We’ll clear that stuff!

Untangling the Complexity

This reality has intense programming to make things seem so complex, I’ll show you how to untangle it and make it simple again. 🙂

Connecting to your simple knowing

You actually have a way of very simply knowing what is true for you. I’ll show you how to connect to your knowing and bypass the tangles.

– Jaden explains how purpose can be a trap, and how to get around it
– Untangling and clearing what prevents you from being able to find & live your truth
– Clearing the obligations, commitments, and shoulds that prevent you from living your purpose
– Clearing “being responsible” rather than being the authentic YOU
– Clearing what blocks your certainty and awareness of your purpose
– How to identify your authentic purpose/agenda for your Body and Being
– Examples or purposes that Body has VS what Being has (and process for finding them)
– Jaden includes his list of purpose items to give you a sense of how this works

This call ends in a truly orgasmic place!
It was a phenomenal call!
A special thanks to the BYB team for making this call such a
fun, deep, and rich experience!


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