Happiness is a Choice – Creating a Happier Life

Interference works hard to make you unhappy.  But what if having a happier Body and life is something you can CHOOSE to change?  I’ll show you how!

This program includes: 
– 1 video with Jaden over 2hrs in duration
– session notes (in PDF format)
– reminder cards you can print (in PDF format)



Happiness is a Choice – Creating a Happier Life

Jaden says:

“Of all the viewpoints I’ve ever explored, Choosing to be happy has been one of the most impactful things I’ve ever done.

It causes me to raise the bar and work to develop a communion and relationship with my Body and keep choosing to find new ways to have a happier and higher functioning life.

I don’t think I would be alive today and doing this work if I hadn’t chosen happiness as a focus and priority in my life.”

We’ve been so conditioned to believe that being happy is irrelevant, when happiness is actually a high state of flow and functioning for Bodies.
Choosing to live a happy life is the same as saying, “I choose to have my Body live in its highest creative flow.
Everything functions better and easier when Bodies are happy.
A happier Body is a healthier Body!
Yet for most people, happiness seems like some mysterious thing that randomly shows up on occasion and is beyond their control. What if it’s not?

What if you DO have control over it?
What if you COULD actually CHOOSE to be Happy, and make it so?!!
This program we’ll clear what’s in the way of you having and creating a happier life!
Interference in this world gets you to keep acclimating and accepting increasing layers of unhappiness and being limited until being unhappy and constrained is just “normal.”
Your happiness index (bar) keeps being moved lower and lower.
Interference needs you to accept being unhappy as normal.
What if being happy is your normal operating state?
What if happiness IS just a choice?
If we admit that happiness is a choice, then we can take responsibility and act.   Seeking out solutions instead of accepting chronic interference.
How committed to being happy are you?


In this program we’ll:
     – Clear the viewpoints, unconsciousness & agreements that block your happiness
     – Show you how choosing happiness raises the bar (so you tolerate less limitation)
     – Give you the simple steps to choosing a happier life
     – Connect you to the inner resources you require to create it
This program also includes 3 pages of reminder cards you can print out and leave around the house to help you to create new habits and shift your focus to choosing to be happier:



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