How to Identify & remove the interference participating in your life?

Interference hides in body and reality attempting to manipulate you where it can. This program shows you how to find and kick them out.

This program includes: 
– Two hour detailed video with examples and discussions
– pdf printout with tools and tricks that work

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How to Identify & remove the interference participating in your life?

As you become more aware you start to find you have agents of interference also participating in your experience and body.

How do you find it?
How do you get rid of it?

This program has all the best tricks I’ve learned to becoming successful at identify and removing interference from your life!

Here is an overview:

How can you tell if…

your thoughts & feelings are sourced by you?
or interference pretending to be you?

1. Practice to recognize the “voice” (frequency) of different types of interference…
     – lower level aliens: feel harsh, jagged, heavy, rigid (no free-will, no choice, just servitude)
     – medium level aliens: feel harsh, jagged, heavy, controlling, demanding, stern…
     – tricksters: wise, keen, trusted, thoughtful after they flip: stern, unstable, surreal, distorted…
     – angels: soft, hesitant, reverent, obedient, mildly deceptive…
     – demonics: dense, twisted dark-earthy energy, evil, bold, controlling…

But they are not always consistent… demons, angels and tricksters can even hide themselves and be kinda invisible…

Then higher level aliens, gods, angelics can have a diverse range of energy expressions, they are cunning and can have many different guises you might accept more… including energies you know: family, partners, fairies, elves, anything?…

2. Ask a question about something you notice…
a. Who does this belong to, me? Someone else? Something else?
b. How much is this local? How much foreign or at a distance?

3. Learn what Your authentic frequencies are like, if something doesn’t match, ask questions.
Study what YOU feel like when nothing is messing with you. Imprint and practice that knowing till it’s automatic to spot.
Store “snapshots” of your “peak state” in a ‘picture frame’ that only you can access locally. Compare and clear anything that doesn’t match it

4. If you are feeling naturally GOOD you are feeling your authentic self. If you feel funky, you are feeling INTERFERENCE interacting with you!
Interference authentically feels funky (heavy/bad/icky…) simply get in the habit of looking for anything funky and just clearing it automatically… as not you!

5. Ask “Me”, “My” or “I” & Local/foreign-at distance Questions to call out the not-you
How much is “Me”, “My” or “I” currently LOCAL?
What is everything foreign or at a distance? – perceive
Where is the “Me”, “My” or “I” that’s foreign or at a distance?
– Banish
– Destroy

With these tools I guarantee you’ll be able to root out interference and find THE TRUTH OF YOU!

In this program…
We’ll clear interference and give you practical step-by-step guidance on how to use each of these tools.
You not only can create a more quiet and easy life, but also dramatically increase your awareness in the process!
The more you allow yourself to perceive the invisible elements that are attempting to co-create in your life, the more this reality starts to make sense, and the more you find your gifts and capacities hidden under all the layers of interference.
Interference does NOT want you to know your truth. I do. 🙂
This program, shows you how to clear them from your life and step into the clarity and strength you came hereto embody!


     – Two hour detailed video
     – pdf printout with tools and tricks that work


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