Jaden & Max: Breaking free from Simulations & Dissimulations

Simulations & Dissimulations are different strategies this reality uses to lock you into patterns that keep playing out.

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About the Program:

This is a groundbreaking on the topic of Simulations & Dissimulations of reality. Different ways that this reality locks you into programs that bind you into patterns that keep playing out. Go with Jaden & Max on a journey to unlock what has ensnared 98% of the people on this planet!

What would could you do and be if you were no longer run by simulation paradigms like these:

  • Corporate/Business/Career/Success Simulations (Overlord/Controller realms)
  • Power/Control/Dominance Simulation(s) (Overlord/Controller realms)(God frequency realms)
  • Mental/Intellectual Simulation (Alien & synthetic/implanted/AI mind realms)
  • Technological simulations (Alien & cyborg realms)
  • “New Age”/spiritual simulation (False Light Overlords) (God frequency realms)
  • Christian simulation (God frequency realms)
  • Muslim simulations (God frequency realms)
  • Buddhist simulation (God frequency realms)
  • Scientific Simulations (God frequency realms)
  • Being in love simulations
  • Hyper Sexual Simulations   (dark underlords) (God frequency realms)
  • Addiction Simulation(s) (dark underlords)
  • Bonded to Nature simulations
  • All about Family simulations
  • Poverty simulations (Controller realms)
  • Debt/Debtor/Banking simulations (Controller realms)
  • Incarceration simulations (God frequency realms)(Controller realms)
  • Alien/Altered reality simulations (alien frequency realm)



Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process, system or situation

  ex: “simulation models will allow researchers to test different strategies.”

  • the production of a computer model of something, especially for the purpose of study

   ex: the method was tested by computer simulation

  • the action of pretending; deception:-the assumption of a false appearance or form

   ex: clever simulation that’s good enough to trick you.


1828: SIMULATION [Latin]

The act of feigning to be that which is not; the assumption of a deceitful appearance or character.

The concealment of the true character. hypocrisy.


See also:


DISSIMULATION, noun [Latin , to make like; like.]

The concealment one’s true motives, feelings, beliefs, character; pretense; by hiding under a false appearance; a feigning; false pretension; hypocrisy.

-dissimulation may be simply concealment of the opinions, sentiments or purpose; but it includes also the assuming of a false or counterfeit appearance which conceals the real opinions or purpose.

-dissimulation among statesmen is sometimes regarded as a necessary vice, or as no vice at all.


“Simulation requires that person to actively deceive but dissimulation is a passive way of letting people think what they may about a person’s actions” – Francis Bacon

“Simulation is the art of pretending, a show of works and actions. Dissimulation on the other hand withholds the truth, relying instead on silence and omissions.” -Torquatto Accetto

Bacon isn’t talking about computer modeling in this essay. He’s talking about deceit: when it’s necessary and when it should be avoided. The word ‘simulation’ is a fine example of semantic drift. In Bacon’s day, it only meant pretense, behaving falsely. Nowadays that meaning is hard to resurrect, it’s been so overgrown by the computer modeling sense. Dissimulation isn’t even a word for us, but for him it meant pretty much the same as simulation, but with a stronger connotation of ill intent.



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