Jaden’s Keys to a Magical Life

There are some key mindsets that can dramatically turn your life around and create the Magic and FUN aware beings are seeking.  This program will guide you to creating a Magical Life!

This program includes: 
3 – videos with additional examples and clearings (8+ hrs long)
1- 69 page pdf printout with examples and detailed concepts

$52.00 $69.00


As an aware being, how do you create a GREAT life?

A life that feels good to you in all areas!

As an aware being you have the ability to make small mental adjustments that have an exponential effect on ALL areas of your life.

What things should you ignore?  What things should you focus on?

What creates the most here?

In this program I give you all the core things I’ve done that have felt key to me having a MAGICAL LIFE!

Here is what I’ve found has worked for me:

KEY #1 – Choose Excitement
Commit to Following YOUR Excitement, Play and Fun

KEY #2 – Body is Your Best Friend
Commit to Developing a Communion with your Body

KEY #3 – Let Go of What Doesn’t Feel Good
Commit to Releasing all Attachments, Agreements, Allegiances and Binds

KEY #4 – Upgrade Your Body’s Health
Commit to Getting & Keeping Body Functioning Optimally

Commit to Use Everything to Your Local Advantage

KEY #6 – Function from Awareness
Commit to your Authentic Awareness & Releasing Implanted Mind

KEY #7 – Question EVERYTHING
Commit to Mastering ASK & Always Receive!

KEY #8 – Get Clear & Stay Clear
Commit to Staying Conscious 24/7

KEY #9 – Go BIG
Commit to Creating something Exciting that’s Bigger than You

KEY #10 – Commit to Your YOURSELF
Commit to an “I’LL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES” Attitude

KEY #11 – This Reality is Deeply Altered
Commit to Fearlessly Becoming Aware of ALL Interference in Your Reality

KEY #12– You Can Change Anything (at any time)
Commit to Live Life in 10-Second Increments

KEY #13– Everything is True from some Perspective
Commit to Finding & Eliminating ALL fixed Points-of-View

KEY #14 – Nothing is Important
Commit to NOT making Anything Significant or Important!

KEY #15 – Stories Trap Lies
Commit to releasing ALL Stories & NEVER retelling them again

KEY #16 – Find YOUR Truth & OWN it
Commit to being AUTHENTICALLY YOU all the way through

KEY #17 – Exit All Limitation
Commit to Changing ALL Situations that Limit You

KEY #18 – Do YOU
The only “RIGHT” way is YOUR way

In this program I’ll explain all these concepts in detail and give examples so you can see the impact these adjustments make in your reality.


     – 3 Videos, almost 9 hours long
     – pdf with all the details and examples (so you can quickly apply these to your life)


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