Making sense of Walk-in’s: 1-When did you come here?

  • How walk-in’s occur
  • How to find when YOU actually arrived here
  • The different kinds of walk-in’s that are common
  • Tricks to releasing your old past

This program includes: 

– 1 video with Jaden (2hrs in duration)
– 2 BONUS videos with Jaden (over 3hrs in duration)
– session notes (in PDF format)




Making sense of Walk-in’s:
1- When did you come here?

The entire walk-in paradigm is hard to wrap your head around and make sense of.  This program is designed to guide you to begin to comprehend how the experience occurs and find out more about when YOU actually arrived on this planet.

You probably came here more recently than you imagine, which has some mind-blowing implications!

What if your parents, family, old friends, old jobs… are NOT yours?!

What do you do with this?   How do you know for sure?


In this video, Jaden will guide you to finding YOUR truth about when you the most recent occupant arrived in this body.

How can you tell what was you?    And what were other previous occupants?


How to use this information to release the past rather than to attempt to process it.

Find YOUR truth!

Duration: 2:18:30

This program will explore:

  • A look at how walk-in’s commonly occur
  • How the transition occurs over time
  • The different kinds of walk-ins that are common
  • How to find when YOU actually arrived here
  • Tricks to releasing your old past   


The key thing to recognize that none of the stuff that occurred prior to your walk-in experience, was actually YOU!

So none of that old reality belongs to you.
None of those choices were yours, so you don’t need to “work through it” you can just let it go!

So anything from your body’s past that you don’t find benefit in, you can simply detach from and it’s not yours to process or deal with.   You literally can WALK AWAY from the trash of your body’s past!   

Interference worked hard to create those old manipulations, so interference works hard to get you to volunteer to still claim that old past as yours, so they still can manipulate you over that old past. 

In this program, I’ll show you how easy it is to just choose to walk away from the past!


This program also includes a pdf download with a diagram that Jaden uses to visually show the variations that can occur during walk-ins.

Two introductory videos to check if there are other occupants trapped in your body with you:

-What is a Walk-in??
-14 Symptoms of being a “Walk-in” How many do YOU have?
-Discovering YOUR truth… Are you a walk-in?
-Walk-in Complications/Tangles -Discovering YOUR truth… Something tangled?
-How to detangle Complications?

The audience asks Jaden questions about walk-ins,
shove-ins, slam-ins, and how to get OUT of these tangles.

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