Out of Business (with Exploiters) Process

This reality uses “business” to disguise and engage all kinds of interference and corruption. What if your Body has a connection to “Business” that allows exploiters to enter your space?

This product contains

– 2 videos (over 3 hours long) 
– 1 pdf print-out with the process in detail

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This reality seems to use “business” to disguise all kinds of interference.  As if, because at some time you opened to a business paradigm, interference treats you as if you are a business that they can gain resources from and dump unwanted energies in as if it’s a valid exchange.


How much do you have exploiters acting as “customers” that feel they have access to you and could come inside your body as if you were some business they had 24-hour access to?


What are all the businesses you are in, without your knowing, that function to your local disadvantage?


What are all the ways that unknown “customers” come to your body or being to conduct “business” that is not to your advantage?

What are all the “store fronts” or “business entrances” that you have that have been functioning with your awareness or not to your local advantage?


What is it like in 10 years if you leave those businesses open?

What is it like in 10 years if you take them out of business?



How I found this:

I was noticing an annoying tune would keep repeatedly playing in my head.   Like an entry chime you might find at 7-11 when you enter the door (that goes bing-bong) so the storekeeper knows a customer has entered… but mine kept playing one part of jingle bells instead, over and over and over…   


I had the impression of a customer entrance, so I demanded:  “State your Business”  the response came from the energy of a disposable employee who served some shady exploiter who has never been challenged before.     Their responses told me they knew they didn’t belong.


I recognized that these were like back doors in my body, reality or mind where exploiters where gaining entrance to “do business”… to mess with me.


Once I recognized it, any time I heard “jingle bells” or any other repeated tune in my head, I would run this process and a minute later everything was quiet again!

It’s actually made my life a LOT more internally quiet. 
Less inner noise and random stuff rattling through my brain. 

Now, once a week or so I run this just for maintenance and it’s become a favorite tool for me!


This product contains two videos:

BYB- OUT of Business process – Intro  [Length- 2:20:26]

Out Of Business – Clearing Business overlays [Length- 1:05:36]

And a two page PDF that you can print out that details the process, step by step…



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