Releasing The Need To Be Right

Releasing The Need To Be Right


(Potency Series audio + PDF’s)


Have you struggled with clearing a sense of needing to be right?

Are you ready to release the paradigm?


In this program, Jaden reveals some key viewpoints and tools for understanding and dismantling the righteousness paradigm from your reality. A look behind the scenes of this reality to see where this pattern comes from.

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• Understanding the need to convice others or be right


(Why we look to others to see what is “right”)


• Introduction to the control systems of this reality


• Understanding how “truth” locks you in limitation


• Advanced tools for clearing righteous viewpoints with ease



Here is what you’ll receive:

MP3 Recording of the full program (1hr 38min)

PDF document with the written clearings

PDF document with Jaden’s blog on the topic

Here is what people are saying about this program:

“I have had a few things that I just havent been able to clear. I knew there was something inside of me that almost made me be a superior bitch— thank you for knocking that shit loose! The way you facilitate your stuff is seriously nothing short of amazing!”

Jamie Bates, MI

“Now THAT was a game changer Mr Fox!!!! I clearly see for the first time the reality beyond this reality that I always knew but have been compressing and dumbing myself down to- in order to fit into this one!”

Sheelagh Wright, CA

“I haven’t yet grasped all the change that occurred during and after yesterday’s call- but I felt something disappear from my world and today I feel like a totally different person. This is one of the biggest changes yet. Your facilitation was just amazing… and truly fun 😀 “

Nura Abukhalil

“Received great wiggle room with the metaphor of POVs looking at a stapler, and with the notion of what “anchors” us into this reality! Less judgement around an anchor, than “look at the next limitation I’m entangled with”. Nice shift for me.

Alix Seldon, NM

“All I have to say is HOLY BLEEP Jaden! After that session I couldn’t even have the tv or stereo on. I just had to sit with my new spacious head quietly which was very foreign but very nice new- nothing. Cool!”

Sheri Webb, CA


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