Take Back YOUR Body! – Clearing what locks you down

How much do YOU “own” your body?
How much does something else “own” your body?

This program shows you how to CLEAR a group of manipulations on this planet that cause YOUR Body to actually be OWNED by others… LEGALLY!!

How to stand in the energy of OWNING YOUR OWN BODY again!

This program includes: 
– 6+ clearing videos with Jaden
– suggested resource videos
– print outs (in PDF format)
– clearing mp3

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Do you have control over your own body?
or does something else control it?

If you are at the advanced stages of becoming conscious and aware, you may find that the matrix starts to actively assert itself into your reality… and things can get, strange and uncomfortable.

Interference has all kinds of tricks that it uses to manipulate people and distance them from their body…

How do you know if you have been separated from your body?
Some symptoms are:

-feeling like you are outside, above or behind your body
-weird body issue that won’t change, life feels contracted, hopeless
-a sense of being bi-polar, random emotions, or voices in your head that won’t clear
-unable to read or get accurate information from your body (heavier/lighter is not working)
-creating is challenging or impossible (ex: create income no longer works)

-basic life functioning becomes difficult
-everything seems off, the world doesn’t operate as it should
-life seem to be operating against you
-alien or controlling voices or energies seem to be dominating you and your reality
-time seems to work differently or feel off

After working with hundreds of clients, I’ve found many of the key patterns that are used to mess with people.

This series is to clear the most common elements used to keep people disconnected from their body and dis-empowered.

The goal is to clear the biggest elements AND to raise your awareness about the ways the matrix commonly messes with people, so you can end it in your reality.

The most complete way to clear and re-connect to your body is to take the OUT-CREATING the Matrix course which is offered usually once a year.  This video series is for people who can’t wait for that course and want to start clearing NOW!

This program contains:

Clearing what locks you down 1:
Night Jobs, Copies & Clones

This is a hard core program especially for people who feel they are “taken over”

There are manipulations in this reality that allow us to be taken over and controlled more easily… In this call, Jaden walks the group through clearing: Night Jobs & Copies/Clones

Truth, How many NIGHT JOBS are you involved in? (agreements to serve alien agendas while body sleeps)

Truth, How many COPIES or CLONES of your Body exist? (common symptom is your Body functioning out of your local control)


Clearing what locks you down 2:
Clearing Chakra implants, Redundant Body templates &, Seriousness using play & fun

Jaden clears BIG things that mess with you and what allows your body to be messed with…

1. Removing Overlaid Control Systems

Chakra System – an implanted system used to re-direct energy flows OUT of your body Clearing all Chakra Implants, Reiki implants and other systems used to control your body

2. Redundant Body Templates

Like BODY Blueprints…but they were not designed for YOUR local body… We get tricked into taking them in and they become a diversion/trap that often confounds and seriously messes with the body

3. Clearing Seriousness with the Power of FUN & PLAY

if you feel STUCK in something you can’t clear that creates struggle a fun trick to shift the energy- get silly!

This is a program especially designed for people who feel they are “taken over” and have difficulty creating or have strange body issues.

Exiting Synthetic Realities! (2020)

POWERFUL CALL! Jaden starts the group by doing a big clear on being trapped in non-free will realities & synthetic realities.


=> How much are you in an authentic biotic reality? how much a synthetic reality?
=> How much are you in a 100% free-will reality? 100% 75%? 50%? 25%? 15%?

How much are you in a fracture? How much something else?

What is everything that holds, binds or traps Body or Being in a non-free will reality?

What are all the points of view that hold, bind or trap Body or Being in a non-free will reality?

What are all the agreements that hold, bind or trap Body or Being in a non-free will reality?

-do back to Me, start with the green section- synthetic realities

Clearing Legal System Manipulations (2016)


A wild look behind the legal manipulations that have occurred in most countries that cause your body to be the “property” of corporate entities.   A great deal of clearing around what binds you to this paradigm.

Includes: 1 video, 1 mp3, cards you can print, 5 other handouts with background information and resources. 


BONUS:  Down the Rabbit hole

A deep dive into how the legal system REALLY works!
With Dr. Deborah Jones


Clearing Corporate Manipulations (2016)

In recent years a new paradigm has emerged to override governments and legal systems… Corporate Entities.  Corporations have become the new game for working around existing systems and creating even more elaborate control systems.   A look at how corporations have taken over the planet and YOUR BODY!


Includes: 1 video, 1 mp3, 3 other handouts with background information and resources. 

Clearing god Manipulations (2016)


Even if you have never been religious… there are gods who stand in the point of view that they OWN YOU and your Body.  A new look at a high level(False Light) paradigm that is behind many of the manipulations in this reality.

Includes: 1 video, 1 mp3, 2 other handouts with background information and resources, and Jaden’s “god clearing” loop on mp3’s!




This is the START of your journey towards: 


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