Take Back YOUR Body!

How much do YOU “own” your body?
How much does something else “own” your body?

This program shows you how to CLEAR a group of manipulations on this planet that cause YOUR Body to actually be OWNED by others… LEGALLY!!

And how to stand in the energy of OWNING YOUR OWN BODY again!

This program includes: 
– 3 clearing videos with Jaden
– suggested resource videos
– print outs (in PDF format)
– clearing mp3

$97.00 $147.00

Does it sometimes feel like YOU don’t have control over your own body?

The question is what DOES have control?  and How can you GET IT BACK!

• • •

There are many illusions and distortions in our reality that cause things to not be what they appear to be.

I want to show you what those are… and how to get OUT of them!

Program 1:

Legal System Manipulations


A wild look behind the legal manipulations that have occurred in most countries that cause your body to be the “property” of corporate entities.   A great deal of clearing around what binds you to this paradigm.

Includes: 1 video, 1 mp3, cards you can print, 5 other handouts with background information and resources. 


BONUS:  Down the Rabbit hole

A deep dive into how the legal system REALLY works!
With Dr. Deborah Jones


Program 2:

Corporate Manipulations

In recent years a new paradigm has emerged to override governments and legal systems… Corporate Entities.  Corporations have become the new game for working around existing systems and creating even more elaborate control systems.   A look at how corporations have taken over the planet and YOUR BODY!


Includes: 1 video, 1 mp3, 3 other handouts with background information and resources. 

Program 3:

god Manipulations

Even if you have never been religious… there are gods who stand in the point of view that they OWN YOU and your Body.  A new look at a high level(False Light) paradigm that is behind many of the manipulations in this reality.

Includes: 1 video, 1 mp3, 2 other handouts with background information and resources, and Jaden’s “god clearing” loop on mp3’s!




This is the START of your journey towards: 


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