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This Will Change NOW! Process [Advanced]

Advanced- This tool is used to comprehend, untangle or change ANYTHING that won’t change by normal means.  It includes a list of the strangest things I’ve found that bind or trap aware humans.

This product contains:

– 1 instructional video 
– 1 pdf print-out with the process in detail (most recent update)



This is the tool I use when nothing else will work.

It’s an advanced tool that uses “Intense Receiving” to download the awarenesses and solutions to seemingly impossible issues.

This document contains a list of the most obscure issues that I know of all in one document.

You skim the list on the left side and intuitively sense which items are involved, then you plug those items into the questions on the right and download the information about those items.


This can handle both the known and unknown items that are active or involved in your issue.


This product contains:

– the most up-to-date pdf download you can print   and

– an instructional video  [24:15]

that guides you in how to do this process.



Note: This is an ADVANCED process… it assumes you already know how to:

– Identify what is true for you (Heavier/Lighter, intuition, or Kinesiology)
– Ask & Recieve downloads
– Do basic clearings



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