Untangling Heavier-Lighter with Body!

Learn how to ALWAYS know your heavier-lighter indicator and get it back in case interference gets involved!

The core concepts to engage and tools to clear the channels so things work again.

This is an advanced program for those who already know how to use heavier-lighter and looking to go deeper.

This program includes: 
– 10 resource videos
– several print outs (in PDF format)

$47.00 $57.00


Untangling Heavier-Lighter with Body!

We’ve all experienced having our heavier-lighter indicator messed with.

How do you clear it?  How do you get back your clarity and things working again?

This is Jaden’s list of tips, tricks and tools for getting your heavier-lighter sense to keep working and kick out interference at the same time!

This also includes what to do for hardcore cases of interference and manipulation in your reality. This program includes a video & audio download, as well as a PDF printout with all the core concepts and tools for getting clear and staying clear!


Also with: 4 powerful tools for ALWAYS knowing your heavier & Lighter indicators in your Body!

This program comes with a Video:

   Untangling Heavier-Lighter with Body!

   This program is a 1-hour long video with accompanying PDF guide. 

  A four-page PDF download with the concepts and tools all explained in detail.

Do you ever notice your sense of heavier/lighter gets blurry or messed with?

You’re NOT alone, it’s something most people face, but how do you change it?

This program will show you how to get it back!

This program also includes the 2017   “Back to Me” process videos & handout  (free!)
To allow you to clear yourself of interference and quiet your mind.

This includes 9 videos explaining the individual clearing tools

It also includes cards you can printout so you can learn the advanced clearings!

You get everything you need to get back your communications with your Body and solve real and hard-core issues that may come up.

video 2:

Max & Jaden on Light and Heavy

Max Riggs and I brainstorm and share our wisdom about using heavier-lighter
Length 1hr 21min


This is an advanced program in how to keep your heavier/lighter functioning consistently over time.

This program does NOT teach the heavier/lighter method.  It assumes you already know how to use your Heavier-Lighter indicators.


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