Walkins- Pruning Sucker Time-streams [advanced]

Advanced: How sucker walk-in time-streams drain energy and allow interference. How they were created, finding the ones that are growing and Pruning them off!  Clearing what prevents your awareness around these and other walk-in manipulations. 

This program includes: 
– 1 video with Jaden about 2hrs in duration
– session notes (in PDF format)



Walkins- Pruning Sucker Time-streams [advanced]

With every “Exchange” type Walk-in a new Infinite Being comes into the body and the time-stream is re-focused.  This can allow a space for interference to attempt to continue an old time-stream and have you fund it with energy.

Much like the paradigm of a “sucker” growth on a tree, it causes another time-stream to grow that is funded at the detriment of the main tree (main time-stream) – being YOU! 

It also allows for a back-channel for interference to extract energy from you and insert corrupted identity information. 

You can tell this is an issue if you are constantly having issues with your identity (who am I?) 


In this program, we’ll:
        •  Clear what prevents your awareness around these & other manipulations
        •  How sucker time-streams were created
        •  How they drain energy from you & allow interference to be inserted
        •  How to find what sucker time-streams you have growing
        •  How to prune them off!

Here is an overview of this program:

Walkins- Pruning Sucker Time-streams [2:02:04]

I discovered that it’s possible for interference to have a previous occupant’s old time-stream continue on, funded by you.

By finding and clearing these old time-streams you can remove an energy drain and a source of internal interference! 🙂

This seems to be the source of body “referencing distant identities”… those distant identities are being forced through those old active walk-out time-streams and up into your main time-stream.

What is everything that interference is trying to prevent you from knowing? -receive!

How can you become aware of what they are trying to hide and change things to your local advantage, now!? -receive!

How many previous occupants’ time-streams did not die, but instead have carried on?

How many previous occupants have continued old time-streams and are extracting energy from your body & timestream?

How can you eliminate & eradicate all these “sucker” timestreams and kill off the previous occupants still drawing from you? -receive

        •  What % are Sucker time-streams used to insert interference?____%
        •  What % are Sucker time-streams used to extract energy? _____%
        •  What % are Sucker time-streams used to alter your reality? _____%

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