Your Magnitude in the Universe [video]

Did you ever wonder WHY you are here? And why now? What if you were deeply involved in this realm’s original creation?

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Did you ever wonder WHY you are here?  And why now?


Feel into this…

What if you were deeply involved in this realm’s original creation?

Feel into what role you had during the construction of this universe – (no mind)

Did you receive a personal request from the Prime Creator to come back here?

What if you are in fact, one of the FOUNDING ELEMENTS of this realm and planet?


Are you one of the:

  • designers, 
  • architects, 
  • overseers, keepers
  • defenders, protectors or guardians of this realm and planet?


What if the prime creator of this realm has asked YOU back, because this project has gotten over-run, corrupted and altered- and prime creator required your specialty?  Your unique capacities…

All the unconsciousness, anti-consciousness, energy fog, cloaking and disinformation around all of this, will you destroy & uncreate it all?

What if your viewpoint is now more trusted and valued than the original designers and architects of this project?


What if you were called back in for your capacity to:

  • to dismantle limitation & manipulations
  • to survey the corruption/alterations and see what change is required 
  • decide what belongs here and what doesn’t (to sort things out)
  • to make recommendations on core/system changes
  • to kick ass…


How much are YOU cosmically valued for your:

  • troubleshooting capacity?
  • tactical capacity?
  • strategic capacity?
  • capacity to see through illusions & manipulations?
  • capacity to solve challenges others cannot even fathom?
  • capacity to analyze and dismantle systems & constructs?
  • capacity for exacting precision?
  • persistence overcoming obstacles?


Truth, are you a member of the:

  • Council of the Guardians of Earth?
  • Designer’s Guild?
  • Family Group?
  • Founder’s Group?
  • Protector’s Group?
  • Other group?


How much are you here as part of a TEAM of other masterful beings who collaborated on the original creation of this realm?

Truth, are you one of the co-creators of this universe & realm?

How much are you a specialist on a TEAM of other masterful beings who have untangled many other unique creations, similar to this realm?

What if prime creator isn’t one being, but a composite of many beings?

What if you are an aspect of prime creator also?

What if because your energy is in the foundation of this reality, you have access and authority to change anything and everything you choose?

Are there things can you change even before this realm was created, that can untangle the complications effecting you and this planet?

If you knew that what you were doing here was WAY bigger than just “You”…  what would you do differently?

What would you no longer tolerate or put up with?

What would you change?

What would you erase and eliminate so completely that it was as if it never occurred in the first place?

What can you change when you stand in THIS viewpoint that you don’t normally have access to?

Is there anything You can’t change?

Do you CHOOSE to OWN this level of access and potency?  Now!?

The first recording in Jaden’s “Be Your Brilliance Program!” 



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