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I work with advanced consciousness seekers who are working to eliminate what’s blocking them and become continually more aware.   Yet they feel they their life is being manipulated or blocked by forces they can’t understand or seem to change.

My work accelerates awareness and provides solutions and tools to go beyond the natural and synthetic limitations at work in this reality.


I’m here to inspire you to:

-Understanding what is truly going on (getting out of the mind-fuck)

-Become BIGGER than what is blocking you (finding your gifts & potency)

-Step out of victim and into being a Creator (getting stronger)

-Re-connecting You to your Body (restoring your relationship with Body)

-Invite you to see your true magnitude as an Infinite Being (discover you rock!)

-Get you coherent tools that work repeatedly (be way more effective)

-Take back Your universe and Body (kick out what has taken over)

-Connect you to a potent & aware community (so you are NOT doing this alone!)



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OUT-Creating the Matrix

This program empowers you to break through the illusions of this reality and begin to SEE the manipulations that are all around us.  Once you SEE it, life here starts to make more sense…
FREE on youtube:  OUT-Creating the Matrix

If you want the processes and supporting materials that go with this program, you can purchase them in my shop.

releasing tangled agreements--RTA-banner600

Learn new tools for clearing energies that feel HOPELESS or IMPOSSIBLE to change.   I’ll show you exactly how to clear these!  This is an older program, but still a potent part of the core clearings.
FREE on youtube:
….Releasing Tangled Agreements

The supporting materials can be purchased in my shop.

Ask & Always Receive

One of the core skills REQUIRED for awareness is the ability to ask the universe for information and know how to receive it consistently.  I’ll show you the tricks required to always be able to do this, even when your life is manipulated…
FREE on youtube:
….How to ASK and always RECEIVE!


If you find that you DESIRE to go deeper…




Become a part of our live group:

Be YOUR Brilliance - Membership

This is a weekly program for for advanced explorers who want to be a part of a supportive community that engages cutting edge topics, master the tools of clearing and creating as well as staying engaged in the energy of powerful change.

Be YOUR Brilliance – Membership Program

Or go deeper by taking the most recent program:

Playing with Time- Master Class

This is a high level (pre-recorded) class for those who are looking to break out of the limitations of time and move into more of their MAGIC. Powerful class! Dismantling aging & speeding up or slowing down time to your benefit, deleting constructs of premature death, altering your time-streams, collapsing unwanted timelines, engaging more of your power through PLAY!

Free Intro Class video           14 video Master Class