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CLEARING- Entities, Ghosts & Earthbound Spirits – Ultimate clearing resource

The ultimate Entity & Ghost clearing resource! (intro price)
Most aware beings start by perceiving ghosts.  Learning what they really are and how to clear them from your house, body and pets becomes important in keeping your life feeling comfortable. This book and companion videos guide you to easily clear them all!

This program includes: 
– 4 guided videos (over 2 hours total length)
– a PDF e-book that is 42+ pages

$18.00 $47.00


This ebook and videos are the ultimate clearing guide
for Entities, ghosts & earthbound spirits.

From the simple case of entities hanging around you, to the complex cases of having them inside your body or pet. 
This guide and companion videos cover it all!

[see the other guides in this series for clearing demons, Exploiters (aliens/gods/archons), tricksters and corruptors]

What are Entities?

While the word entity can be used to describe a wide range of beings, I use it to specifically refer to the ghosts or spirits of dead humans or animals.

There has been a great deal of interference and manipulation of humans and their belief systems over the millennia.  Many societies and religions have removed accurate information about what happens after a person dies and replaced it with lies (like heaven) and fear-based schemes (like threats of going to hell) to create control and compliance on this planet.   

There has also been deliberate programming to get humans to fear entities/ghosts!
Think of any time you see the topic of a ghost on a movie or TV, they are ALWAYS playing scary music to reinforce the notion that you SHOULD be afraid of them.   But it’s a lie.


As a result, many unaware humans no longer know what happens or what to do at the time of death. Causing some spirits to not “cross over” into the next plane of existence and instead wander around the physical realms in confusion.

I find entities, in general, are quite harmless.

They are more of an annoyance than anything else.

“You have far more real things to fear from living humans than the dead ones!”


What do entities feel like?

Entities feel like a thinned down version of a human with varying degrees of emotional turmoil, confusion and varying degrees of unconscious zombie-like energy.

When a human dies, their spirit (essence) often sticks around for a while.  Typically they feel like a snapshot of the energy they were in around the time of their death.  Typically some mix of fear, confusion, struggle, suffering and loneliness added in, depending on how they died.

Because most entities are not equipped to understand what has happened to them, they can spend a LONG period of time not even realizing that they are dead! 


Aware people & kids CAN perceive (feel/see/hear) ghosts!

“Seeing” ghosts is often second nature to young kids because they have not yet been conditioned that they should NOT see them.  Culturally most of us are TAUGHT that ghosts are invisible… so we align with that as we get older.

But as people become aware, they typically go through the experience of re-awakening to being able to perceive ghosts or entities.   It’s often one of the first and easiest things to perceive.


This ebook guides you OUT of fear and into taking control of your reality!

Taking the fear OUT of this topic:  So many programs seem to promote fear around entities when there is absolutely NOTHING to fear about entities.   The fear is mostly conditioning and I show you how to let that go.


Plain Language, straight talk: 
It’s written simply and clearly in a way that’s most effective. 

No BS and lots of examples to help you to make sense of things.



True Stories: 
With many personal stories that give you a first-hand sense of what it’s like to successfully deal with entities. 

Including some of my more fun and unusual experiences.



4 Guided Videos: 
This program comes with 4 guided videos that walk you through the process of clearing entities from the simple cases to complex cases.

1- How to Clear Entities from Your Space   Length: 40:51

2- Clearing Entities from Animals  Length: 16:33

3- What to do when Entities Don’t Clear   Length: 18:55

4- The WEIRD Stuff, Portals and Entities inside the Body  Length: 49:30



Step-by-step directions: 
All the clearings and processes are also written in detail, step by step, in the ebook for easy reference.

Easy to find, use and print.



Here is exactly what’s included in the ebook:


Table of Contents:  (v2.6)

Frequency Spectrum Theory   5
About the Videos & ebook   6
What are ENTITIES?    7
             Myth #1 – Entities/ghost are invisible 

             Myth #2 – You should fear ghosts/entities 
             Myth #3 – That dead people/ghosts somehow know more than we do 
             What Entities actually FEEL like
             Where do ghosts/entities hang out? 

Clearing Entities – “Crossing them over”   13
             Entity Clearing (Cross-over) 

             Entity Clearing (Cross-over) – What for animal spirits 
             Creatures  16
             Creature Clearing 

             Entity Clearing (Cross-over) – Rank for military clones 

When the Entities Don’t Clear   19
             1. They actually DO clear, but Tricksters tell you otherwise 

             2. They don’t clear- if not an earthbound spirit 
             3. They don’t clear- if you have Agreements 
                     Clearing agreements – you agreed & they agreed + Benefit/Values
                     Clearing agreements – part 1 – you agreed & they agreed 
                     Clearing agreements – part 2 + benefit/values

The Weird Stuff! 

Entities INSIDE your Body   27
             SYMPTOMS of ENTITIES inside Your Body 
             Getting entities OUT of your Body 
             Entity Clearing (Cross-over) – Who & Job 

             A. If your neurochemistry is out of balance   29
             B. Being or Body has viewpoints, agreements or interference 

The Zombies are coming 🙂  32
Enter the Clone/Replicant Entities 
Multi-dimensional entities  33

             PORTAL CLOSING 
             Closing Guarded Portals 

Entity portals  37
             Getting portals OUT of your Body 
             Closing Guarded Portals 
             Releasing the body portal paradigm 

Becoming More Aware  40
             Asking Questions 
             The Question Mastery Process 
             Becoming More Aware of Entities

Where to go from here???  42




What You Get: 
After payment, you get instant access to:  4 guided videos (over 2 hours total length) and a PDF e-book that is 42+ pages long. 

It contains all the clearings and resources you need to be successful clearing entities/ghosts from around your house or any space, from inside pets, or from inside your body (rare, but possible).

The pages with clearings are marked for easy printing so you can have them anywhere.

This program covers all types of extreme and unusual cases and how to handle them.  Including the actions you can take to reduce your susceptibility to having entities in your body or space.




About the author: 

Ironically, Jaden Fox began is path of Awareness in the late 90’s seeking to hear and communicate with ghosts, spirits and aliens.  He soon discovered interacting with non-physical beings is not what it appears to be.

Today he is known worldwide for being able to cross-over, clear or banish practically any kind of meddling spirit or interference that one can encounter.

For over a decade he’s worked with teams of awareness explorers and researchers to map out the energetic causes and solutions for the intense issues that spiritual and awareness seekers face on this planet.

Today he teaches other facilitators, healers, and awareness seekers how to exit the illusions of this reality and how to Create a Life Beyond Interference.™ 

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