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Getting BACK TO YOU daily!
Staying Present & Powerful

These are all tools that I use to keep myself in a “clear” or good feeling space in an ongoing basis – all in one place. In a format that allows you to easily diagnose what is REALLY going on!

I use this as a daily use tool for STAYING in a feeling good space!

.So rather than waiting for my life to suck before I clear I actually start the day using this tool to get Back to the GOOD FEELING ME!

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REVISED for 2023

I had found in working with hundreds of clients over thousands of hours that there are repeated patterns to what causes people to lose track of themselves and become not themselves… and so their life started to feel yucky.

These are the 8 most common patterns:

1. People shrink or contract into less than themselves (so lose themselves) Contracted or Small?
2. People have external energies in their field or as their primary focus Have entities/aliens…?
3. People get stuck in other people’s universes, focuses or points-of-view In other’s universe?
4. People get frequency matched into synthetic realities/simulations Synthetic realities?
5. Body has picked up alternate identities
Identities not yours?
6. People get tranced into synthetic mind activity Implanted Mind?
7. People feel information in their bodies, rather than be aware of it outside Feeling Information?
8. People are not present or in alignment (rotated) in their body Not present/aligned in body?
9. People are caught in a fractured part of their story or altered personality In a fracture or alter?

So we created or found clearings to resolve these issues so people can feel more of their expanded and brilliant self again!

They are clearings to help you to get 
Back to the authentic YOU!

This program gives you all the clearings (& variations over the last 4+ years)


Videos that walk you through exactly how to use all the tools in detail!

Here is what you get:


Intro: Getting Clear & Staying Clear
How to have
a happier and more on-target life by Out-Creating interference and
STAYING CLEAR (staying YOU) every day!

How to use the process intuitively
How to ask your body what’s up, using the intuitive color bar at the top.


2- Expand & Clear (style A)

— I’ll walk you through a profound process for
expanding your awareness and clearing space 


3- Expanding (style B)

— I’ll guide you through a daily process for living an expanded life (connected to your infinite being)

4- Entity/Portal Clearing & Explanation

— I’ll walk you through a process for clearing
entities & portals and explain how you might
perceive them and how the clearings works.

5- Exploiter Clearing & Explanation

— I’ll give you a powerful clearing that handles getting rid of ALL agents of interference  (entities, demonics, creatures, aliens, gods, arcons…) that show up in your reality… with complete explanations of how the clearing works!

6- Clearing other’s Universes you’re in

  — If you find it easy to pick up on other people’s
     energy and take it on… this tool is FOR YOU!
— I guide you through clearings that detach you from other people’s realities and viewpoints you’ve picked up along the way
— Show you clearings that clear external frequencies you are inadvertently being instead of you.

7- Clearing Synthetic Universes

   — This reality baits you to go into synthetic universes where you are disempowered and feel like you have no free will and no capacity to create.

      How to spot them and GET OUT of them!

8- Identities

— Your Body can pick up alternate identities
that cause your body to feel funky and prevents you from being authentic. This is how you find and clear them!

9- Quieting the Mind

— What if the thoughts in your head don’t actually
belong to you?…  I’ll show you how to quiet the mind from the implanted chatter in your head.

10- Get you out of pain/ stuck sensations

— Some body sensations and pain are purely
energetic issues you can easily clear simply by asking a specific question.  I’ll show you how to eliminate a high percentage of your unwanted pains & sensations!

11- Being Being Present & Aligned in your physical Body

— Your Body and Being can actually be
mis-aligned with your physical body causing all kinds of weird issues. This section uses a question, clearing and demanding to get things aligned again!

12 – Resolving Fractures – Introduction only

— These are old non-linear constructs that were constructed throughout the course of your life. They are like separate old identities from your past.  What used to take weeks or months to clear, we can now clear in under 20 minutes!   I’ll start to give you the background to resolving these kinds of issues…

NOTE: This product points to and introduces to the “Resolving Fractures & Alters Process” but does NOT actually include it.  This process is actually quite powerful and requires a separate booklet, videos and audios to facilitate.  

This product also includes the 2017 version of the clearings.   

So an additional 9 videos are included in this package!

I suggest that you use the “BACK TO ME” process at least once a day, at the start of your day… and then any time during the day when you first start to feel funky.

This allows you to spend your ENTIRE day feeling GOOD and functioning at your peak!

I’ve found that “Getting Back to Me” is the secret
to feeling good and keeping my life on target!

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  1. Martin (verified owner)

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful work: during the Holidays, I bought your “Back To Me” tool and it made a huge difference in my life! In fact, the day after I started doing the Back To Me process, my boyfriend told me he could see a change in my energy. I feel that my mind is way more clearer, I feel calm and relaxed and I am not stuck with emotions or bad energies as I was before. I am a teacher in a high school and when I came back to work after Christmas vacations, I was almost the only one feeling soooo good – like if I had a 2 month summer vacations! 😊