CORE Tool: “Back To Me” Process

Getting BACK TO YOU daily!
Staying Present & Powerful

These are all tools that I use to keep myself in a “clear” or good feeling space in an ongoing basis – all in one place. In a format that allows you to easily diagnose what is REALLY going on!


I use this as a daily use tool for STAYING in a feeling good space!


So rather than waiting for my life to suck before I clear I actually start the day using this tool to get Back to the GOOD FEELING ME!

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I had found in working with hundreds of clients over thousands of hours that there are repeated patterns to what causes people to lose track of themselves and become not themselves… and so their life started to feel yucky.

These are the 8 most common patterns:

1. People shrink or contract into less than themselves (so lose themselves)

Contracted or Small?

2. People have external energies in their field or as their primary focus

Have entities/aliens…?

3. People get stuck in other people’s universes, focuses or points-of-view

In other’s universe?
4. People get frequency matched into synthetic realities/simulations Synthetic realities?
5. People get tranced into synthetic mind activity Implanted Mind?
6. People feel information in their bodies, rather than be aware of it outside Feeling Information?
7. People are not present or in alignment (rotated) in their body Not present/aligned in body?
8. People are caught in a fractured part of their story or altered personality In a fracture or alter?


So we created/found clearings to resolve these issues so people can feel more of their expanded and brilliant self again!

This program gives you all the clearings (& revisions over the last 2 years) 


Videos that walk you through an overview of the process:

Back to Me: Run through example & overview

— I’ll explain the power of the Back to Me process…
— I’ll explain how to use this to have more clarity & lightness
— I’ll show you what a complete run through is like…

Length: 15:54

1- Expanding Body & Being

— I’ll walk you through a process for expanding your awareness and space 

Length: 13:12


2- Entity, portal, demonics, alien & god clearings

— I’ll walk you through a process for clearing entities & portals
— And another process for clearing aliens, demonics, gods and all other non-contributive frequencies

Length: 20:11

3- Clearing Universes or Frequencies
      Your snagged in that are not yours

— I guide you through clearings that detach you from other people’s realities and viewpoints you’ve picked up along the way
— Show you clearings that clear external veiwpoints you are inadvertently being instead of you.

Length: 9:52

4- Clearing Synthetic Universes & Simulations

— We’ll clear synthetic (non-organic) universes and simulations you’ve been frequency matched into.

 Length: 5:08


5- Quieting the Mind

— We’ll quiet the mind from the implanted chatter that is creating noise in your reality

Length: 7:05


6- Get you out of stuck Feelings

— Guide you to refocus on the external source of the awareness so you don’t need to bring the information into your body to feel it (not all things are useful to be felt in the body)

Length: 5:43

7- Get you Being Present, Forward, Centered & Aligned with your physical Body

– Clearings and demands to get you properly aligned so things feel good being in your body again.

Length: 12:23

8 – Feeling more Present & Powerful your Body & Homeplay

— Over all review, expanding refresher &
– Potent questions that bring you to a powerful and clear space in your body!

Length: 22:08

NOTE: This product points to and introduces to the “Resolving Fractures & Alters Process” but does NOT actually give any detail about it.  This process is actually quite expansive and requires a separate booklet, videos and audios to facilitate.  You can find the Resolving Fractures and Alters Process here.



I suggest that you use the “BACK TO ME” process at least once a day, at the start of your day… and then any time during the day when you first start to feel funky.


This allows you to spend your ENTIRE day feeling GOOD and functioning at your peak!

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