Detangling Walk-In Transitions – Full Course

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If you are spiritual/aware and your life is really locked down and confusing, it’s likely an incomplete walk-in transition!  This program will guide you through untangling these complications and getting your life back!

You get:

+ 6 videos that walk you through the process of getting clear from these tangles

+ an ebook that explains the entire walk-in paradigm in simple terms

+ step-by-step clearing process, both written and video guided processing to make sure you get clear

+ direct access to Jaden to get your personal questions answered

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Check out the Walk-in Facilitator’s Program

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This program is an in-depth untangling for spiritual/aware people who have experienced a walk-in transition where something went wrong.   

This program helps you to understand what actually happened in your walk-in process and to untangle any complications that came from having an incomplete walk-in transition or shove-in/slam-in situations. Allowing you to get your life back!


About 65-70% of aware beings have undergone a walk-in transition.

More than half of those who have experienced a walk-in may have unresolved complications.

The complications can lock down your life and prevent you from finding yourself, finding your purpose, and from creating what you desire.


This program will guide you to the step-by-step solutions required to untangle your life from these complexities and get life functioning again!



Having multiple occupants/spirits in the same body is debilitating:


Symptoms of having other occupants in your Body with you:

– Voices in your head (or a committee)*

– Difficulty thinking clearly (brain fog)*

– Not being able to make decisions/choose/create*

– General sense of confusion about your life*

– Not having direction in your life*

– You can’t figure out what is real or true for you*

– Memory is blurry (not sure what is real or imagined)*

    *Also a symptom of having Entities in your body

Feelings of wanting to die or “be done here”

One day eager new life, next day wanting out

– Retelling your life “story” with no emotions

– Feeling trapped in a void/nothingness

– Feeling disconnected from family & friends

– Trying to “figure out” your life and why things were the way they were

– Depression, life is flat*


The dominant indicator of having previous occupants is:

– Feeling good one day, and wanting to die or be gone the next day.
(as the body takes turns giving each occupant time upfront)


About 40% of awareness seekers seem to have one or more occupants or baggage from previous occupants trapped in their body with them causing all kinds of strange issues that are hard to resolve by normal means.



This program guides you to resolve and untangle these issues step-by-step, all while supporting you to make sense of what actually happened and what this all means for your future life.




A smaller group, about 20%, have experienced a deeper form of interference called a “slam-in” or “shove-in.”

During their walk-in transition, an exploiter energy (demon or alien) inserted one of their agents along with a fake occupant.   Causing hidden agents of interference to become inculcated (trapped) into the body.


While these are more rare, they are completely debilitating in many ways that leave the person unable to create or have a normal life.

The main indicators of having had a “slam-in” or “shove-in” are:

– having demons or aliens in your body that don’t seem to clear by any means

– you have controlling energies in your body trying to take over and kick you out

– having to fight to get into your Body and keep getting kicked out of your Body

– you don’t seem to have much control over your life, something else does

I guide you how to make sense of the madness
and to remove these energies from your body, step-by-step!

These energies PRETEND to be powerful and pretend to own your body, but the truth is that YOU REALLY OWN YOUR BODY!      They have found ways to trick you.

This program shows you how to take back control over your body and kick these guys out… not by struggling with them, but by revoking their access to your body, permanently closing that door and having the universe permanently banish them from your body and reality!


I know it seems impossible to change it,
but it’s mostly an illusion to trick you into surrendering to them!

I show you how to take back your body and KICK OUT the demons and aliens trying to control you.



About Jaden:

I’m a walk-in who is the 7th occupant of this Body that had a very tangled and difficult past.  There were multiple trapped occupants and all manner of interference that bound both demons and alien energies into the Body with me.  It made my life a confusing and tangled nightmare that took me over a decade to untangle.

After I untangled my walk-in issues people from all corners of the planet started to seek me out to guide them in resolving their issues as well.  Over time I became the ‘go-to’ person for untangling walk-in complications, despite my desire to do other more complex things.   

Yet, resolving walk-in issues remains a pressing need to this day.  So this program is to train other facilitators in doing this work so I can be free to explore and untangle even more complex issues that face awareness/consciousness seekers.


Having a messed up walk-in experience is one of the most perplexing and complex issues that can totally lock you down and prevent you from being able to create or even stay IN your body!

And unfortunately, this is VERY common in the spiritual community!

If the walk-in process goes well, it’s confusing and sometimes dramatic, but resolves itself cleanly over time.

But increasingly, interference has found ways to sabotage these transitions trapping previous occupants in the body or embedding their own agents in the process.

H i n t  ! !

All the above issues are SO common in aware beings

that I check for this FIRST with ALL new clients.


This one step has dramatically increased my success rate and how quickly I get get a person back to being in charge of their life again.

If you have the symptoms listed above, untangle the walk-in complications FIRST.


Resolving walk-in issues makes everything else you do more powerful and less frustrating.


If you have issues that don’t seem to change no matter what you do… look for walk-in complications.    90%+ of the time this resolves much of the big and confusing stuff!


Walk-ins seem to be at the core of the MOST complex issues
that aware people have!


What’s Included in this program…

This program is designed to give you all the tools, tricks and information you require to be successful with resolving walk-in complications.


Here’s what you get:


–  6 Videos that guide you step-by-step through clearing walk-in complications.


  •  Video 1:

Jaden guides the group through releasing the first Walk-in Occupant




 * Video 2: 

-Learning to see clearly how trick agreements and fake benefits are used to trap and bind human’s into limitation
-How to recognize and release the tricks that bind occupants and exploiters into the body
-Clearing additional occupants and the tricks that bound them
-How to clear/banish demons, devils, incubus, succubus (the fun way 😉
-How to see the truth behind what angels and gods really are


  • Video 3:

-What if the Planet & the Universe can ALSO be holding on to your occupants & baggage?  Going into more subtle stuff especially for aware folks who work with the Planet & Universe.
-What if the Planet & Universe are not as aware as you are? A look at the 3 levels of holding Body/Being, Planet & Universe.
-Clearing Occupants and Baggage held by Planet & Universe
Also a deeper look at what really binds Slam/Shove-in energies into your body and how to release these Exploiters without needing to wrestle with them 🙂
-Clearing Aliens and off world Creatures

 * Video 4:

What would it be like if we could clear ALL occupants & baggage from Body & Being… as well as from Planet & Universe AT THE SAME TIME? That was today’s play! How BIG can we go? I’ve come to understand that in order for many of us to feel fully clear, we will need to coach the Planet & Universe to learn how to clear as well.
How can we facilitate all the versions of the Planet (12) & Universe (7+) to become MORE aware so they release their holdings too!
This program is a thorough introduction and 1 run through of clearing all occupants, baggage and exploiters.

 * Video 5:

-How Clear is clear enough?
-Getting Plugged in
-Turning on the switches -clearing agreements-
-Can occupants return?
-Occupying & Owning YOUR Body
-Get to know YOUR new Body


 * Video 6:

Jaden guides the group through things that are helpful to Get clear and Stay clear!
-Expand & Clear Stay clear: recognizing the symptoms for when Fractures collapse in on you (use the resolving fractures process- see link below)
And learning two advanced ways of clearing agreements:
-Releasing Tangled Agreements (things that feel “hopeless”)
-Releasing Secured Agreements (things that feel “impossible” to clear)


– An ebook with explanations and processes to help you understand what has occurred and how to make sure it’s gone

– Direct access to Jaden to get all your (personal) walk-in questions answered



Do you work with clients? 
or want to go even deeper into this topic?

Check out theWalk-in Facilitator’s programfor even more information and deeper clearing tools!

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  1. Jonas

    I liked the new perspectives and the sense of not being powerless I received from this course. Foremost that it has made my life a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. Really great stuff. Life-changing really, at least for some one like me (and the rest on the course I suppose) who had been so deep in shit that made no sense at all.