No longer “in service to” Egregore Thought-forms (demons, devils, gods, aliens, …)

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Finding the thought-forms that are messing with you and eliminating them for good!  A profound program for anyone wishing to exit limitation and interference in this reality so you can step into the gifts & magic you came here to BE!

This program includes:
– 9+ Videos with Jaden [16+ hours long]
– Extensive written notes and background
– audio downloads for each program



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After a decade of research, we have finally discovered
a way to GET RID OF a majority of interference – long-term!

This is a CORE program I recommend for anyone looking to exit the interference of this reality!

Interference is deeply threaded through the belief systems of this reality.

Have you noticed that the demons, gods, aliens, devils, jinn that harass you feel that they have the right to mess with your life?

In very subtle ways we have been manipulated (by other humans) into accepting this interference as ‘normal’ in our lives.  But most people don’t perceive these energies exist until they start to become aware.

As you become more aware, you can’t help but notice these external forces messing about in your reality.


By becoming radically aware of how it was created and learning to OPT OUT of the ancient agreements that give egregore thought-form interference access to your life.

The trick we’ve found to getting OUT of interference is becoming aware of the true nature of interference (demons, devils, gods, aliens, etc) as Egregore thought-forms, then working with the planet to clear the ancient binding agreements that give those Egregores permission to access your reality and mess with you.

This program is a deep-dive into how interference in this reality was created, how it functions and HOW YOU CAN GET OUT and no longer be manipulated!

Egregores (spirit though-forms)…

There is an old French & Greek concept, Egregore (égrégore) meaning ‘Spirit of a group’ that is relatively unknown in modern culture.

It’s an explanation of how human’s create belief systems. When enough energy and focus is put into a thought-form it actually becomes a subtle living spirit.   And as more and more people add their belief and energy to it, it becomes increasingly more powerful.

When millions of people believe in something over hundreds of years, that thought-form gains so much energy, it takes on a life of its own. It becomes alive and autonomous.

This is how gods, angels, demons, devils, and jinn were invented and brought into life.

And because these thought-forms were programmed with the belief that “all people” should believe in them, those spirits feel that they have the right to manipulate all people to serve them.

There are very subtle tricks and illusions that have lured humans into getting connected to these thought-forms for eons, to the point where you no longer had a choice.

NOW, you can get out from under them!

What this program includes:

First we’ll explore what egregore thought-forms are and the not-so-subtle impacts that these thought forms can have in our lives. Egregores are commonly hidden from our awareness. I will show you who created these, how these are created and why they feel they have the right to mess with humanity.

In the second program we go after clearing the most common (and nasty) thought-forms ever created… by religions.

These are the demons, devils, satans, jinn and other religous creations.

I had originally (naively) thought that because I was never formally involved in any religion, that I was not being impacted by religious thought-forms.

Yet, Christian and New Age (Hindu) spirits were constantly harassing me (and very likely YOU too).

It turns out that even people who are NOT formally a part of any religion also get sucked into being “in-service” to these thought forms simply by having grown up in a religious culture.

So how do we get out?

We choose to stop connecting with these energies and clear all the agreements and viewpoints that trick us into being “in-service” to these thought forms.

I’ve found that these thought-forms are so layered into our lives, that it’s best to clear them in layers too. In the third program we look even deeper for what might be remaining.

I’ll show you how to find ALL the religious thought forms you are connected to, and we’ll systematically clear them across all major and minor religions.

I’ll guide you through clearing the connections you have to the vast majority of gods, goddesses, angels, devils, demons, satans and jinn.  And show you how to find and clear any other unusual connections you might have.

In the next program we look at our connection to the tangly, dark and hidden world of: Alien, Underworld and Corruptor thought-forms that commonly mess with aware folks, and clear them out!

In the following program, we do a second pass to clean up and remaining alien, underworld or corruptor connections and explore the Synthetic Mind paradigm.

As this reality promotes an unnatural and unbalanced use of mind, it also offers thought-forms to ‘help’ people be more mental. These thought forms cause people to get stuck in their head/mind and thinking about things rather than perceiving and accessing the inner wisdom, truth and magic that aware beings already possess.

Once connected to these mind systems, your brain starts to process information for THEM, rather than that mind supporting you. It becomes a TRAP, that we will remove!

In this program we explore and clear out some common thought-forms that many people have on Money-poverty, victimhood, being fat and feeling like you have limited time.

In program 6, we explore a huge list of known egregore identities that people commonly accept…. and clear out some of the biggest ones. I also show you how to find other egregores you have and the process of removing ANY of them you may find.

Periodic Egregore Updates…

This is a quickly evolving field/topic of reasearch. We keep finding new and faster ways to clear these thought-forms. Periodically I will release updated videos just for people who have purchased this product.

Egregore Update 1

Egregore Update 1- Corruptor Egregores (finding & clearing)
A deeper look at the more subtle “Corruptor” Egregores.
How to identify what they feel like.

Egregore Update 2- Finding more egregores, Body inviting egregore? + clearing
A deeper look at the more subtle “Corruptor” Egregores.
-How to find egregores messing with you.
-Is Body LOOKING FOR Egregores? (yes) 🙁
-Fake “helper” status
-Refinements in clearing more quickly…
-Egregore Clearing run-though (using new techniques)

I’ll notify you when any additional updates are released so you can accelerate your process even more!

This is the first time we have been able to permanently clear interference and allow for a more quiet mind and calm reality. It generates a HUGE amount of space a peace by eliminating these Egregore thought-forms.

This is a profound core program I recommend for ALL awareness/consciousness seekers looking to exit the interference of this reality!

My goal with this program is to support you to
COMPLETELY CLEAR this interference from your life!!!

This program includes:
– 9+ Videos with Jaden [16+ hours long]
– Extensive written notes and background
– audio downloads for each program

– direct support from Jaden

I provide you with everything need to both understand and master clearing these core aspects of interference!

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  1. AW

    Since working on egregores with Jaden, one of the most profound changes I have noticed has been in my interaction with my kids. Clearing egregores has removed the triggers that usually had us bickering and fighting with each other for no good reason. Previously, car rides to school were full of fights about grades and chores and no one was really sharing anything about their lives. Now, we laugh a lot more and I hear funny stories about what is happening at school and in friend groups. I don’t react in anger and frustration as my immediate response, and I find I don’t nit pick on every little thing they do with critical remarks. I am a kinder Mom to my kids.


  2. Sheen Perkins

    Jaden is a tenacious explorer of the previously unattainable. The egregore discovery and program took my awareness and clearing to an entirely new level. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fearless seeker.

    Sheen Perkins

  3. Gail (USA)

    Your detailed explanations, program materials and accompanying videos/audios was a true gift. It has opened me up in ways that nothing even comes close. My mind is much more quiet. It supported me in expansion and questioning everything. My “tool penthouse” is full. If I feel off in any way, I know what to do, how to shift it and bring me back into my infinite beingness. I am having fun with the woman (me) who continues to emerge and blossom here. There are No More “beat backs”. I have a deeper understanding of human behavior. This is the way out of the matrix.

    Gail (USA)

  4. Olivia (USA) (verified owner)

    This course will open your mind much wider to further understanding, ahha moments, protocol for clearing the mess and yes, probably more questions. I have learned so much and it has served to calm down the feelings of always being driven and not knowing what or why. For a “seeker” this is an incredible resolution to so much that is going on within. If you don’t resonate with it, clear the resistance and look deeper. The reward of peace and quiet is worth it. Its kind of like a present you give yourself — I am much happier with who I am and my view of this reality is vastly improved.

    Olivia (USA)

  5. Sheila (USA) (verified owner)

    Results and outcomes definitely were positive: Using the egregore outline frequently, put an end to the ongoing and returning interference that failed to resolve with less hierarchical clearings. That’s really good stuff and had a positive effect on client outcomes as well. By achieving this clearing throughout the hierarchy, resistant long held/chronic issues became illuminated and could be cleared with previous techniques as well. Enjoyed the work! Thank you.

    Sheila (USA)