Supernatural Sex Magic – Igniting Deep Intimacy with Body, Planet & Partner

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Sex can be a tool of awakening when used consciously. Jaden teaches you how to dramatically improve YOUR life and deepen the intimacy you have with your Body, Partner, and Planet!  Also a deep dive into what an authentic loving relationship SHOULD be like and how to create that in your life!

What you get…

6+  Video programs with Jaden [17+ hours of unique content]
• Supporting videos & resources to inspire & guide your practice
• A huge downloadable library of 60+ ebooks on Sex Magic & Tantra
• Direct email support with Jaden, to get your personal questions answered


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FIND a worthy partner, build a rich & magical sex life,
and support your partner to become more AWARE!


Sexual liberation is life liberation
Luna Dietrich

There is a magical space available in sex where the co-creative energies of the Planet and authentic Universe surround you (and your partner) in a field of MAGIC that transforms and transcends the limits of this reality. 

This magical field is delightfully interactive, exciting, intimate and yet playful.   It feels like a cosmically co-creative space of play that opens doors to deep change and expanded consciousness that takes you and your partner to ‘the next level.’  

Afterward you feel nourished, rejuvenated, inspired and more connected to life, your Being and your partner than you ever thought was possible.   You feel glad to be alive!

Each time you engage these magical sexual energies they take you to a new and expanded place where each sexual experience you have seems better than the last, without end.

This is what I call (white) “SEX MAGIC.” 
(not the same as dark sex magic… we do not summon spirits)

Sex magic is two aware Beings playing (you and your partner*) in a co-creative dance with the cosmic energies that provide life here, inviting you to participate in playful Creation with all-that-is.

It’s the most profound experience I know of,
that can be had in a human Body.

…and only aware Beings can access this space of magical creation.

*If you don’t have a partner, I’ll guide you to how you can find one, or more… 🙂



Good News!

Being aware, you already have everything you need

to access this ecstatic space of cosmic Magic!


Jaden’s Journey…

I began my journey to experiencing this energy 20 years ago after growing up as a bisexual man in a VERY sexually repressed Christian community.  I had so much fear, guilt and shame around my sexuality that I was locked down and incapable of enjoying sex.

This all changed when I met my already aware wife who guided me on a beautiful journey of letting go of my past, and getting into and FEELING my body and emotions.  Our regular lovemaking sessions were the highlight of my life.  I felt SOOO extraordinarily good afterword and noticed that my life opening up and getting clear.   Sex was awakening my body and inviting my Being to come out and PLAY more! 

After each session, I felt more alive than ever before. This kind of sex was doing magical things I couldn’t understand, but knew deep down that I NEEDED!   I could feel the blockages that held me back, were melting away.  I was waking up and becoming more aware, just from having this unique kind of sex.

After my wife died, I started researching to find what this energy was and found some books that talked about Tantra or (white) Sex Magic that helped me to understand more about what I was experiencing.  But human words only muddled what seemed so pure, dynamic and magical.

I began a quest to explore this energy more deeply while also seeking a new intimate partner.  After having explored with 400+ different partners, I started to find a pattern.  Sex Magic only seems to be available to aware/conscious individuals. 

It seemed to me like Sex Magic is a sexual tool of awakening for those who have already chosen to become aware.

Yet ironically, most of the aware people I knew, had barriers and tangles that prevented them from being sexual and accessing this amazing energy!

It wasn’t until I became aware of the energies of “interference” and manipulation that I started to see what was really happening…

Sex Magic is one of the most powerful tools in creation for expanding conscious awareness…  so interference was doing its best to keep aware people AWAY from sex! 

Sex is such a powerful tool for awakening, that the Matrix does everything in its power to keep people away from it.

Now it made sense why religions and governments seem so keen to control and limit people from being sexually active.   SEX is POWERFUL!  The Matrix can’t afford to let people access this power, or they lose control over humans!

I’ve worked with thousands of people over the years to support them in learning how to recognize and eliminate interference from their lives.

But I couldn’t help but notice that most people’s awaking journey, overall, seemed harder and slower than what I’ve personally experienced, and I couldn’t understand why… until recently… 

 I regularly play in profound Sex Magic, and most people I know, don’t.

A while back I connected with a new man who I could see was potential “partner material.”  He is deeply caring, responsible, loving and was even somewhat aware *happy dance!*  ….but was sexually – closed down. 🙁

With some effort, I was able to slowly introduce him to psychedelics to open hin up to his sexuality & expand his awareness and then I guided him gently into exploring with Sex Magic.   

What happened next, BLEW MY MIND!

He began AWAKENING at an exponential rate! Faster than anyone I had ever seen before.  In the last 6 months, he’s blossomed into being an avid sexual explorer, dramatically dropping old patterns and becoming more conscious in all areas of his life!! 

ANDhis capacity for intimacy and expressing love has exploded exponentially!   

I’ve never felt a man be more deeply loving, caring, and connective as he has recently become.  (in just 6 months!)   

It’s been watching my partner blossom and our relationship and love deepen as a result of Sex Magic, which has really prompted me to realize, I need to share this stuff… It’s POWERFUL!  



Your natural awareness, coupled with the co-creative energies of Sex Magic can dramatically improve YOUR life, and also deepen the intimacy you have with your partner!

(and if you don’t have a partner yet, don’t panic… I will guide you in finding one!)



Sex Magic has been one of my “secret” tools for expanding my awareness for many years now,  but I never realized just how impactful Sex Magic actually IS, until watching my partner blossom at hyper speed!   

It really is a Supernatural kind of Magic!


My goal with this course is to:

  • INSPIRE YOU to move towards exploring with this Magic
  • guide you to ACCESSING this (white) nature Magic
  • walk you through CLEARING the BLOCKS to having Sex
  • support you to inspire your CURRENT PARTNER to explore with Sex Magic
    -or-  FINDING a worthy sex partner who can truly love and nurture you!
  • have you recognize and AVOID the potential pitfalls that come with sex & partners  (and how to clear anything that does come up!)

as well as getting you ongoing personalized email support, to help you untangle odd things that come up


Course Outline:      

–Program 1–   Clearing Blocks to Sexual Expression

Why is Sexuality so challenging?
– truck loads of sex negative programming
– the Matrix does NOT want you to access your Sexual Capacities

Why it is SOOO worth CLEARING the Sexual Programming!
– the profound magical experiences you crave, are accessible in sex
– your body comes alive and starts using Magic in daily life
– these are PEAK STATES for Being & Body
– it’s the doorway to really KNOWING you are connected and powerful

Finding & CLEARING what blocks you from accessing your FULL sexuality
– how to spot the implanted programming (compare sex viewpoints to eating)
– practice with permanently clearing what messes with you

The movie: Kinsey (2004)
The true story of the very first sexual research that would pave the way for sexual freedom


Program 2   Clearing the Hidden Blocks

Sexual Liberation is Life Liberation
– How bodies use sexuality to become AWARE
– Sex is one of the most powerful and creative energies on the planet

How to Spot Limiting Beliefs holding you back!
– Anything that doesn’t feel good or blocks the direction you are choosing

What prevents you from having a GREAT sex life
– Clearings to delete these blockages

The Lie about STD’s…
– Why so much about sexually transmitted diseases is overblown & promoted
– The truth about common STD’s
– How to keep yourself safe

The amazing movie: Shortbus (2006)

Program 3   Finding or Grooming the Right Partner

Why are we doing this?
– To become more of the truth of who we really are!

Jaden’s high-level tips on finding partners
– You are seeking Infinite Beings… how to spot them
– Why to aim for sex partners, not relationship partners (yet)
– Why Fantasizing is TOXIC to a relationship
… many more…

Who is the right sex partner for you?
– The secrets to spotting GOOD partners long before sex
– Spotting the “red flags” in potential partners

Tips about online dating & hookup sites
– Creating your profile is easier than you think…
– Why being authentic is IMPORTANT!!!

Grooming your long-term partner to work for YOU!
– The hard questions to ask yourself: is this partner able to be what YOU need?
– What you actually require from a partner
– How & why you NEED to be authentically YOU with a partner
– Working through difficult issues from an empowered state

2 powerful videos: How to have Mindblowing Sex

Program 4   Sex that Works for YOU!

Untangling common issues around sex
– Don’t feel I have permission to have sex
– Difficulty being aroused
Faking orgasms
– and more…

Letting go of being sexually submissive…
– Why it’s not actually you, or beneficial to only be submissive
– Benefits of “taking turns” leading
– Clearing: blocks to being more dominant

Never judge yourself or ANY experience (for any reason!)
– What doesn’t work right has EVERYTHING to do with THEM
– re-balancing the pattern to always blame yourself for problems
– Good sex is a SKILL you practice and constantly improve upon!

Tricks for receiving Pleasure!
– Each person is responsible for their own pleasure (and orgasm)!
– Communicating & showing what works for you
– How to ALWAYS get your pleasure!
– It’s not you who can’t receive pleasure, you have a partner who doesn’t know HOW!

Program 5   Building a Conscious Relationship

The partner you desire is out there waiting for YOU!
– Interference will ALWAYS tell you there is no one, don’t buy the bullshit
– Your desire for a partner is THE evidence you need that a partner exists for you personally

(False Light) Synthetic love -vs- Authentic Love
– How to tell fake love, from REAL love!
– Core elements for building a loving relationship
– You are seeking: a relationship founded in mutual respect, caring, awareness, with space for personal growth, and freedom.

Jaden’s KEYS to a good relationship
– A list of things to look for/focus on…
– You want someone who can MEET YOU and be an equal!
– 5 Love Languages

Navigating Partner issues/dynamics
– Solutions to common/complex issues you might face
– Why you need to be a LEADER or GUIDE in growing your relationship.
– Creating more LOVE & more AWARENESS in your partner
– How to go beyond monogamy if you desire

Meet my Partner (Dr. Doi)
– How we navigated the complicated stuff…
– Doi’s experience with using psychedelics to become more aware & loving
– Why we chose a committed yet open relationship

BONUS resource: Psychedelics as tools for expanding consciousness
– Ebook with details on how to safely use psychedelics
– 4 videos with in depth info on different tools available

Program 6   Sex Magic for Personal Growth

Q&A on a variety of topics… how to untangle unusual things
– Guy baiting me to connect (gifts, compliments)… what do I do?
– Guy making strange remarks during sex, what is that?
– At the pool, having fun with guy when something got really strange, what was that?
– Why so much unconsciousness around sex & dating? how to navigate?
– Creating profiles on different dating sites…

Sex is a way of assisting your Body to get more clear, aware and vital!
– It’s almost never authentic YOU who doesn’t want sex… it’s interference!
– Watch & learn what your body likes and wants more of
– Self pleasuring

Follow pleasure to expand your sexual play
– Following your Body’s excitement= deeper states of pleasure & embodiment!!
– You can trust pleasure & feeling good!
– Surrendering to pleasure (but not necessarily your partner)

Using drugs to enhance/expand sexual pleasure
– Why different drugs are used
– Explore with things your body feels excited about

Consensual BDSM-Kink for Arousal & Releasing traumas
– Clearing misunderstandings about these powerful activities
– Why people explore kink & BDSM (not about abuse- about healing!)
– BDSM Pleasure Survey – a directory of kinky possibilities…
– How common are fetishes & kinks? (you’ll be surprised 🙂

You also get ongoing email access to me (Jaden)
to navigate around any obstacles you may encounter



 The Benefits of Sex Magic…

  • Profound supernatural experiences

  • Profound connection and deepening intimacy with your partner

  • Boosts creativity and empowers your body to share more of it’s magic

  • Rejuvenates your body, releasing blockages

  • Expanding Consciousness & awareness for Body, Being & Partner!

  • Interact and play in cosmic layers of consciousness that few humans ever access

  • Concrete experiences of your Body’s magical abilities

  • Experience yourself in co-creation with the Planet & all-that-is

  • A chance to feel the profound connection you have to the planet, Big Field, all-that-is, and all other beings in it!


You get your very own Sex Library…

You also get a Sex Magic Library to explore! 95+ ebooks on topics of Intimacy, Sex Magic, Tantra, Relationships, and sex – all from different authors.

Dynamic resources to make sure you have everything you need to explore and succeed!



What you get in this course…

6+ Video Programs with Jaden [17+ hours of content]

• Q&A time to get answers to your personal questions

• Inspiration & HUGE CLEARINGS to make sex attainable

• Supporting videos (from other authors) to inspire and guide your practice

• A huge downloadable library of 95+ ebooks (from other authors) on all things Sex & Relationships

• Direct email support with Jaden, to get your personal questions answered

• Additional BONUS video programs: (free!)

Pleasure & Sexuality as a Tool to Expand Conscious Connection with Body
normally $47, included FREE!

Awakened Sexuality – Making sense of sex hangups, fetishes, desires & odd issues
normally $39, included FREE!

Sex & Conscious Relationships
normally $39, included FREE!

Psychedelics as Tools for Expanding Conscious
(Ebook + 4 videos)
normally $37, included FREE!

Single Pay or 2 pay?

Full Payment (cheaper), Pay ½ now, Pay ½ in 2 months

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  1. Pauline (verified owner)

    If this course in any way resonates with you DO IT!! Your future self will thank you….what a ride!

    Jaden is masterful in his abilities and methods to identify and clear interference which can only restrict us when we are unaware of it. Supernatural Sex Magic was paradigm shifting and facilitated radical awareness in me resulting in changed choices and behavior. Awareness of how and how much programming and manipulation has separated us from ourselves and our expansion in this “taboo” area was a game changer for me. It challenged me to choose and behave in expansion versus the restriction I was living in that felt yucky but I had little awareness around.

    It was fun, thought provoking and epic in its impact. Jaden’s authenticity, strength and courage to share his personal journey with us is such a gift! He has run the “4minute mile” trailblazing a path for others to follow, and learn from his wisdom, which significantly accelerates our own journey. He is a gift I could not be more grateful for.

    Sex and Sexuality are huge gateways to expansion, so if that’s your desired state…jump in!!


  2. Laura (verified owner)

    have you ever gone through an experience and you can’t put into words what happened? That was this program for me. As I sit here trying to summarize why you should take it I can’t think of a single thing we did or reason why, but that’s the beauty of it. Because the old baggage and hang ups are gone, poof out of my energy, mind and body. I don’t know what has changed but I am so excited to find out! If this course is calling to you, listen! There is a feeling of openness and freedom now that I am so excited to explore!


  3. Cindy (verified owner)

    This call series has been amazing! And the timing as I begin to date has given me clarity on what I truly desire–and to ASK for it all! My points of view have changed and I’m RESPONDING in new and different ways than in the past! I’m acknowledging the difference I Be and celebrating! Yay! I’m choosing for me (while including consciousness) and asking for More! I had been hiding my true desires with righteousness while avoiding and defending less… and What is possible now? I’m excited about my life, living and future!

    Thank you, Jaden! And thank you to the conscious, aware beings for your contribution on this transformational journey! My personal growth has accelerated beyond this reality’s “limits!”


  4. Spring

    This course has been Amazing!!! Thank you so much Jaden! This course has been expansive & really assisted me to become aware of & clear so many hidden beliefs & limitations. It feels like I’ve just gotten started & I’m excited to fully liberate my life! ~Spring