What if clearing and getting free from limitation
is a simple process that YOU can learn?


After working with hundreds of people and
observing how people create limitation and how to release it, we’ve developed a repeatable system someone can use to untangle from 95% what locks us down.


My objective isn’t to create followers…     .

My objective is to give people the capacity to free themselves from the confusions and entanglements of this reality… so they can do what they came here to be and do.  NOW!


I know you have something you came here to accomplish!

How can I support you in finding and expressing that as rapidly as possible?


Everything I do is geared to support you in finding in the magnitude and potency you truly be, so you can BE THE BRILLIANCE you came here to be!  NOW!


Whether you intend to facilitate others, or simply be able to facilitate yourself… this program gives you the skills and awarenesses to be and do that.


If you DO find facilitating others is exciting and fun to you,
then this program will give you the tools and experience to be able to accomplish that.


Required Coursework
for becoming a Facilitator:



Pre-Facilitator Series  (listed in the suggested order, but follow your awareness)

Be YOUR Brilliance Program
1. Be YOUR Brilliance – Advanced program
 – 1st year (minimum)

Learn all the core tools and get experience using those tools to support others in clearing (while you also experience getting clearing your issues).

Stay up-to-date – Get weekly 90+ min recorded clearing calls (with Jaden & his other facilitators) exploring the most current evolving topics.

Be part of an aware community that supports each other in expanding and becoming MORE!
(some of the most committed and aware people on the planet seem to hang out here!)

-Be part of LIVE bi-weekly programs for Q&A as well as clearing on topics the group chooses.

-Get your issues untangled and questions answered by Jaden & his facilitators.


At the end of 1 year you will:
• Know how to take any problem and facilitate profound change for yourself or others
• Learn the tricks to facilitating even the most complex issues, with ease
• Embody practices that move you forward at an accelerated pace, with more fun
• Be standing in 10-100 times the power and capacity you currently have (no matter where you are now)
• Have a far greater understanding of your Body, how to be effective with it and a much deeper connection to your Body.
• Be dramatically stronger, clearer and unfuckwithable!


You’ll get:
Clearing Diagnostics:  a system for clearing practically anything!
Back to ME Process: a process for quickly & repeatedly getting back to your power
Resolving Fractures Process: a process for embodying more of your gifts, abilities and potency
Tool Manual: a comprehensive, searchable database with ALL the core tools and symptoms–>solutions
Creation Diagnostics: a system for knowing what to do next in any area you are choosing
Question Mastery-Ask & Always Receive Process: a repeatable system for gaining awareness and ALWAYS receiving
This Will Change Now-Intense Receiving Process: a process to create change for those stubborn areas that haven’t changed
Exploiter Eviction Process: a means to end energetic attacks or offenses
+ Many specialty tools for specific challenges (night manipulations, continuous entity clearing, being taken out, ending abductions, etc)


Releasing Tangled Agreements
2. Releasing Tangled Agreements
this is included as a bonus in the:  OUT-Creating the Matrix – Part 1 (below)

A deep look inside how this reality uses hidden agreements to bind people to limitation.  Seeing the level of complexity and entrapment used here and how to exit from it simply and easily.

-A system for clearing anything that feels “hopeless” and unchangeable or “impossible” to change
-A system for clearing advanced agreements, curses, bonded contracts, divine contracts, entry/exit agreements, allegiances and auto install agreements.

Really “getting” how these work, gives you the capacity to release all agreements automatically.


3. How to ASK & ALWAYS RECEIVEthis is included as a bonus in the:  OUT-Creating the Matrix – Part 1 (below)

A step-by-step process for learning how to ASK the universe (though your Body) for ANY information or energy you desire and tricks for ALWAYS being able to RECEIVE this information.

-Learn a foolproof process for downloading awareness on ANY topic
-Learn the tricks for ALWAYS receiving (even going around blocks)
-Learn the 5 pitfalls that block receiving, and how to avoid them
-How to repeatedly get CLEAR information on any topic you desire



4. OUT-Creating the Matrix – Part 1: Seeing the Unseen, Changing the Unchangeable

This landmark program walks you delicately around the “landmines” in your consciousness that have prevented you from being aware of what is really happening in your life!  When you allow yourself to begin to see the manipulation that is occurring in your life, everything starts to make more sense.  You stop making yourself wrong, because you realize that YOU are not the problem here (ever!)

At the end of part 1 you will be able to:

-Dramatically expand your conscious awareness of what’s really blocking you!
-Eliminate the internal programming that stops you from knowing or thinking about expanded topics
-Perceive and clear implanted memories
-See more clearly your place in the universe (and that aliens are NOT more advanced than you!)
-Clear aliens and alien constructs, technologies, implants
-Reclaim fractured off parts of self being “used” by other beings, get back more of YOU

This program has 14 videos, 4 audios and many booklets and printouts.


5. OUT-Creating the Matrix – Part 2: Expanding Beyond Identity — Meet your Infinite Body

This second part radically expands your awareness while showing you new ways to perceive the universe as well as your place as an Infinite Being of Magnitude!  Learn how to deeply connect with your Authentic Body as well as your Infinite Body.

More Details coming soon!


6. OUT-Creating the Matrix – Part 3: Untangling Money, Relationships & The Potency of Play

What if your PLAY is the key to unlocking many limitations in your life?  We go in depth to look at Creation, money, relationships and the bigger picture of things.  Learn more tricks in finding the authentic you and releasing what’s NOT you.

More Details coming soon!


7. Take BACK your Body!

This goes beyond the OUT-Creating course and digs into core manipulations that disconnect you from your Body.  It looks at the tricks this reality has used with the Legal System and Corporations to legally “possess” your body and allow others to occupy it.  This was also the introduction to the “god paradigm” of this reality and how it can draw energy from you and take over parts of your Body whether you are religious or not!


8. Playing with TIME – Shift your Reality!

A deep exploration into the manipulation of synthetic time constructs on this planet and a reconnecting to authentic (playful) time.  A unique receiving process for getting authentic downloads about your authentic timelines. What if you are not meant to age?  We do a lot of digging into what creates the aging and pre-mature death paradigms in this realm.  What if you can change it?
An exploration with a holistic way of clearing across all timelines & time-streams, as well as a fun way of clearing long term manipulations from your time-streams!



Facilitator Series   (taken after the above pre-requisites have been met) 


1. JUMP to FLY!

A six month facilitator’s program designed to support you in taking the LEAP into facilitating clients who are paying you.

– Tricks & Tips of advanced Facilitating
– Finding your Ideal Client & Tribe
– How to talk with clients so they will buy your services
– Facilitating “Break-thru” sessions that connect your client to their essence (and reason for hiring you)
– How to Pre-qualify clients so they step up to work with you
– Finding clients
– Working with your first clients!

2. Certification Program
       More Details coming soon!