There is much about this world…
that is Unseen & Hidden

and just because you can’t see it… doesn’t mean you aren’t interacting with it! 


As you become more aware,
more beings seek to “influence” your life

without your knowing!

This series reveals who those invisible players are!


Symptoms of being influenced by the unseen:

• Do you commonly feel wrong, bad, fearful or insignificant?


• Feel like you don’t know who you really are?  Life odd & confusing? 


• Do you avoid relationships?  Experienced challenging intimate relationships?


• Feel like you keep loosing your awareness?  Feels like going backwards?


These are all indicators of interference in your reality…

and you can CHANGE IT by becoming AWARE of Your Cosmic Relationships.



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to reveal who these beings are, how they work,

and how to End the hidden manipulation…

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“I’m on a mission to support awareness explorers to

eliminate the internal interference from their lives!”


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