Are you Healer/Facilitator with Spiritual/Aware/Conscious clients?



65-70% of your clients may have

experienced a Walk-in Transition!  



Did it work correctly?

(or is something wrong?) 



Do you have clients where things
don’t seem to be working as you’d expect?

They may have an unresolved walk-in transition…


→ So they have 2 or more occupants (Beings/Souls) trapped in the same Body!

→ and/or, they may have Demonics or Aliens also trapped inside.


Unfortunately, none of these elements clear by normal means,
if they are tangled inside :(



Signs that something went wrong: (got tangled up)

– they can clear/change things, 2 days later it’s like nothing changed

– client unable to make decisions, difficulty choosing or creating

– they have difficulty being in their body

– client is not sure who they are, life feels confusing or blurry

– they don’t have enough energy to accomplish things

– they don’t know what their passions or interests are, life is flat

– client has occasional feelings of wanting to die or “be done here” 

– one day they sense a hopeful future, the next day they want to die

– client periodically feels trapped in a void/nothingness

Any of these sound familiar?




You can dramatically increase your client success rate by checking for incomplete walk-ins FIRST!

This can save weeks or months of frustration, struggle, and a sense of confusion or failure.




This program will help you to better diagnose your clients

and improve your success rate!

Jaden is the 6th occupant of his body and had many complications of his own to sort out.  Since then he has worked with hundreds of aware people to untangle and sort-out their complex walk-in transitions too. 

So he has a unique understanding of the process and has become an expert on the topic.


In this free program…



I’ll explain the walk-in paradigm in a new way you’ve never heard before!

– How a walk-in occurs  

– Why it used to be a secret 

– 4 main types of walk-in transitions you can have  


I’ll also guide you to find out YOUR personal Truth about things…

– Are YOU a walk-in? (for sure?)

– Did things transition successfully?  or something still tangled?




What it feels like

when something goes wrong.


In this (FREE) 2 video program:


Jaden will demonstrate how to reveal and talk about walk-in complications.

So you can be more confident with your walk-in clients!

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