In this episode1b – Polarized Viewpoints: Who’s thoughts are you thinking?

What if the thoughts in your head don’t actually belong to you?
What if you DIDN’T create them? So who did? And what is going on here?!?!
In this episode, Jaden takes you on a journey of awareness around how your thoughts have been controlled to limit you and how to start changing it!


(Review of program A)

-What if your thoughts are not yours?

   -Did you decide what blue was?

   -Did you decide money was valuable?

   -Did you decide it’s important to pay taxes?…

Check it:  How much did you program your mind?  someone else?  something else?

-Clearing Energy Fog

-Teachers, parents, preachers, govt. programmed reality

-We assumed benevolence, but may not be true

-Compulsory Education  (Capitalists needing compliant workers)

-Clearing: what it means/doesn’t mean

-Clearing: Energy Fog

Check it:  How much did society educate you to be a better person?  Better controlled?

-What if the core purpose of education is to make you more controllable?

-Why did they do this?  What if Your Infinite Being has full access to universal truth!

-By focusing on memorizing facts & testing you align to external ‘truths’

Check it:  How much of what you were taught was true?  Fabricated?

-What if standing in your truth & knowing WILL change this reality?

-The way out:

1. Recognize that your didn’t source your thoughts, they were given to you.  (by teachers, parents, media…)

The game is rigged, ex: poverty mindset

-It’s NOT you who screwed up… this reality PROGRAMS YOU to be screwed up!

2. Commit to finding & eliminating all Fixed Points of view

-Holding viewpoints as light as a feather

Check it:  What would life be like in 10 yrs if you let go of all the fixed viewpoints you have?

-Clear energy fog

-Spectrum Clearing -Explanation

-Polarity on a continuum – you grab one side, you grab all of it

-Interference doesn’t care what side you pick, it just wants polarity

-Any point of view you take connects you to both sides of polarity

-Clearing- I don’t have enough money (Poverty Mindset)

-Clear as much stuff as you can clear at one time

-Interference inserts custom viewpoints to amplify your polarity

-Any topic that is not clearing or changing, clear fixed viewpoints FIRST!

-When this world makes more sense you are seeing past the illusions

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