In this episode1a – Polarized Viewpoints: The Need to Take Sides

What if this reality has manipulated you into limiting yourself and making yourself wrong?
In this segment, we’ll look at how the viewpoints you hold and everywhere you are taking sides conspires to tangle and limit you.

-Fixed Viewpoints are an overlay that programs people how to behave

-What is actually right or true?

-What if there is NO one “right” answer?

-Polarized Viewpoints (core strategy)

(this or that)

Check it:  How much is there one right way to live?

Check it:  How much does this reality want you to do what’s right?

-What if as an infinite being you naturally have no fixed viewpoints

-The walls of your limitation are build by the perspectives you hold  -brick-by-brick

+ When you clear viewpoints:  Freedom, space, creativity, play, magic, authentic YOU!

-Clearing Energy Fog -explanation

-Shrinking or clear in whatever method is effective for you

-What is Right or True? (what if there is no right answer?)

-What if the fixed viewpoints you hold are actually limiting you?

Check it:  What is it like it like in 10 years if you commit to finding & eliminating all fixed viewpoints?

Check it:  How much do you benefit from holding fixed viewpoints?

-Clear energy fog

-Exploiters hide in fixed viewpoints

-Exploiter Clearing

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1a – Polarized Viewpoints- The Need to Take Sides

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