OUTCreating 3 core strategies 0-intro

In this episode0 – Program Introduction & Overview

Does it seem difficult to stay aware? Does it feel like something is blocking your progress?
What if the problem is NOT you… but interference in this reality?
In this video, Jaden gives an overview of the core 3 strategies that interference uses to block seekers from becoming conscious and aware.


-Difficult to stay aware?

-Interference doesn’t want you to know this

-3 Core strategies that block your gifts & magic

-Interference starts out generic, impacts all humans

-As people break out, interference is more personalized

-Awareness is the most direct way out

-We’ve been programmed to make ourselves wrong

-Making yourself wrong is always a lie, it’s interference

-You didn’t create the issue, some form of hidden interference did

-This reality has been deliberately altered & corrupted to prevent awareness

-We now have tools to exit the overlay of interference here!

-3 Core Strategies:

-Polarized points-of-view (in program 1)

-Active/Covert non-physical exploiters (in program 2)

-Active/Covert Synthetic Mind systems (in program 3)

Your infinite being knows there is a way out – and won’t stop till you find it!

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